Friday, January 30, 2009

Technical Difficulties w/ Blogger >_<

My blog layout is all jacked up. My widgets are gone :( . I'm so smart because I saved the HTML. So I'm under construction, sorta. Ok this thing is so jacked up right now. I'm about to cry.....
Thursday, January 29, 2009

Red Robin YAY! Green LOTD & An Intro to Colorscience

I'm a little pissed because I swear that I changed my Blogger layout last night! But I don't see the new layout >_< , maybe I didn't hit save or something. I'm losing my damn mind I swear. I'm feeling better from before. I got to meet up with one of my good friends who lives up here in Syracuse!!! Melissa!!! Our love story began in 1999 at SUNY New Paltz in Bevier Hall 2nd Floor. We weren't roomies exactly more like floor mates, but Melissa was always hella cool! She ended up having to leave college after her second year due to illness :( I missed her soo.. We always kept in touch. Every time I come up here to visit my Aunt Di, she's always doing something weird like sleeping outside, I think they call it camping but I wouldn't know because my definition of camping is staying at a skanky hotel, or spending the night somewhere without access to a wireless internet connection. So we made a date to go to RED ROBIN! I'm a bit of a "foodie". I always have seen Red Robin commercials but there's NO RED ROBIN'S WHERE I LIVE boooo!That's Mr. Red Robin!! (or Misses Red Robin, I think the Robin is a boy)!

I had the Whiskey River® BBQ Chicken Burger - A tender, juicy charbroiled chicken breast basted with our signature Whiskey River® BBQ Sauce and topped with melted Cheddar cheese, crispy onion straws, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo. (no mayo for me yuck, I have issues w/ mayo). The fries were super yummy. I ♥ steak fries. They also have bottomless fries but I was good with the portion I already had.
My friends Melissa had the Whiskey River® BBQ Chicken Wrap A fresh spinach tortilla with juicy chicken breast smothered in our signature Whiskey River® BBQ Sauce, all wrapped together with Cheddar cheese, lettuce, tortilla strips and a touch of ranch dressing. Served with fresh melon and Bottomless Steak Fries.....

So y'all beauty bloggers probably want to know what I put on my face? I was feeling green-ish...

What I used:
NO MAC e/s because I actually decided not to pack all of them I brought 1 CS 78 Piece Palette,
Shady Lady Palette, UD Ammo Palette, & Cargo Bermuda Palette .
-UDPP (duh, it's a HG/Staple for me now)
-Lower Lid: Cargo Palette the Green Color (they have no names)
-Outter Lid Corner ~ UD Mildew
-Crease: Shady Lady ~All About Alex & Jealous Jordana
-Highlight/Brow Bone~ Shady Lady ~ Jet Setting Jennifer
-Blush ~ Clinique Spiced Wine
-Lashes: Loreal Voluminous ~Blackest Black
-Liner: Loreal Voluminous Tracer ~ Black
-Face : ColorScience Palette~ New York to conceal my scars on my face (camouflages green and
black irregularities even tattoos .
Nairobi- to hide my tired under eyes. (Brightens blue, dark, brown, & black shadows)

*I'm definatley going to do a review on the Colorscience Palette (Global Kit), that palette is the TRUTH! My mom got it from her work (she works in a Derm office w/ a Medical Spa...) She gets all kinds of good makeup goodies that she could careless about and gives them too me! It was a never used tester I looked it up and it's $50.00 on

Pity Party, Lonely, I'm Soo Lonely, 5 Random Kids?

Hi y'all! Sorry, this post isn't beauty related, it's a VENT/BITCH post....I'm in Syracuse, NY. Having a bit of a pity party for myself. I'm here because my Uncle passed away on Friday. The funeral was yesterday (Wed.). It was really hard because it brought back all of the memories from my Mommy Cat's funeral last Wed. My Mom had a really hard time getting in the limo and going in the church. We only buried Mommy Cat last week. I'm praying that next Wed. involves no funerals, no funeral clothes, & no limos. I don't think I ever want to ride in a limo again! Ok maybe on my wedding day, or maybe if I become Fabulous and take a limo to the airport :).
There is nothing for me to do up here :(. I miss being home, I miss my house, I miss my bed. It snowed yesterday for like 24 hours. The snow is up to my knees in my Aunt's backyard! Where does it all go when it melts? Actually I do have stuff to do up here, I need to STUDY!! I haven't really dove into the semester yet and I'm already behind in all 3 of my classes. I just read really slow. Actually I read hella fast, when it's a Chic Lit novel, or the new issue of Cosmo.
I haven't been to a STORE in days. Do you know what that's like for a retail addict? Pure hell.
I have one friend up here from college. We made plans for later to go to dinner at Red Robin. Maybe I can convince her to take me to the mall or some kind of store.
Ohh check this out! Apparently my Uncle Emo had some family members that I never knew about! Like 5 kids! Him and my Aunt Di (Diane) got married in 1981 (same year I was born). So my mother and I were trying to figure out where all these kids came from! They are all pretty much grown, but still. I never knew about them. Never saw pictures of them at their house. My Uncle usually spent Christmas and Thanksgivng with us in NY. I'm dumbfounded how my Uncle could have 5 kids and I never knew about. My mom and I did a "babies momma" count at the funeral, we think there are either 2 or 3 of them.
I got really fat too! All the "death" food I've been eating has been wonderful, but I've blown up like a ballon! I'm taking to much comfort in all the comfort food around me! I like knocked-up, like second trimester preggo. My belly is sticking out! My clothes are soo tight >_< Why can't I get fat all over? Like evenly distributed fat? It all goes to my face and belly. Not my arms, legs or booty, just my belly. I look like Santa Claus! I guess I'll get back on track when I get home which should be Saturday. I'm really going to have to watch what I put in my mouth. I've been eating fried chicken, breads, red velvet cake, regular cake, chicken wings, mac & cheese, pastas, non-diet soda... Oh soo naughty! I'm not even going to step on the scale I'd probably faint in shock. Eww my Dad just SNUCK OUT and went to the L.L. Bean Outlet Store. He's soo mean! Arghh, I wish he'd let me drive his car but no one can touch his X5. Didn't even want me and my mom eating in the car on the way up... But we did anyway! :P
Ok, ladies I'm out! I'm going to go try to find some way to entertain myself. Maybe I'll play in my makeup. I shouda brought lashes with me so I could practice applying them.
Monday, January 26, 2009

Strange Condolence Plant?, Packing Light,& Mini Biore Product Review

Hi y'all... I never posted the pic of the crazy-ass condolence/sympathy plant that my Mom's job sent to our house. The "thing" is no longer on the kitchen counter b/c it was taking over. So we moved it to the living room and it has it's own table.
Monster Plant (notice how part of it actually reaches the floor.... (ignore the trash bag)
My Mom & I thought that maybe some type of Jungle Animal would pop out......hehehe
Yes, that's a birds nest!! I found it all up in there. lol I was like WTF? We decided that it symbolizes "new-life". Unfortunatly the eggs are not chocolate. I bit one....

