Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sugar Rimmed Nails

Hey Y'all!!

I had to do something to my nails!! They were so plain and boring. So I attempted (key word is attempted) to do a Glittery French Manicure using the hot pink Zoya color I choose at the nail salon.

After I was done I decided to call them Sugar Rimmed Nails! They remind me of a margarita glass rimmed with sugar (I don't like mine rimmed with salt)! Well sparkly sugar....

I used Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear (200 Strobe Light).

How kinds of designs do you do on your nails. I'm going to break out my Art Deco polishes and my dotting tool and get creative. :)

P.S. I dedicate this attempt at nail art to Ms. DSK Steph. She's much better then me. Her manicures always look so nice and her polish collection is on point. She also is a Jewerlynista Sparkly Entreprenuer!!! When I come to Seattle you better hide all of stuff!!!! xoxoxo

Luv Y'all!!!

Mean It!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nail Woes Week #4

Hey Y'all!!!

I caved :( I got a gel overlay on my nails. I feel so much better. No MORE nail woes!! I'm not 100% satisfied with the results. They look thicker than I would like them to be. I might have to change nail salons. I didn't get any designs. I like to do them myself because I suck and I want to learn how  to do them myself.

Sorry I don't know the name of the color. It's a Zoya Nail Polish but the sticker on the bottom of the bottle at the salon was unreadable. :(

So I took the easy way out... Now I need to find a salon that I like.....


Luv Y'all!!!!

Mean It!!!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sally Sunday's

Hey Ya'll!

I went to Sally's today for nail polish remover and left with more then that of course. I just wanted to share my finds with you guys.

I finally got a nail dotting tool! Its a double ended brush. The bristle part is for fine detailing and the bottom part is used for dotting (making small dots) and marbleizing!! I also grabbed a new bottle of White Stripe Rite nail art polish. My other one broke.  :(   I've become real interested in doing my own nail art lately, but I only know how to do one design really well. Time to practice..

I also got One 'N Only's Argan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo, Conditioner and Oil Treatment. I got the small sizes so I can see if I like this line. I haven't used them yet but they smell good. The travel size shampoo  and conditioner were $3.39 with a Sally's Card and the Oil Treatment was $5.99 with a Sally's card.

I will definitely review these after I use them a few times. I'm hoping for some good results!!! Yes, I got my nail polish remover but I didn't picture it because its boring and the bottle is really big and was ruining my pics :)

Luv Y'all!!!

Mean It!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

All I Do Is Win!

Hey Y'all!!

Actually I never win contests :( But this time I actually did.  Imee, my West Beauty Blogger Luva, hosted a contest sponsored by Sigma, and I won a Sigma Flat Top Kabuki Brush!!! I've been stalking my mailbox for days. I never stalk my mailbox. There's usually nothing in there but junk and bad news aka BILLS (>_<)

I'm looking forward to trying out this brush. I've been wanting to "experiment" with Sigma brushes but I haven't purchased any yet.

I'm a dork I took a pic of the box...

I'm a sucker for cute packaging & presentation  :)

This exclusive flat top synthetic kabuki was designed to deliver a flawless makeup application. The Sigma Makeup F80 is a buffer brush that can be used to blend powder or liquid products. The short and dense bristles make it easy to buff your liquid foundation. The long handle adds comfort to your makeup application. The synthetic fibers are ideal to be used with liquid products and can be easily cleaned. Made of Synthetic Sigmax HD filament.

Here are some pics of the brush!

The brush also came with a brush protector to help keep its shape!

Super dense bristles!!!

I'm excited to add this brush to my pathetic brush collection. Hopefully this will be the first of more Sigma brushes for me to to try. You should read Imee's blog because I say you should. Who knows you might win something!!!!

Luv Ya'll!!!

Mean It!!!

P.S. I luvs you Imee! Winning had nothing to do with it!!!! When I come to Cali we will have a date!!! :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Drugstore vs. Department Store~ Miliani Eye Pencil vs. UD 24/7Liner

Hey Y'all!

I was in desparate need of a new black eye liner pencil, for my lower lash line and waterline... I feel naked without it. If you know me then you know I'm very picky about my eye liners.. I expect the following.. A dark and rich black liner that  lasts all day.. I'm not really asking for much..

