Monday, December 30, 2013

My Week #52

I hope everyone had a super wonderful Christmas! Mine was full of family, old friends, fun and blessings!!!

Here's how my week turned out!

I'm still in love with my Piaric WO2P Inserts!

Here's my decoration for Week 1. I flew in super late last night and wasn't feeling super creative, but the OCD in me wont let me write on my pages until they are decorated. #weirdo

My good friend Joie bought me a a huge pack of deco tape! I think there are about 30 in there. (I should of taken a pic but I did vlog about it last night so it will be on the Dec. 29th vlog)

I also kept it pretty simple in my A5 also.

Happy Planning!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My Week #52 Layout

Merry Christmas! Better late than never!

Surprise I went with a Christmas theme in my  A5 and Personal size!

I was super tried and forgot to put some red washi tape on the 2nd page :( Oppss (I fixed it)

Merry Christmas!


Video! A Look Inside my new Purple Malden Filofax!

Monday, December 16, 2013

My Week #50

Hello beautiful Filofaxer's!  Here's a look at My Week #50! My new inserts don't tell me what week it so I'm starting to get confused (doesn't take much, especially on a Monday morning)

I love those stickers!!! I almost used them again for this week! Last week was kind of blah. I also eat a ton of crap last week. I started jotting down where I ate dinner. I also didn't fullfil my goal of 3 Just Dance Wii Workouts and 3 Rosetta Stone sessions. :(

Here's a look at my layouts for this week.

Personal Size Purple Malden

You would think that I only one thin pink and purple washi tape but those are just my favorite colors.

A5 Deep Pink Calipso

P.S. I'm slowing getting my new YouTube channel back on track. Right now I'm in the process of reuploading all 250+ of my daily vlogs. I've literally been uploading since Thursday (today is Monday) As soon as i'm done uploading I will begin to post new vlogs. You can find me on YouTube JustagirlTV:) 
Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Filofax Finance Pages

I will be honest when it comes to money, I'm really really good at spending it. I seriously lack discipline when it comes to keep track of my money and staying on a budget because it's not fun.
I've seen the Filofax Finance Tracking Inserts online and I've been curious about them, but not curious enough to invest in them. I was super surprised when my Malden arrived with not only a Cream colored Finance tab but also with some Finance Tracking sheets.
I think I've used every app on the planet to try to keep track of my finances. My bank,, and probably more. I've also tried using the mobile apps and I just dont keep up with it.

I've decided to give the Finance inserts in my Filofax a whirl. I really need a reality check about where my money is going. I know how much is coming in, but I often am in denial about it's outgoings. I'm going to force myself to keep track of everything I spend for 30 days. I also have another reason to open my Filofax and write something down .

I'm not setting it up like a typical checkbook. Right now I don't care so much about my balance. I want to know what I'm blowing money on so I can start to cut back. I think my biggest expense is dinner. :( I was looking back at what I had for dinner the past 2 1/2 weeks and I've eaten out every night! Which is really bad. Some argue that its super expensive, but I'm one person. I always order something that will have leftovers so I can eat it for lunch the next day or even two days. I don't really go grocery shopping much so I'm not eating out and buying groceries.  I also hate making my lunch everyday so I love opening a take out container and plopping it into a Gladware bowl and keeping it moving! I think I also eat out alot because I go with my BFF and I figure why rush home to an empty apartment. My mother says that I should #YOLO while I'm still free.
I have no idea why I just wrote an entire paragraph about food. ...

I'm going to do my best to stick to this for one month and try to make it a habit. I will report back to see how I'm doing. Wish me luck and SAVINGS!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Banned from YouTube!

I'm banned from YouTube! I went to upload my daily vlog Friday night and my YouTube page said ACCOUNT SUSPENDED! WTF!

We'd like to inform you that due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines ( your YouTube account kgreenel has been suspended. After review we determined that activity in your account violated our Community Guidelines, which prohibit spam, scams or commercially deceptive content. Please be aware that you are prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating any other YouTube accounts. For more information about account terminations and how our Community Guidelines are enforced, please visit our Help Center at

Everything is gone from my account! Every video that I've posted is gone. Luckily I back up all of my vlogs to an external hard drive so I still have them. All of my history, playlists, and favorites are GONE! I've searched for different ways to get my account back. I filled out useless online forms that generate the same lame reply. Do any humans work for YouTube? 

Until I can sort this out my channel is on pause. I'm still recording daily vlogs and Filofax videos. I just have no where to put them. 

I also don't understand why I'm prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating any other YouTube accounts. Are you kidding me! I barely watch TV anymore. So I've been accessing from another account. I'm not sure if I want to reload everything there and risk getting shut down again. 

I was so surprised by the number of people who tweeted @Youtube asking them to reinstate my account. 

When I figure out what I'm doing to do I promise to update you. I'm going to end it here before I get upset again and go into a childish full on temper tantrum. 