So I'm leaving for Syracuse tomorrow for my Uncle Emo's funeral. I do not know how to "pack lightly". My Mom came in my room saw all my stuff and said "were coming back on Saturday Kimora Lee, you don't need to bring all your FABULOSITY", lol my mom cracks me up! I really didn't pack a lot... Just a huge duffle, a med duffle, & school books... She thought the blue duffle was for like shoes. I was like no, it's for make-up & products....I found this cute pink & black roll-up at Wal-Mart for like $10. It has 5 clear compartments. You can also hang it over a door!

Big Black Duffel filled w/ clothes & shoes

The insides of my blue duffel! Isn't that skelation bag badass. My large Sephora & medium Sephora bags. I only packed 1 Coastal Scents Palette & my UD Ammo, CARGO, & Shady Lady Palettes. I guess I can work my eyes with those., and my usual MAC Studio Fix, Bronzer, Mascara, Eyeliner, UDPP, My dad had one so I had to get me one from Target .97!!! Holla
All together it's only really 2 duffles, 1 tote of school books, and my pink Jansport Elefunk bag for my other books and laptop. Oh I packed a bunch of 100 Cal. snacky things too.

So since I was in the travel sections of both Target & Wal-Mart I bought a lot of stuff I didn't really nice. Like mini packs of make-up wipes, mini deoroderant, toothbrush, 2 toothpastes, 2 mini bodywashes, mini dental floss. I kinds of mini ridiculousness. They are only $1 each, but all those $1 add up. I love travel size stuff. I even bought a travel size Dove Beauty Bar to match my mini travel soap case!! :)

I grabed a mini tube of Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub for .97 cents. It's supposed to exfoliate & refine to purge pores for clear skin. Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment- Complexion Clearing. I tried it tongiht. I don't know if it did anything or if I really need it I felt a little tingly on my skin, and I realized it has menthol in it that was the cool tingle. I guess I'll try it till the tube runs out and see if my complexion gets clearer. I don't have acne so I really don't know why I bought it.. Oh yeah b/c it was only 97 cents. I may just stick to my DOVE... My Mommy Cat used it, & My Mommy used it & they have beautiful youthful skin. But you know the saying "black don't crack". I have pretty clear skin. Just some pigmentation issues around my nose and upper lip. I'd really like to clear that up. Any suggestions.

Well I'm out lady's it's 1:00am and I must Flat Iron my hair b/c it finally decdied to dry! I'll be blogging from Syracuse, NY tomorrow. I'll be free Tues night, Thurs, & Friday so and Beauty Bloggers shot me an e-mail mskgreenel[at]gmail[dot]com. I'll need an escape...... I am meeting up with a old college rommie and I'm demanding she takes me to Red Robin b/c we have the commericals here BUT NO RED ROBIN!!!! >_<

Stay tuned for my BB Cream Expriment for Brown Girls...... I'm soo excited!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Moisturization Holy Grail, Babies, Stew Leonards, & My Drunk b/f

I thought I'd share my moisturization secret with y'all..... These two products are my HG!! Especially in the winter. I have some moisture thirsty dry-ass skin. I also suffer from dry patches and eczema. I've tried sooo many products, even Derm recommended ones. Then I discovered GOLD BOND! Not the medicated powder that dudes put on their "junk". ewww Gold Bond Ultimate Healing (Skin Therapy Lotion). My favorite kind is the white & blue bottle (Aloe). Best part is ladies, this is a drugstore buy!!! I usually grab this stuff at Wal-Mart or Target and it's about $8 a bottle.
Gold Bond is gentle enough to use on your face!!! I use it on my face everyday. The bottle says it's ideal for: Hands, Cuticles, Feet, Elbows, Knees, Problem Patches on legs, back, or body. Dermatologist Tested/Hypoallergenic Gentle to use on your face. It's full of Vitimins too :)
Vitamin A- Improves elasticity and reduces appearance of wrinkles
Vitamin C- Promotes skin development and collagen formation
Vitamin E- Enhances protective function of skin and minimizes lipid loss
Moisturizes for 24 HOURS & it does!
I also mix my Gold Bond lotion with Baby Oil Gel because I'm "extra dry".... I like the Target or Wal-Mart brand over Johnson & Johnson's b/c J&J's has this weird safety thing and it's kinda annoying to squeeze out. Baby Oil Gel is great b/c it's thicker then regular baby oil and is less messy. It's also very mositurizing.
I usually use two pumps of Gold Bond and mix it with 1 squirt of Baby Oil Gel per body part. That's Kendall math if your interested. I slather this stuff all over my body. The baby oil gel kinda gives your skin a nice glow but b/c your mixing it with lotion you don't look greasy or oiled up. Here's a *tip* when your Gold Bond doesn't pump or seems emtpy its not! Unscrew the pump and turn the bottle upside down and "spank" it out! I can get about three more days of use from "spanking" the bottle.
Overall I give this moisterization combo 5/5 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

So my weekend wasn't very good. My Uncle Emo passed away on Friday. The funeral will be on Wednesday. So I'll be in Syracuse from Tues-Sat or Sun. So my Dad can spend some time with his sister.
Friday night I got great visit from my cousin Joy, her hubby Richard and their two boys Ryler 6, & and Rayden 11mos. They couldn't make it to Mommy Cat's funeral so they came up on Friday. They live in New Windsor, NY which is only 45mins from Danbury, CT where I live. So they came up to cheer up my mom. It works, seeing her cousin & the kids made her soo happy and was a great distraction. We hung out ordered pizza. Ryler connected his Nintendo DS to my pink one, lol and I played with him. Then Joy asked us if we lived near Stew Leonards (a gi-normous) Dairy Store and has a lot of specialty items and lots of things kids like. Like a giant Chiquita Banana lady who sings, a big chicken that talks and spits out eggs, a cow that MOOOOOS when you pull the rope. They even have an outdoor petting zoo with cows, ducks, chickens, & goats. But since it was winter the animals are gone till spring. The kids had a ball! My mom had fun seeing family, it was a great night. The store was kinda empty and so Ryler got to run around & explore.
What a cutie!! RaydenRyler pulling the rope and making the cow mooooooooo
That's "band" of milk cartons, juice cartons & baby chics that sing and dance. The song is called
"The Customer is Always Right", lol (sorry it came out blurry b/c the things are moving and singing.
Ohh, Ryler said the custest thing to me. He said "Kendall, your my 1st friend that's a teenager & your cool! awwww bless that childs heart (I'm 27, lol).