My holy grail eye liner pencil is Urban Decay's 24/7 Liner in Zero... As you can see in the pic. I'm down to a bunch of liner nubs (yep there's more, I'm a liner nub hoarder)... Well my nubs are almost pretty useless. They are getting to short to sharpen :(

My schedule has been hectic lately and I don't have the time or engery or the willpower to lack temptation to go to Ulta or Sephora to pick up a new one. Also the UD Liners retail for $18.

I heard good things about Milani's Eye Pencils so I was in CVS the other night and I decided to grab one and test it...

What Milani Says ~ Smooth-glide formula delivers expert lining that doesn’t skip. Sharpens to a fine-line point.


Lasts all day..

Cry proof... I was emotional and shed a few years and the eyeliner didn't budge!!

Price $4.79 (at CVS)



Overall Rating 5/♥ ♥ ♥

I love it!!! It has holy grail potential!!! It meets my requirement and saved me money!!!! The swatches are pretty much identical!!!


Luv Y'all!!!

Mean It!!


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nail Woes Week #3

Hey Ya'll!!

I know my expectations are high for only four weeks. I wanted longer stronger nails ASAP. Peeling is minimal not as bad as when I began, but they aren't growing  (>_<).

I stumbled upon some nail polishes this weekend!! I actually found Borghese Nail Polishes at Ross!!! For $2.99 and $1.99. They usually retail for $8!!!!

Raspberry Sorbetto & The Base and Top Coat came together as a set for $2.99. Berry Confezione was $1.99.

I also snagged Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in 200 Strobe Light. I needed some glitter in my life :)

I'm really considering learning how to do acrylics or gel nails myself!!! I'm impatient (>_<)

Excuse the sloppiness.. I took the picture before I touched up my "mistakes"


Luv Y'all!!

Mean It!!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brush Stuff I ~ Storage

Hey Ya'll!!!

I've gotten a few comments and questions asking me all kinds of questions about my makeup brushes and how I store and clean them. Instead of a super long photo heavy post, I decided to break it down into a few posts. :)

I figured I would start with how I store my brushes. I purchased two Sephora Collection Makeup Brush Box - Large - Black Item # 1116045 (sorry y'all I can't find it on Sephora's website anymore. I purchased them in 2009). I recently saw one very similar at Wal-Mart and I'm sure its the same thing and costs 50% less than what I paid for these from Sephora.

I used to use brush rolls but I grew out of them. I only use them for travel.

This is what they look like. I have two holders so thats six compartments. The insides are lined with black velvet which gets a little dirty (from the brushes and dust sometimes. I just wipe them with a wet on when I want to clean them.








^Not sure why the pics came out so wonky (>_<)








All Most of my brushes together in their homes :) I have some others in random places and travel brushes put away that I don't reach for on a regular basis.

I organize my brushes in categories that make sense to me.

1. ~ Fan Brushes, Eyeliner Brushes (angled etc), Lip Brushes

2. ~  Eye Blending & Smudging, & Crease Brushes, Detail Brushes

3. ~  Eyeshadow Lid Brushes (fluffy, small, regular) & my Eyebrow Comb

4. ~Fluffy Face Brushes

5. ~ Blush Brushes

6. ~ Airbrushes, Stippling Brushes, Concealer Brushes (a random black eyeliner that didn't fit where it belongs because its too long and random nail file)

Oh stop judging me!!! I know I need to clean my brushes. It's not brush bath night ;)

How do you store your brushes? Share :)

Luv Ya'll!!!

Mean It!!!





Mineralized Rosy Cheeks

Hey Y'all!!

I'm not a big blush hoarder. I probably own maybe 20 all together (sets and palettes included). Out of all of those I really only have maybe 4 in rotation depending on the season. I wanted to share my favorite Spring/Summer Blush with ya'll. I seriously love this blush. I find myself reaching for it daily (on the days when I wear makeup). It's a peachy pinkish kinda redish (not wine red) color too me. I love the way it looks on my sun-bronzed chocolate skin. :) Let me introduce ya'll to my new (it's not technically new, I don't remember where or when I bought it) Spring Summer Holy Grail Blush... *drumroll* MAC Mineralize Blush in Gleeful....




^ That looks creepy, lol my arm swatches....^


Luv Ya'll

Mean It!!!


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Get Deep!!

Hey Y'all!!!!

Taking care of your hair is super important. Sometimes you need to give it a little TLC and a good deep conditioning. I've been in the sun and in and out the pool so my hair needs a little extra attention. So I wanted to share my deep conditioning.  One of favorites deep conditioning products is, Cantu's Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream!