If your wondering why I'm banned. I think it has to do with an incident that took place over the summer. My channel was botted. Some spammer or machine viewed a handful of my video's 1,000's of times one video had over 10,000 views. YouTube figured out that those weren't legit views because it happened quickly within the span of a few hours and the countries where the views came from were inconsistent with where my views usually come from. This resulted in strikes against my account. I did not bot my own channel but "I'm responsible for everything that happens on my channel (bots, spammers etc), according to YouTube. I also had a copyright issue from my friends wedding but I acknowledged it, removed that video and re uploaded it. 

If anyone knows how to get in touch with YouTube, please let me know. 



My Week #51

I hope everyone had a fabulous week! Here's how my week turned out. I'm still loving my Piaric inserts.

Welcome to the Kawaii Zoo

I also received my dream Filofax this week. My Purple Malden! Her name is Verruca Salt because she's a brat! I also acted like a brat while trying to hunt her down and make her mine. I will do a more detailed post on her.

Here are my layouts for this week. I reverted back to pink in my Personal Filofax.

Aren't those the cutest stickers ever?

I'm not feeling my A5 layout, but it's Hello Kitty so it wont be too hard to just deal with it.

Have a great week and Happy Planning!
Thursday, December 5, 2013

I Had A Purple Malden..

So finally after all of the waiting, changed ETAs and backorders my dream Filofax came from Gold Spot Pens! I was so excited that I literally ran home on my lunch break to pick her up because I didn't want Ms. Verrcua Salt sitting outside all alone under my welcome mat (my FedEx person is weird they put packages under the welcome mat which doesn't hide anything because there's a huge hump). I rushed back to the office and opened her up and I noticed right away that the rings were open. I didn't fret to much because I was happy and excited. I decided to start moving in  ASAP.

When I closed the rings I noticed that two of the rings had a slight gap. I asked my co-worker and she said she couldn't see it. I posted it on the Philofaxy group on Facebook and the comments came pouring in. I wasn't crazy there was a gap, sent a pic to a friend back home and even with his untrained Filo eye he noticed the gap.

I called Gold Spot right away and discussed it with their Customer Service rep. She assured me that they double and triple check all the Filo's before they go out and that she can't understand how it arrived with the rings open. We agreed on doing an exchange and they emailed me a return label right away. When I got home I tried to "work" the rings by opening and closing the rings a few times and that didn't help at all. :(
So back in the box she went. I shipped her back this morning. Then I was thinking to myself. I don't want to wait to do an exchange. I want my Purple Malden NOW! It's Christmas! (I know it's not Christmas exactly but it's December). So I called Gold Spot again and was able to pay for a new one and I got OVER NIGHT SHIPPING!! To my work address so no package chasing will be involved. Asha at Gold Spot was super nice and helpful. She understands that the Purple Malden is my Golden Egg (that's why her name will be Verruca Salt).
Hopefully she will arrive at my desk tomorrow morning unharmed and with perfect rings. The Purple Maldens are hard to get and almost everyone who has one is already out of stock.


P.S. If you don't get the Verruca Salt reference, she's the brat from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. When I was small that was my nickname because I used to dance around my parents and say I want a [insert want] and I want it now! I probably was still am a bad egg!

Monday, December 2, 2013

My Week #48 - Still Mad About Turkey Stickers

Of course I found some Turkey stickers at Target after my no turkey sticker rant. I just realized that I should have bought them and stashed them for next year.. Oh well.. So this is how my week turned out. It was a bit of a slacker week.... All that blank space on Monday makes me feel like I need to do better. I also started writing down where I ate dinner. Its a baby step to a keeping a food journal, and a reminder to maybe try this knew idea called EATING AT HOME! In the last 14 days I've had dinner at home ZERO times. I don't think it's less expensive to eat at home because I pretty much stopped buying a lot of dinner groceries and I always have leftovers for lunch the next day. It's like winning twice. I also don't have to wash pots and pans so I'm saving the earth. Luckily I live alone so I'm not neglecting anyone...#singlegirlproblems

Oh I work in the medical industry a few people asked if I was okay because it say's follow up with Dr. Xyz multiple times on various days. Those are work reminders. :) 

I went for a Jungle theme in my Personal Size Filofax this week. I'm not too happy with it. I need to change up my style and step out of the box a bit.

I also did a random Cupcake thing in my A5. The WO2P in my A5 is my gratitude journal.

I also decided that I'm doing Christmas this year. Don't ask, just go with it. So I attempted to theme out my A5 MO2P calendar with some Holiday Cheer :)

And of my Personal Size

That's a lot of decorating! I also got some new inserts from Piaric and I'm in love. I swear they feel like buttah! I will dedicate a post with more detail this week.

I have to re film my updated A5 video. Once edited it just wont render >_< I detest, filming things twice. I do vlog everyday. So if your ever really bored and want to watch me dance around my apartment feel free to stop by! There's a link on the sidebar on the left. I usually decorate on Sundays and try to film my process. I would love to make legit decoration videos but I have no clue how to set up my camera to point down on my table.