After the familia left I went to see the bf.. I haven't been spending much time with him b/c I don't want to leave my mom alone. So I figured I'd stay the night then come home on Sat. morning. Turns out we was at some random bar in Watertown, CT ::yawn:: So I made it there with his drunkass directions. I couldn't use my GPS b/c he didn't know the name of the place >_< . So I got there and I figured that I deserved a drink or two or three. So what happens. I start thinking about Mommy Cat and I start bawling like a baby. I am a drunk crier. But after two drinks nooooo....... A very nice lady came outside with me and huged me and prayed with me (hmm is it good to pray with a drunk stranger??) There was some drama with one of the b/f's friends apparently both his girlfriends were there. So it was fun to watch two ladies in the 50's argue about a drunk loser in his early 40's.
Here's a pic of me & the b/f don't mind his drunk face and my sweaty fat face. My eyes looked GREAT!
Yes, y'all my b/f is white..... lol I can't wait till we make some cuteass bi-racial babies with wild hair!!!
So it was time to go home, he had the drunk hiccups and was staggering I think he got to the bar around 7 and we left at 1-something.... His drunk ass passed out in my car. But he woke up when we got home. (usually I leave his drunk ass in the car.....He eventually wakes up in the morning and comes in the house. So I was kinda cranky b/c I had a long day and I hear "BABE COME HERE", I'm like WHAT!!! So he left the dog in the bedroom. No biggie we do that alot. Well my nasty ass bf has a sinus probelm and doesn't throw away his snotty tissues. The dog loves to eat tissues. Only when they have snot in them. We the dog ate all the tissues and puked blue shit everywhere. We usually argue about who cleans doggie accidents, but the b/f was sooo drunk he just did it!!! YAY!!!!!!
I'm out my Beauties, hope y'all had great weekends


Please Forgive Me

I'm soo bad. I just checked to see if there's an Ulta near Syracuse, NY.... I'm going there for my Uncle's funeral.... But I'll be there from Tues.-Sun. so I figured some hauling may be involved..... Any Beauty Bloggers in the Syracuse, NY area?? I'm going to be soo lonely up there........
Saturday, January 24, 2009


So I saw Notorious tonight.... It was good. I never knew how the whole "East Coast vs West Coast" thing really started. Very sad that two people lost their lives before the age of 25.... I can understand why Lil' Kim didn't agree with the movie, it kinda made her look like a chickenhead & a hoe..... Her lace front wig was really noticeable. (Sorry but I can spot a Lace Front from a mile away, thanks BHM). Jamal Woolward played the role really well, except he had this weird lip curl thing that made him look like something around him smelled like doo-doo. Derek Luke the guy that played Puffy, P-Diddy, Sean Combs or whatever the hell his name is today was HILAROUS with his classic dance moves...
The movie brought me back to the mid 90's. I was so (or so I thought) "hardcore" back then, in my Catholic School uniform with my knee socks on at the ripe age of 14, lol, rapping along to "Who Shot Ya", I really realated to the lyrics, Living in the SUBURBS of Long Island, lol. Nevertheless, those lyrics did change the rap & hip/hop game.

I give the movie: 4/5 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Friday, January 23, 2009

Uncle Emo.... Gone Too............

My Uncle Emo died this afternoon............. Seriously! I cannot deal with anything right now! He was my dad's sister's husband. My poor Aunt Diane, they have no children and she's alone, she's in her early 50's..... Luckily my other grandma was able to fly into Syracuse this morning to be with her. Good thing I did laundry and cleaned my funeral clothes...... :( I feel bad b/c I can't even cry. I gave all my tears to my Mommy Cat (my other grandma) at her funeral on Wed...
My mom got the biggest plant delivered today from her work!! We keep laughing at it. I'll snap a pic. It has this random birds nest in it with little eggs!!!
I need a drink............... My cousins are coming over to visit and they are bringing their super cute babies!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh What A Day......

Sorry, I promise this is my last sad post.............
Yesterday, was one of the hardest days of my life. I drove down to Queens in my PJs at 6am to meet my mom at my grandmothers (Mommy Cat's) apartment. My cousins (not to sure of the relation) drove in from Maryland and they were there already with my mom. I went straight to Mommy Cat's vanity (my favorite place in her apartment). When I was little I would sit there and play with her makeup brushes (w/ no makeup). I'd pretend to spritz myself with her crystal perfume bottles (they were empty and still are). I actually brought them home with me. They are beautiful....... :)