"Cantu shea butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream is made with real shea butter and essential oils to replace vital oil in your hair leaving it stronger and healthier with a natural shine. Cantu shea butter leave in conditioning repair cream can be used on wet hair as an intensive moisturizing treatment or to tame frizz and fly-aways.

Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream helps…

  • moisturize dry brittle hair with deep penetrating oil and emollients

  • soften, detangle and add shine to hair

  • protect hair against heat and sun styling damage

  • provide extra protection from split ends and breakage"


After I wash my hair I slather my hair in this stuff pin it up and pop on a shower cap (you can buy a pack of 50 them at the beauty supply store or Sally's for really cheap or collect some from a hotel :). I let marinate for at least one hour. Sometimes longer. Rinse and that's it!! I know it says "leave in", but sometimes I do what I want! ;p


Luv Y'all

Mean It!!!


P.S Cantu is not sponsoring me. I just like their stuff...Well the two products I've tried. :)
Friday, May 27, 2011

Nail Woes Week #2

Hey Y'all!!!

Not much changed in a week..... DUH... I was kinda hoping to have some banging hot nails after a week but it didn't happen.

I think the Nutra Nail might have helped?  My nails are still weak but I've noticed less splitting and my polish actually lasted for a week (the polish chips worse when my nails split).

I hate chipped polish it makes me feel dirty.. I know I'm a werido.... So I decided to go purple this week.


I painted my ring finger a glittery purple color because all the other beauty bloggers are doing it so I copied!!!! I was tired of my Art Deco three way nail flick design. I need to learn how to do some new designs and pick up some more colors...

NutraNail ~ Flex Shield Nail Hardener, China Glaze ~ Grape Juice 717, Essence Color & Go ~ Go Wild

That's most of the stuff I used. I forgot to photograph my Burt's Bee's Cuticle Cream (>_<). I love that stuff!!!! I'll save it for Week #3...


Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend!!!!

Luv Y'all!!!

Mean It!!!



Monday, May 23, 2011

Jesse's Girl Creme Shadow Collection #2

Hey Y'all!!!

I wanted to share some swatches with ya'll!! I received this Jessie's Girl Cream Shadow #2 Palette in April's My Pretty Pink Box, and I just recently put it in my rotation. I'm usually not a fan of creme eyeshadow. I usually use them as a a base to my powder/regular eye shadows last longer and appear super vibrant.

I also love that the palette is super small because it lives in my purse :)


[caption id="attachment_1854" align="aligncenter" width="553" caption="Swatches Applied without primer (no flash)"][/caption]


These shadows are very creamy and glide on really nice, apply evenly and have all day staying power. :) They aren't named or numbered :(

Luv Y'all!!!

Mean It!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Toner Chronicles

Hey Y'all!

So I have an issue with toner... I blame the beauty blogger community for this... I never used it before and I survived most of my life without it. I've tried a few in the past and they were just way to harsh on my skin. Now I think I'm mentally addicted to it. My face just doesn't feel clean unless I tone.. Whenever I look at the cotton round after I tone I'm like ewwwww all that was left on my face?? I really do look at the cotton round each time. I was going to take a picture because I enjoy sharing with ya'll but I decided to spare you guys the visual.

My problem is that I can't find one that I love.  :( My soul mate toner is out there somewhere....

I was using 3W Clinic Olive Natural Skin Toner and I loved it.
"Olive extract and purify the skin and soothing on, and helps keep moisture and vital.

Refreshing finish to the skin may feel a fresh touch."

I just can't get my hands on it because I received it as a gift (a skincare set) from my cousin when she lived in Korea. I can't just fly to Korea to get more and I can order it but I have to get the whole set and I don't want the whole set until I finish some of the other stuff.

Avalon Organics Hydrating Toner ~($11.95 for 7 fl oz ) I bought this because it claimed to be hydrating and gentle for sensitive skin.
"Made with organic Lavender, Licorice Root,White TeaArnica and other calming non-irritating ingredients for reactive complexions.
Prepares the skin for optimal moisturization.Restores the skin's delicate equilibrium while delivering essential hydration with Hyaluronic Acid. The soothing protection of Licorice Root, organic Lavender, Green Tea, White Tea and Vitamin Cantioxidants prepare the skin for deep moisturization. Made with multiple humectants, such as organic Aloe, vegetable glycerin, Sodium PCA and Hyaluronic Acid, to attract moisture to the skin's surface plus Salicylic Acid, Cucumber extract and the soothing, refreshing fragrance of certified organic Lavender essential oil."

