Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cheap DIY Sugar Scrub!

Hi y'all!!! Now that I have my own space and my own kitchen. I've learned so much.. Those big appliances can be used by anyone... I thought you had to have a mom-license to cook...Apparently they let any fool who can pay the rent turn on the oven.. I come from very clean and neat people... I could eat off floor at my mom's house and not think twice about it.. There's never a dish in the sink or a crumb on the counter. So I figured now I'm free. I can do what I want. I can leave dishes in the sink, not hit the clear button on the microwave... Crazy stuff... Apparently the Merry Maid gene got passed down to me. I can't deal with crumbs, mess or any evidence that my kitchen was used.... My dirty dish tolerance is a fork and maybe a knife... I tried to leave a plate in their over night night and I couldn't do it.. I had like :43 seconds left on the microwave and I had to hit the clear button...  Why can't I live??? I'm supposed to be young wild and free!!!!

I've always wanted to try some DIY kitchen homemade beauty products!!! So after work I decided to make a Sugar & Olive Oil Scrub.. I probably made mine wrong so please find a legit recipe before doing this... I used. Olive Oil, Sugar, & Vanilla Extract. Use a PLASTIC washable dish/bowl with a cover. Don't use glass around the shower people!!!!

 1 Cup of Sugar ~ the regular kind that's like not splenda...
1/2 Cup of Olive Oil (this is where it gets shady. I don't judge oil or people based on their level of "Virginity" I think that's rude. I had Olive Oil and I used that)... Some recipes for this scrub stress to use EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Some don't say. So I used my regular slutty Olive Oil......
Vanilla ~ I read your supposed to use like essence oils for fragrance and aromatherpay, but I don't have any so I threw a a little bit of Vanilla Extract in there because I wanted it to smell yummy... 

Mix with a spoon..... Sniff... Mine smelled like a freakin' fresh cookie!! I'm not gonna lie, I licked it! It was sugary :)

I used a little bit on my face as a face scrub! Be gentle, sugar is grainy!!!  I love a good scrub..... I've been using Olive Oil as eye makeup remover lately anyways so don't think it was a huge deal using it on my face. 

Then I put it to the test.... I scooped some out and rubbed in a circular motion in the shower (water off)... I read somewhere and don't quote me but exfoliating works better on dry skin?? Don't know if that's true. Actually, I think I read it off the back of some over priced scrub from Bath & Body Works.... 

This scrub is rough and grainy!!! Just how I like it!!! When I exfloiate I want to feel it... I want to glow afterwards. I want to feel it rubbing against my skin. I want to rub the black off of me (joking about the last one)..... This goopy stuff had perfect amount of "roughness"!!!! It's rough & then silky smooth.... The hot water melts the sugar and it all goes down the drain..... :) No mess!!! No sandy residue to clean up. This also doesn't make the surface of the shower slippery :)
When done put the top on and save for later! I'm going to do this once a week. The oil tends to settle to the bottom so I'll be sure to to mix it up before I use it again.

My skin is glowing, I feel extra clean and my skin feels soo smooth & smell like a freakin' cookie!!!

*Disclaimer*- Know your skin & skin type before trying any type of beauty reginmen. What works for me might not work for you... I also work at a dermatology practice so if I wake up looking like a fool in the morning I'll be making an appointment for myself... I'm not a chef, beautytologist or a scientist. I'm Just A Girl...

  Luv Y'all..... Mean It!


Friday, September 24, 2010


Hey y'all!! Miss me much?? I miss y'all!!! I swear I'm going to get back on track... Well I moved! Not far I moved from one of ATL to the other. My apartment and it's slowly coming together. I swear I'm NEVER moving again!  I moved ALL BY MYSELF!!!! NO HELP >_< Granted I had no furniture but I accumulated a lot of sh!t since I moved to Atlanta last October.


It's more like empty little apartment. I made that video about when I first moved in and so much has changed already. It's less pathetic now.

I really hate my voice...

This was my first "couch".... It's actually a Raised Areo Bed Deluxe with a king sized sheet over it.....

I thought that could work for a while... Then my back started killing me & I needed something to sit on..... So I went to the Salvation Army and cruised craigslist & came up emtpy. So I went to IKEA..... I found a little loveseat on sale for $199!!! 
Then I ended up in the "As Is" room.... No one told me about the "As Is" room!! It's basically full of floor 
models up to 70% off!!! I spied the Kivik Loveseat for $238!!! It's usually $379.

That's what it looked like naked at the store....
Best part is that it was already assembled!!!! No couch in a box to put together. All I had to do put the cover on it. Unfortunaley if an "As Is" peice of furniture doesn't have a cover on it at the time of purchase you can only get a white one for free. So I have a WHITE couch... Well see how long that lasts... I almost had to fight for my couch!!! People don't play in the As Is room. I thought I was gonna have to cut the two chicks trying to put my couch on their cart!! But I won!!!!

I didn't really think the whole couch plan out...... All I saw were discounts and dollar signs..... Luckily I drive a car with a lot of cargo space...With the help of an IKEA employee and a random kind stranger, I didn't really have a plan on how I was going to get the couch from my car to my apartment.. I figured that eventually someone useful would come around and I could ask for help. It's not heavy at all.  Just hard to do alone. I guess Karma can really be a b!tch.It was a beautiful & sunny day and I got about half way home and it started to pour. A huge BLACK cloud came out of nowhere..FML.... I was already in a bad driving situation because I hate driving with all my windows blocked then it rained so hard that traffic stopped on I-85... Thankfully it was only a random thunderstorm and I was able to call a friend to help me and I soaked it up with towels and my hair dryer and thank GOD that it doesn't smell like mildewy butt... I also Lysoled it to death to kill the "As Is" germs and stop any mold from part of it getting wet.

Bombchell says I'm an old lady b/c I have this huge fuzzy PURPLE mircofiber blanket over the couch. Since I don't have proper furniture I do everything on this couch, watch TV, nap, eat and even though its easy to clean I don't want to have to worry about it getting dirty. Besides it's soooo fuzzy and comfy!

I'm out for now! I fail because I've been drafting this entry for like two weeks...

Luv Y'all
   Mean It!