My cousin clogged the toilet and we had to knock on random peoples doors to see if they had a plunger, lol! I guess Mommy Cat never had clogging issues b/c we couldn't find one in her apartment. I did my hair and make-up at her vanity. I also did my mom's makeup, (my mom isn't a makeup-nista) mascara is for "special occasions". She only wears ID Minerals (only recently, like since December) and MAC Bronzer, Blush & Lipstick.
We got in the elevator and walked to the front of the building and my mom saw the limo and FROZE. She said "Ken I can't do this, I can't". I got her in the limo and gave her a half of a xanax. I took one earlier b/c I felt like I was going to have a panic attack and my mom was in no position to help me out of it. We got the the Funeral Home and walked in and me and my mom LOST it!!! I touched Mommy Cats hair and checked to make sure her tic-tacs were still in her casket (she had a Tic-Tac addiction) and we weren't going go let her go without her Tic Tacs. People began to file in. So many people, the room was practically FULL. I saw my bff from Long Island, Addie (we've been besties since nursery school). My Mom and her mom turned into besties also, since Addie and I were always together. My "Godmother" Joppy-G, well really Addie's Godmother (but I adopted her as my Godmother too) Gerry we call her Joppy-G, (long story) came. Then that made me lose it again. Joppy always to my rescue gave me another half xanax, lol.
Then I see a white guy that kinda looked like my bf, but this guy was wearing a SUIT! I figured he'd wear khakis and his white sweater (that's his definition of formal wear). When I saw my bf in a SUIT I ran to him and cried (not really about Mommy Cat), but the fact that my country lovin' (I hate the city) CT bf drove all the way to Queens w/ his mom to be with me and my family. Like, dude bought a suit! He looked good too! His stock just went way up in my book!
Than another girlfriend of mine walked in Dana. I've known her since kindergarten!! Her parents came too. I haven't seen her since her wedding two years ago, and I lost it again. Her mom handed out mini bibles...
The ceremony began and was peaceful and calming. Then it was my turn.... I've been a wreck trying to think about what to say. I really want to thank on of my fellow Beauty Bloggers Maria aka Emeria (HeyitsRIA). She recently lost a grandparent and she encouraged me to be brave and do the talk. I talked about my fun memories with Mommy Cat, like how she always poured my Gingerale in to a wine glass and put a maraschino cheery on top. I guess I did good (thanks to the Xanax). I didn't stammer my words or get choked up. People thought I memorized my talk but I had it typed out in front of me. I was proud that I had the courage and strength to do it, especially because the room was filled to the brim.
Then we proceed to the cemetery and apparently there was a problem. The grave diggers did not have the hole dug b/c the ground was frozen & hard. I got really pissed! Ummm, they have like machines! It's been very cold in NY for weeks. Have they not had any newcomers to the cemetary during the winter. The cemetary called the funeral home and told them the problem and the funeral home tried to stretch out time before we proceeded to the cemetary. The procession went really slow............. So we get to the cemetary and what do we get to watch?? The cemetary staff DIGGING MY GRANDMOTHERS GRAVE!!! We shouldn't of had to sit & watch that! I was PISSED!!! We had to sit in the limo for 20 mins and everyone else had to stay in their cars! Then my cousin Gerald knocked on the window. He thought maybe people were getting hungry and he happened to randomly have homemade epananadas, crossiants, and muffins in his car. He saved the day and fed everyone in the limo and the people waiting in their cars. Finally the cemetary decided they were ready, someone said a few words and everyone laid flowers on her casket and my mother and I laid white roses. I went back in the limo, then got back out to be alone for a minute and I told Mommy Cat to have "FUN, FUN, FUN" that was her motto. Then I said luv ya BYE! That's how we always ended our phone calls :)

The Repass after was nice the food was a-freakin'mazing! I got to see a lot of family members. Everyone was catching up, talking, laughing, & eating. It was really nice. My Aunt Jean's church congregation set everything up, served the food, & cleaned up. I thought that was very nice. I would like to know who made the RED VELVET CAKE!!! I had food-gazsims over & over. I love me some homemade Red Velvet cake. I brought some home. All the desserts were homemade and I tried them ALL. I'm such a piggie, but I had SPANXX on so I wasn't worried.
I would also like to thank my Lancome Voluminous mascara b/c I did a lot of crying and my mascara did not run!!!!
So I'm finally home. My mother says she'll be home later. My Dad is on his way home. They both stayed in Queens last night (my dad w/ his mom) & my mom in my grandmas apartment.
Unfortunaltly I'll be going to Syracuse soon. My Aunt Diane (my father's sisters) husband, my Uncle Emo has been in & out the hospital with congentitive heart failure. He just went back to the hospital for puemonia, and as of last night his kidneys failed, and his body is shutting down!!! They said he wouldn't make it through the night (last night), but I haven't heard anything yet. I booked my other grandma a flight to Syracuse for Friday morning. My dad didn't bring his laptop (shock, no seriously, I was shocked he does not leave the house w/o it). My grandma has dial up and it's impossible to book a flight with that. So that's why I had to haul ass back home to CT last night....
Like seriously can we catch a break?

If Tomorrow Never Comes ~ Author Unknown
It's a beautiful and inspiring poem. Kinda makes you think about how sometimes the petty sh!t isn't worth it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Product Review & HK Swag

Hi Y'all! I think that's becoming my new greeting! So I'm going to post a quickie product review.
The other day I was at Bed, Bath & Beyond looking for nothing in particular. The Bed, Bath, & Beyond in Brookfield or Danbury, CT it's on the border I'm not sure, has the awesomest cosmetics and body care section it's HUGE and all their cosmetics are DISCOUNTED (holla). They have everything make-up, cotton, bath, baby stuff, brushes, bath, nail stuff, storage, lotions, body wash, and the best sample/travel size I was thinking about taking pics for y'all but I didn't want to look shady.... So I decided to try something new.

Rimmel London Glam'EYES Mascara

The package claims that it gives you "10X more volumized & 80% Longer Lash Look" "Ultra Volume High Definition Mascara w/ Volumeflex Brush. The brush is/was PINK!!! Until you dip it in the mascara then it turns black (duh) don't know why I was actually dissappointed about the brush not being pink anymore. I got oo1 Black and it came with a freebie (holla again). A Rimmel London Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil 061 Jet Black.
Y'all are going to kill me but I don't remember the price, I think it was $6-ish..... I'm a very faithful lady when it comes to my mascaras... I don't cheat or stray. I was a MAC Zoomlash user for a longass time. Then I think I ran out and couldn't get to the mall and I tried the Loreal Voluminous and became faithful to that... So trying a new mascara for no reason is like cheating too me. I may have mascara OCD too......

I've used it three times and I like it. The brush is a bit different than I'm used to. It's rubber & small. It kinda reminds of little rubber combs on a stick. So it doesn't go on very clumpy like with other brushes. It's easy to control and get the inner corners and hard to reach spots.
No werid or funky smell, (yes I sniffed it just for you ladies).....
The packaging doesn't mention if it's waterproof, but it holds up well. I've shed a lot of tears the past few days and I don't look like a raccoon.
This stuff dries with the quickness so I have to use my iLash comb after each eye. I usually do both eyes then comb them out, but by the time you get to the other eye it's already dry & hard to comb through.

Lushicous Lashes??
Scary Eye!!! (I'm not good a taking lash pics)
Another scary eye pic.....