It was "aight", but I ran out and I didn't feel persuaded enough to repurchase..

Now I'm "experimenting" with Alba Botanica Hawaiian Hibiscus Facial Toner~ ($12.95 for 8.5oz bottle) This was recommended to me by a YT'er/Blogger that I recently discovered on Beautylish. I LOVE her tutorials they are informative quick and to the point, and shes soo freakin'  beautiful *jealous* and knows how to work her makeup brushes Ms. Makeup by Cece L. I just purchased it so I can't do a review about it just yet.

"Hibiscus combines with honeysuckle, guava and cucumber to tone and balance skin after cleansing.
Tropical flower and fruit extracts with skin toning enzymes purify and gentle toner combines witch hazel and soothing aloe vera together with a whole host of tropical fruits and floral extracts to refresh and tone skin.  For all skin types, use in the morning and evening after cleansing."

What's your favorite toner and why?? Let a sister know :)

Luv Y'all!!!

Mean It!!!



Skincare Slackin’ ~Mask Time II

Hey Y'all!!!

It's skincare slackin' time!!! The mask du jour is by Cellnique Paramedical. I finally cracked open their Advanced Bio Renewal Masque....

This unparalleled scrub masque is formulated with bio-captured fresh fruit enzymes and acids complex. It works effectively in exfoliating dead cells, optimizing cellular renewal performance and deep pore cleansing, thus revealing a softer, fresher and healthier skin.

This is actually my second go around with this mask and I like it!! My skin glows afterward! I wish it was a bit more "scrubier". When I exfoilate I want to feel abused but thats a personal issue... I read some of their online reviews and some people mention feeling a tingling sensation. I don't feel that :(


My face glows immedialey and for like a day after this mask.

Doesn't make my skin feel dry or tight.

Packaging, I'm a sucker for packaging. As a marketing person I should know better but it looks so fancy sitting on my bathroom counter. It says "this is the bathroom of a fancy chick"... I couldn't get a nice shot with the top on the jar. It's silver and shiny and my reflection kept getting in the picture.


The scent, its weird... It smells like teriaki and duck sauce  and fruit.  That's the best way I can describe it. I've had it for a while but I never opened it or broke the seal so it hope it's not bad or anything.  Some people say it smells like pineapple. I'm going to have to sniff a pineapple maybe my sense of smell is off.

Price, it retails for $55.00USD my skin is priceless but I don't know if this is something that I would be able to purchase again. There's a lot in the jar and a little goes a long way...


Overall Rating ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥/5 I really like this mask and I'm committing myself it it weekly. :) I'm also using 2 other products from their line and I'm liking the way my skin is looking and feeling...


Luv Y'all,

Mean It!!!

P.S. I'm sorry that I haven't been posting on a regularly. I have a new schedule and I'm still adjusting :)


*FTC Disclosure [The product(s) mentioned in this review were sent to me complementary to be reviewed. I was not paid to write this review. It's actually a really late review b/c I moved and forgot I had it.]

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nail Woes Week 1

Hey Y'all!!

I've noticed that my nails suck.. They were doing good for a while. Lately they have been looking just raggedy. Splitting and peeling and my polish is chipping faster which is annoying.. I'm considering getting a gel overlay but I really don't want to deal with the cost and maintenece.

So I've decided to try to fix the problem myself. I drink a ton load of water a day (that's supposed to help with nails right?) My mom said that I should get more veggies (I can get a paper cut and she will push her veggie agenda on me), and I picked up a new 4 sided nail buffer block thing (Side 1- Even Out/Side 2-Smooth Nail/Side 3- Buff Nail/Side 4-Shine Nail).I also got some Nutra Nail Flex Shield Nail Hardener. It claims to "Help stop, breaking, tearing, & peeling, & absorbs everyday nail trauma to protect longer. I figure this is something traumatic so I hope its worth it.


I grabbed a new polish Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle Nail Color (Pretty Petunia). I need a miracle so the polish was for extra measure.

I figure I need all the help that I can get. :(  So I'm going to try to make this a series?? I will update weekly for a few weeks and if I can't find a solution then I will consider getting a Gel Overlay :(

If you know of a product or regimen that has worked well for you please let me know in the comments. :) I'm not a nail expert. You can tell by my cheesy nail art. That's the only design that I know how to do... I call it the 3 way flick... I like to think that I've mastered it. Its also on my big toe :)


Luv Y'all!!!

Mean It!!