Over all this is a great drugstore buy. I give it 4 out of 5 & hearts;

Oh I got my Financial Aid back at the last minute on Friday!!!! I was able to re-register for 2 of 3 of my classes. 1 is closed >_< , but b/c of everything that happens they said they will override and manually register me on Tuesday. So I'll be taking 12 credits!!! Diversity In the Workplace, Marketing Strategy, & The History of Mathematics (aka Math for remidal retards who cannot perfrom the most basic math functions even with a calculator). I start offically on Tuesday but I think I can log into my courses now and start browsing around. So I'm a student again so I'll be spending my days & nights in Borders & Starbucks. I was going to go "school shopping" for my Mead Hybrid Binders and Hello Kitty Folders but it's freakin' snowing so I'm staying my ass at home. Check out my sweet Hello Kitty swag....
It's Hello Kitty Notepad in a Metal Case w/ a pen!!! It came with 3 pad refills (100 pages each). Found it at Barnes & Noble for $8.95

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Men Are Clueless.... (Rant)

Hi Y'all!! First I have a RANT! My bf kinda sucks. He's not being extra "loving, caring, or considerate" during my "time of need". He's actually acting annoyed b/c I haven't been hanging out with him this week. I went over to his house Friday. I expected a hug & kiss, got nothing, so I kinda waited around, then later he said "where's my hug & kiss, so it's like that now". I was like "no, I'm the bereaved, you should be giving me a big & kiss. We couldn't go anywhere b/c he was on call and it was like 1 degree last night so there was a good chance of him having to go work. So were talking about stuff. I started to get depressed. My mom called and said how everyone was in Queens at Aunt Jean's & Lo's apt. That made me more depressed that I was in CT at my boyfriend house watching him lay on the couch in the room WITH NO TV. More depressing.I kinda needed a distraction so I wouldn't be dwelling on my Mommy Cat being gone.. He could of made me dinner or we could of made dinner together. We could of rented a movie. He did nothing but lay there and make me feel lonely & Depressed! It was around 8pm and a little too late to drive to Queens & back. So I did an awful thing........ Don't judge me. I texted my girl "C" and asked her what she was up to & that I was feeling depressed at the bf's house. So we made plans to meet up. I told the bf, that "I was going to Queens to be w/ my family", picked up my sh!t and biz-ounced! Well what was I going to say "you suck, being around you is depressing me, I'm leaving. So I met up with "C" and we went to a Bar/Resturant called Two Steps . That was fun we ordered some drinks and pigged out on their fresh made tortilla chips & homemade salsa. There really wasn't a scene there so we went to a local Sports Bar called Pippa ("C" is single), to see if more was happening there. (best bar food in CT!), We had some more drinks and she ordered the most amazing shot!!! An Oatmeal Cookie Shot. It tastes like a freakin' oatmeal cookie, but liquid in a shot glass Here's the recipie:
Oatmeal Cookie recipe
1/5 shot Jagermeister® herbal liqueur
1/5 shot Goldschlager® cinnamon schnapps
1/5 shot Bacardi® 151 rum
1/5 shot Kahlua® coffee liqueur
1/5 shot Bailey's® Irish cream

We hung around and went home. But that's what I needed a caring friend "C" to go do stuff and distract me........... I ♥ "C". Thank GOD for girlfriends, b/c my bf is useless in this "situation".........

I'll be back later sweeties!!! I got something Hello Kitty today, na na na na na NA!!!! (no it's not the MAC Collection........
Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'll Be Missing You.....

My Mommy Cat has gone to heaven. She left yesterday...... She went peacefully and painlessly. My mom was just about to leave the hospice to come home to CT to get some clothes and things. She said "bye, Mommy, I'm going home to get some clothes, I'll see you tomorrow, I love you". Then she stopped breathing......I'm going to speak at her services no matter how hard it'll be. She always liked to hear me read things at our family reunions so I'm going to try my best to do it. My mother is holding up well. I miss her, she's been staying in NYC in my grandmas apartment. I know she's more comfortable in NY and the whole family is there. She has an entourage & a posse. I'm being selfish b/c I want my Mommy to come home! I won't tell her that though, I'm not going to stress her out w/ my Mommy separation anxiety. My dad is just sitting around doing random things like vaccumming and buying every Lean Cuisine meal at Stop & Shop! The freezer is insane. If I eat one more Lean Cuisine, I'll rip my weave out!!! Blah... I guess I can't survive on that stuff for 3 meals a day.... THere's not really any food in here b/c everything happened on Saturday which is the day my mom goes shopping for the week. There's no "stuff" to cook with, and honestly I don't really feel like cooking. Dad's fine with his Lean Cuisines. I saw "Bride Wars" last night, I'll post a review later. I had to get out the house so I figured I'd go to the movies.
My friend "C" went shopping with me today to get clothes for the service. I have nothing "nice" to wear, and I wanted to find something nice. "C" came with me for support and to make sure that the fit was good and I picked out pieces that matched. Funeral shopping is not fun. You can't find anything when your looking for it!!! I think there should be a store called Funeral Couture or During This Difficult Time Wear!! Somewhere where you can walk in an find nice appropriate clothes in one place! Sad people don't have time to be running all over the place trying to find stuff. I ended up getting a gray skirt and a black sweater from Kohl's.

"C" found it on the clearance rack. She's such a patient rack searcher, I have no patience for rack shopping. I need things in my face. I don't have the best "hunting skills"It's by CHAPS. Originally $79.50 but it was 70% off so it was only $23.50

Sweater, nothing too special it's 3/4 sleeve which is good b/c I'm always hot...
AB Studio $48.00 but it was on sale for $27.99. I also got some sweater tights for $5.00 (50% off).Don't know what shoes I'm going to wear yet. I have a lot of shoes and I narrowed it down to those two. Both are comfy heels.

I don't know why I'm posting "funeral service" outfits..... I'm just trying to keep myself busy and distracted.... Maybe I am a weirdo......
Oh my Financial Aid is pending.... My grades were posted last night but they show "CR" which means credit received, the letter grades aren't showing yet.... If this doesn't get resolved by tomorrow I'm screwed. My mom said that I can charge 1/3 of my tution on her "Discovery" Card (that would be the minium I can pay to attended school.... . But that's like $800 & something bucks + plus a "late registration fee", which I shouldn't have to pay b/c I'm not the one who deregistered myself!!! But what if they see that I made 1/3 of a payment and think that I don't deserve Fin Aid. I'm borrowing the money. I don't know..... I hope my classess are still open. I'm going to have to look for backups tonight just in case.
Ok, ladies I'm off to hunt for food and find out if my Mommy is coming home tonight. I need to wash air dry then flat iron my hair, it's wavy with no product in it, I look like some kind of animal. I'll probably be back later..... I have to talk about Bride Wars and my new mascara.......

<- I made that on Photo Impact Pro 13. I'm not too happy with that program. I should of just got Photoshop Elements 7. I thought it would be easier. At least there's books on Photoshop. Oh well, live & learn...

Again, I want to thank everyone for the super sweet comments & e-mails!! They truely have brightened up these gray few past days! I'm trying to write everyone back. Y'all are some of the sweetest ladies!!!! It will take me a little bit to get back at everyone.....


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Update on Mommy Cat & Some Wal-Mart Goodies

Blahhh......... This is soo hard.
I miss my Mommy Cat so much! I went to Jamaica Hospital in Queens, NY today. I was so afraid to walk in the room. At first I walked in peeked, then stepped back. It took me about 10 mins. to finally walk all the way into her room. It was crowded in there. My Mom's two cousins were there Lisa & Ann. My Aunt Debbie, and my Mommy Cat's two sisters Aunt Jean & Aunt Lo. I looked at Mommy Cat. She looked like she was sleeping. Her color was good. She has a bruise on her cheek. I guess from when she fell when she had the stroke. They turned off the respirator this morning. Keeping her alive with machines was doing her more harm than good. She's breathing on her own w/ a tiny oxygen tube in her nose. I said hi to her. She looked tiny, but Mommy Cat is tall & thin. Everyone wanted my to style her hair (her hair is always on point). I'm the family go to beauty girl, but I couldn't do it. I was afraid so I let Aunt Jean do it. If she makes it through the night she will be transported to hospice care tomorrow morning. Her Dr. explained to us that the hospital isn't the best place for end of life care. The staff is trained to prolong life, and not focus on comfort and keeping her pain free. That is our only concern keeping her pain free and comfortable until she is ready to go........
My Mom is holding up well. She's been surrounded by caring & informative Dr.s and very spiritual family members.
I have the most amazing family in the world. I've received so many phone calls!!! Just love & support. My cousin Krissy called me from KOREA!! Brandon from Ohio, The "Boston Brittons". Everyone has been amazing.......... I would also like to thank all my "blogger girls", for every comment, e-mail, & C-Box Shout! Y'all are so touching.... Everytime I read them and re-read them it brings a smile to my face......
Today was the 1st day since everything happened that I even got dressed and put on my face. It felt good to slap on some makeup and get dressed... Even if it was only to go to the hospital.... I saw some very cute Dr.'s and Techs........ ;)
I stopped at Wal-Mart when I got back to CT, for what I don't know... I find comfort in retail stores and it was too late to wander the mall. So I picked up a few things.....
I got some Dial Yogurt Vanilla & Honey Body Wash for $3. (not pictured, it's in my shower!) This stuff smells yummy and is super mositurizing & foamy. There's a review on Bella Sugar. I also grabbed a Nicole by O.P.I. "Nic's STICKS, in "Where's My Chocolate" for $5.98. It's like a nail polish pen, and I don't like it! I was sooo excited to try it. I'm on a weekly self mani mission, and last weeks was looking embarassingly funky! Maybe it's something you have to get used to, but the brush sucks! You have to "pump" the top for more polish to come down, it was messy, and when you "pump" the polish down and your fingers are painted its akward to "pump" I had to touch it up with polish remover.... I think I'll stash this polish..... >.< I kinda want my $5.98 back. I got some lashes for my "lash stash" so when I'm ready to figure out how to be a lash applying pro I'll be ready. I'm getting the cheapie ones for now, until I have the art mastered..... I also got a Palmer's Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick. I'm addicted to lip chap, and I use that as my lip chap...

Well, I'm going to go check my blogroll & she what you ladies have been up to. I can't sleep. I had a nightmare last night about Mommy Cat & my Mommy and I'm afraid to go to sleep tonight!

Oh I'm still going back and forth my school financial aid situation. So far I'm not getting it reinstated, and the last day for Spring '09 registration is Fri. 1/16. With everything going on with my family. I feel selfish praying to get my Fin Aid. reinstated in time, but I know Mommy Cat wants to see her "baby girl" graduate, and a semster off is out of the question......
Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Mommy Cat Isn't Going to Make it............

This isn't my usual kind of post. I'm distraught and a mess.....I just have to get it out........My sentences may not flow..............

So, I thought I had a bad day when I found out that my Financial Aid was taken away. Today was one of the worse days of my life. I received a call from my "Aunt" Debbie telling me to call her immediately b/c Aunt Cat (my grandma) is sick. I thought maybe she caught a bad cold, maybe she fell. She was just at my house during Christmas and I spoke to her on Wednesday. She had a massive stroke and has internal bleeding in her brain and was taken to Jamaica Hospital (Queens, NY). No one was with her when it happened, shes lives alone and wont have it anyother way. Her sisters live together in the building next to her. They call each other every morning to make sure that "everyone is alive".... She didn't answer this morning. So her sisters went to her apartment and they found her on the bathroom floor. What! I told Debbie to "shut-up". I then called my Aunt Jean, (my grandmothers sister who was at the hospital) my grandmas sister she said "Ken, your grandmother is dying, we are with her, please have your mother get here and call here so they can "make decisions". They can to operate on her brain, but it wont help. She told me I had to find my Mom ASAP b/c my Mom had to make some "decisions". My mom does not keep her cell on. She keeps it OFF in her purse. I didn't know where she was. So I called my Dad at work hysterical. He reminded me that my mom was working today. I called my mom at work, asked her to get up use the phone alone. I had to break the news. It was the worse call I've ever had to make. How do you tell your mother that her mother who she spoke with last night is on her way out. My mom has always told me that "she cannot function without her mother and when the day comes she's going to not handle it well".... The first thing she said was "no-not my mommy", it's like she read my mind. I told her who to call and that I was on stand by ready to come home. Of course everyone's phones were off and we couldn't get anyone. So I'm in Naugatuck and my Mom is in Danbury. She left work, my Dad left work. I'm 30 mins away @ my bf's house. My mother calls me back and says that my father and her were on there way down to Queens, NY (1hr 30mins away). I'm half way home and realize that I can't drive, at least not alone. I call my bf he's now home tells me to turn around pick him up and he'll go down with me. I get back to his house. IT STARTS SNOWING LIKE CRAZY. I know were not going to make the 2 hr. trip. My mom calls me and tells me to TURN AROUND it's pretty bad. So I did. As of now she's in a coma. My mother signed a DNR (Do Not Ressesistate), and she's on a respirator. I love my Mommy Cat so much. I call her Mommy Cat b/c my mom calls her mommy and everyone knows her as "Cat" (Catherine).
She was the fun grandma. She always let me express myself. She did nothing but love my mother, me and the entire family. When I would spend the night with her, there was no bedtime! She let me stay up till I passed out. She let me eat what I wanted. She had the cutest Tic-Tac addiction. She's afraid to fly but has been to 49 states via train & cruises. Orange Jell-O was her favorite! When I gained weight, she still told me that "you look good, girl". When I lost it she never mentioned it, but still said "girl... you look good! Every year on my b-day she'd give me $100 +my age!!! The same for my mom. We shop all the time. If my mother or I so much as took something off the rack she'd say "baby, if you want it, I'll get it for you....." We'd protest, she'd buy it. She loved Hello Kitty too, because I did, and b/c everyone calls her Cat. I always send her letters with Hello Kitty stationary and stickers. Her apartment is chic & modern ....No "old lady" stuff in there. I'm 27 and you'd think it was my place. She has a box with every drawing or thingy I've ever made or given her in year order. She also has one of my moms stuff. I loves pictures and went on about the photo coasters I made her for Christmas.
She was the family rock! Her sister my Aunt Jean was with a bad man. Mommy Cat saw her battered sister and went to the mans house and KNOCKED HIS ASS OUT & DOWN A FLIGHT OF STAIRS! She had long pretty hair and she always let me comb it and play in it. We've had 38 annual Family Reuions she's been to all of them! She'd always secretly slip me a $20 dollar bill for "carfare" & my mom too every time we'd visit (almost weekly). She didn't cook but always took her to "her kitchen" the diner in her apartment village. She'd let me wander in the Beauty Supply Store by her, b/c it's hard too find "ethnic" hair stuff where I live. She's mailed me product!!! We couldn't walk to from her apartment to the diner without stopping to say hi to a least 50 people. She knew & loved everybody and everybody who knows her loves her. I'm torn apart... My heart is broken..... I know my mothers heart is in pieces. I'm shocked, she wasn't sick..... She was the healthiest out of all of the "old ladies" her & her 2 sisters & 1 brother. She was the oldest. I don't know if I can go tomorrow, if she makes it through the night. My mom says she looks like she's sleeping & that she's warm........ But there's lots of tubes and the respirator. I want to remember her at Christmas.
I'm working on my papers, she would have wanted me too. Not to be in the hospital waiting for her to pass. I wish she'd see me graduate..... Dec. 2010.... Maybe if I didn't f-up in college the 1st time she would have seen that... When I talked to her the other day, she could tell I was bothered. I told her that that took my fin aid away and why. She said, "where do I mail the check or do they take Discovery Card (she always said Discovery Card instead of Discover Card). She was willing no questions asked to just pay my tuition to see a graduation in return..... I told her "no", I'll get my aid back and turn everything in ASAP..... Beg to get my grades posted with the quickness and my case reviewed by next Friday. I'm rushing in the shittiest work ever..... I hope I don't fail... She loves me so much that she'd love my "F"........ I guess we all handle crisises differently.... I blog about it.......... If you have a grandma, hug her, call, just say hi. That all they want from us their "babies". I could call her and we'd talk for an hour about NOTHING.... I could her her I pooped and she'd want to hear the whole story..... I've been calling her apartment all day just to hear her answering machine. It's the voice that somes pre-recorded. She picked the mans voice (b/c she lives alone), and when she calls me back later she says "my husband" said you left me a message!
Thank you lovely Beauty Bloggers for reading this if you did. At least you got a snippet of Mommy Cat....... I know we don't know each other but I feel like I've joined a community....... I went through my blogroll today b/c I knew that y'all would cheer me up and you did. I hate to sound corny (I'm medicated and I've been drinking a bit not the best way to work on a 8-15 page paper! What kinda range is that 8-15 pages, WTF!)

I ♥ you guys!!! You are all sweet and beautiful & talented individuals. I'm so glad I joined the blogesphere and found each and everyone of you..... Mommy Cat would of loved to hear about my new Asian Beauty Blogger friends....

Mommy Cat
Mommy Cat this Summer in Memphis, TN

I couldn't find the cute pic of the 3 of us. That's me & skinny my mom at the Family Reunion, this summer in Memphis, TN Mommy Cat said that was the best reunion yet! I wish she'd make to the reunion this year in the ATL! I didn't get the Crim "skinny" gene. I got my daddy's people "curvy big thigh & big boobies gene".
You can't tell from those pics but when the 3 of us were together they think that Mommy Cat is our mom & that my mom & I are sisters.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

No Good Very Bad Day!

Today was BAD day. I mean BAD! It started last night when I received an e-mail from my school informing me that I was DE-REGISTERED for the upcoming term and my Financial Aid is now $0.00! WTF, the letter didn't explain why... So I freaked out, cried, threw a "fit" attempted to jump off the roof. My unusual drama... So I emailed the my school... So this morning I check my mail NADA. I call. They wouldn't let me speak to the Financial Aid Dept. b/c the info line knows all. To make a long story short I finally find out that they de-registered me b/c I got an INC (I took out extensions w/ was fine w/ my professors). Well the Financial Aid reads an INC as an F so they took my money! Since they took my aid away the tutition wasn't paid.... I can register and pay out of pocket, but I don't have $2,597.50. Tuition has to be paid in full during the now late registration period. No payment plan. The absolute and final day for late registration is next Friday the 16th. So I have 6 (actually 5, just finished one), papers/assignments to write, research, submit and get a a final grade for by the 16th! Impossible. Will my profs. grade them in time? Can my Financial Aid be reinstated, all by the 16th? I emailed my mentor, & my professors to see if they can help me out. I requested "placeholder" grades so I wont have INC No replies as of yet. I wrote 1 paper today. It's sh!t, really bad. I'm rushing. I wrote it out of my a$$, I'm ashamed to submit it. I didn't even use outside sources only the text. I pretty much need a miracle... I can't pay attention for sh!t so I probably could have pumped out 2 papers but I stared into space, organized my pens & hilighters, re-arranged my Hello Kittys, read my long blogroll............. I have serious focusing issues. I need to call my Dr. and see if I can go back on the ADD Rx. Only problem is that it made me mean and crazy, but I got a lot of shit done. Is there something herbal that I can take? I can't afford an Rx unless it's on the $4 Generic list @ Walmart..... I'm uninsured....Unemployed... I'm a mess y'all............. There is one little thing that would make me very happy right now. A present from Zales, it's only $795.00 Diamonds & Pink Sapphires......
I'm watching Rock of Love 3 the Bus (1st episode) on TiVo, those are some crazy plastic bitches.. I'm gonna watch b/c I'm a fool...... I'm also a VH-1 Celeb Reality junkie.
WTF- Like Plastic Much
Who really wants that? Seriously.......
He's no PRIZE
Well, hopefully tomorrow will come with some answers and I can get this straightened out.... Oh lawd, I have to go to school next term. I have no job, school is all I have......... Pray for me y'all. Please
Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Random Sale! Well Not to me.... I Have Another Addication

I have another addiction.... I'm coming clean. I'm obsessed with office supplies.... Thumb tacks, tape, cork, dry erase boards, Sharpies, Pens (purple ink only, it's an OCD thing), Rulers 12'' & 6'', Post-It Notes, all sizes, Post-It Pads........White Out Dry Line ........Paper Clips in pretty colors... File Folders (pastel colors not that gross manila color)
Check out my craziness.
Office Supply JunkyI have about 20 Hello Kitty Notebooks!!! Folders ohhh folders..... I only buy Hello Kitty folders The HG [Holy Grail] of notebooks is the Mead Five Star Force Flex Notebook Binder. It's a notebook & and a binder in one. Some kind of Hybrid craziness. I couldn't survive class without this. I fill it w/ college ruled paper, dividers, folders....So I've confessed & I'm out!

The Secret Life...

"All secrets come to the surface in the fantastic first season of the hit ABC Family original series that has fans and critics buzzing all across America. Good-girl band geek Amy is smart, talented...and pregnant. That is just one of the many surprises facing Amy's friends and family in this poignant portrait of modern-day high school life. Experience an award-winning* series overflowing with humor, heart, and compassion. The Secret Life of the American Teenager is hours of engaging entertainment."
Why didn't anyone tell me to watch this show sooner!!! Seriously is all this stuff happening in high schools? Maybe I'm old, or maybe it's b/c I went to private school and the pregnant girls just dissappeared..I snagged the DVD of season 1 in Target yesterday b/c I heard about the show wanted to watch it but it conflicted with Gossip Girl....I've sat here on my black behind all day watching. I'm going to have to catch up with Season 2 OnDemand or something. I didn't even watch my afternoon court shows. Family Court w/ Judge Penny & that gay judge, I can't remember his name he's on before Judge Penny.
I also have a girl crush on Francia Raisa she plays Adrian. I love her hair, I think that style is my next weavespiration! I'm definatley going to have to get that big ass curling iron I spied in Sally's...
Ok there was a real reason why I didn't leave my house today. I couldn't exactly leave my house today because I was trapped. Yes trapped! By a sheet of ice. My rescuers (landscapers) didn't come around till 5 something to untrap me. I attempted to get the mail. My only outting of the day. I bundled up, and made it about half way down my walkway when I realized that the ice was going to kill me and I shouldn't be playing on ice uninsured....
Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Totally Forgot!

Today was just one of those days........ I feel awful... I had a Dr.s appt. @ 5:15 which was confirmed twice!! Where was Ms. Kendall @ 5:15??? Sittin' in Starbucks sippin' on a Tall Skinny Vanilla Latte wrapped up in a book..... I know it happens, but I feel like a d-bag. I've known this Dr. pretty much since I moved to CT. I used to work at her old practice, followed her to her new one. I understand what NO SHOWS do to the schedule! Since it was a 5:15 I'm hoping she was running behind and I was the last appt. of that day, and maybe no one noticed... I'm going to have to call tomorrow w/ my tail between my legs. I don't just forget things, well I do, but never appts. I think it's b/c I'm not working and I have no concept of what day is what until 8pm till my TV Shows start. I should of known, I watched Gossip Girl last night so that meant it was Monday!!! Tonight 90210 = Tuesday. Yes I live a pathetic existance...........

I've been reading sooo many great beauty & makeup & general blogs, I really want to do a special post & give ♥ but my list is outta control...... My blogroll is outta control... My Google Reader is even more outta control!!

I got a visit from FedEx & UPS today!! Nothing exciting :( FedEx delivered my bf's sheepskin slippers from Apparently these fluffy cloudlike slippers run small b/c the 11-11.5 didn't fit so I had to ship them back to WA & I reordered 12-12.5, but I'm a hustla baby! Because they included a 20% off coupon if you re-order before 12/31 which I threw away then retrived out the garbage and got 20% off my reorder of the correct size. Ok I'm not that gansta the 20% pretty much covered my return shipping cost $12!!! Boooo

Mr. USPS whose nice & actually rings the bell and doesn't do drive by delivery's brought me my book I ordered Sun. from Amazon. I was curious what books there were about blogging and I found a pink one so it had to be mine. This was the book I was reading in Starbucks while I was missing my appt.
So far it's a good read, hasn't taught me anything that I didn't know I read 154 pages in one sitting ( that's about half the book). I like there writing style and they have some other books that I added to my wishlsit.

So I decided to start organizing and editing my photos. Which meant that I had to "buy something"..... I'm super intimidated by Adobe Photoshop. So I picked up Photo Impact Pro vs. 13. I also wanted a program that had batch editing, organization, video editing, digital scrapbooking, morphing, touch-up tools & some other features and this had it. It's a BITCH to figure out!! I'm going to have to do the tutorials and read the manual...argggghhhh Oh well I got it at Office Max for $89.99. Then I remembered that I'm a student and that I shoud have checked JourneyEd and Academic Superstore first, but ohh well my Student ID expired 12.31.08 and I forgot to request a new one, actully the link to get a new ID is broken.... The joys of online education............ Maybe if I create something worth while I'll share w/ y'all......

Sorry, I have no beauty news to report. I did a green shadow look today but I looked kinda drag queen-ish...................... I went to Target put a bunch of stuff in my basket then regretted it and put it back....... Maybe I am learning.........Or maybe I'm saving for something big!!! SYKE!!!! Saving isn't my my strong point.... Ok I do have a little pot put aside for the MAC Hello Kitty Collection, I don't care if the colors look like doo-doo!!! I ♥ my some Hello Kitty.....