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Whip Your Hair! Salon Review- Touched By An Angel Salon

Salon Review: Touched By An Angel Salon

335 Upper Riverdale Road Suite B13
Jonesboro, GA678-610-9222
8am-12am Thurs. Fri. | 7am-12am Sat | 8am-9pm Mon.Tues.Wed | 12:30-6pm Sunday
(They have 8 locations in metro Atlanta, not all of them are "full service" some only do weaves, no shampooing, chemicals or color)

Date of Service: November 21st, 2010

Staff (who I interacted with...): I'm not trying to put anyone on blast so if you want  names contact me privately. 

Their Promise: All Weaves Guaranteed to Lay Flat. No Lumps, No Bumps....

My Expectations: Ok, ya'll know how I am about my hair. If you don't know, then you don't know me. I honestly didn't have high expectations because I know "too much".. 
I've been a hair addict for years I got my Ph.D. in Weaveology from the forums on Black Hair Media. I know my -ish and I study hard. I draw out braid patterns. I seal my wefts. I spend 
I didn't know whether to have high expectations because its pretty much a weave mill. 

Initial Impressions: I called for an appointment and they said that they don't take appointments. I should of kept it moving right there. I still decided to give it a chance. It was a Saturday afternoon and the woman on the phone claimed it wasn't busy. I didn't like her phone attitude so I called another one of their locations and a gentleman said they don't work by appointments but they weren't very busy. I had nothing else planned till later in the night so I figured I'd go. 
I haven't been in a "salon" environment in a long time. My usual stylist in Atlanta works from her home and my other stylist back home also worked out of her home. So I'm used to a more umm quiet and personal setting.
The salon was busy but had lots of nooks and crannies and there were woman and men (it's Atlanta) getting relaxers, weaves, color.

I signed the book.... YES A BOOK!!! Like I was at a Korean.. *side eye*... I was greeted 10 minutes later and asked what I was there for and told to "wait". The wait wasn't horrible I signed in at 5:24pm and I was called back at 6pm. I told the stylist what I wanted and showed her some pictures that I have stored in my phone and she then sent my back to get braided.

Braiding: I've learned the hard way about getting the braids done to tightly.. I lost two huge patches of hair a few years ago so I'm not afraid to speak up. I felt that the braiding job was ok. Not that everything is installed I feel like the braids started to far back. I can only wear my hair down and loose. I feel that I looks a little funny pulled back. Or tucked behind my ear. I really should of been more vocal and should of watched her like a hawk.

Installing: I didn't purchase new hair for this install. I reused my 22" Malaysian extensions from Wagmans and some left over 20" extensions. I really didn't appreciate them passing around my bundles of hair and ohhing and ahh-ing over the length, like they've never seen "premium hair" As I she started the bottom I took out my clousure piece and she had no clue what it was... Seriosuly?? It's 2010 and you've never worked with a closure? I told her what I wanted and she said she knew how to do it, but I guess we have different defintions of what closing a weave means. I was kinda pissed because I would of requested a different method. I would of had them leave out more hair and covered the tracks with it, but the braids were done and she was half way done there was no going back.

This is how she decided to close the install.........
H.AM. (Hot Ass Mess)
I can conceal it by wearing full curls with some volume, but I don't want to do that everyday.

I was happy that she understood that I like to use a lot of hair. I hate having to go home and fill-in the spaces.

~Hair Used~
Wagman's Malaysian 22" Straight (bottom) & 18" on top,(I highly recommend this hair, it's on round 5) (un-used leftovers) Wavy 20"- used in the back (I'm not a fan of this hair they claim "that it's virgin & unprocessed but last time I was unable to reuse it, it turned on me, should I ever order from them again I would order straight hair. Their wavy hair seems processed. 

Halley's Curls-(un-used leftovers) Virgin Indian Wavy 16" on top.
Yes, I made weave gumbo :) I plan to wear my hair straight so mixing textures isn't a big deal, when it's wet it waves a bit but actually looks cute even though the top is straight. 

Overall: Would I recommend Touched By An Angel Salon? Depends... I would not recommend it to ladies who know there -ish and have high expectations. Or are well versed in "weaveology".  If your getting a basic sew-in with leave out, then I think it's an ok place to go. Will I go back? Most likely not, and if so not to that location. 
I also didn't appreciate comments people were making because I was reading a book while, I was getting my hair done. Money is tight right now for me but their prices are very competitive with the other weave mills in Atlanta so if it came down to it I'd probably try my luck at another place. 
I can usually wear an install for almost 3 months. I feel like the base started a little to far back and it will show sooner then later. 

Ratings 3/5

Now for the hair porn!
Side Part, swooped to the left (camera makes it look opposite)

Where's my eye?

Tried to fix that "V".

Straight (you can see the V where its to far back)

Makes my forehead look big

Luv Y'all!!
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Product Review- Maybelline Volum' Express the Falsies Mascara

Hey ya'll!!! I wanted to do a product review since I haven't done one in a really long time. 
This review is dedicated to Ms. Jacquelyn because she puts up with all my ridiculousness on twitter!! She's a non-lazy blogger unlike myself. She pushes me to to shut up and bang out my posts!!
I've been in the market for a new mascara and I found a coupon for Maybelline's Volume Express Line.. Shut up!! Times are hard coupons are like little paper presents. Seriously! I bought this a while ago and I still see a coupon for it almost every week in the coupon thing that comes in the mail every week. 

I decided to try their Volum' Express The Falsies.. I purchased it at Wal-Mart for like $6 (with my coupon).  According to Maybelline you'll love it because....
"Patented Spoon brush and Kera-fiber formula instantly build 8x more volume without clumping.Unique flexible wand helps to lift and separate lashes to provide the look of 300% more lashes.
Ophthalmologist tested, Contact lens safe""
I actually love it! I usually wear two kinds of mascara to get the look that I like.... I'm back to only using one mascara!!!
The only downside is the I have the waterproof formula and it's not easy to wash off. I have to use hardcore eye makeup remover and then wash my face. If I only wash my face this stuff is staying. It's not a big deal for me personally. Only when I'm feeling lazy....
Volum' Express The Falsies reminds me of two of my favorite mascaras in one..

Imju Fiberwig Paint on False Lashes 

and Shiseido's Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus

but easier on my wallet. 

I'm wearing it here in my green FOTD

I'm not good at taking "lash" pics... Sorry.....
Overall I give this mascara 4/5 ♥♥♥♥ - Which says a lot because I'm really picky about mascara.

FTC Disclosure- I purchased this product with my own money. All $6.00+ tax... This product was not sent to me for review by any company. I was not compensated in exchange for this review. Blah, Blah, Blah...

Luv Y'all
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Sunday, November 21, 2010
Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why I Don't Post Videos

Hi Y'all!! So someone asked me why I don't post videos? I'm completely flattered that there's someone that actually reads this :)
I actually record lots of videos but I'm just not made for camera.. My webcam sucks... My lighting is always off... I wiggle around.. I say umm and stare to the sky like I have no education. I switch accents.. I'm just to silly :)...
After I read that comment I started looking at random videos that I started and never finished..... So here's some proof!!!

Luv Y'all
 Mean It!

P.S. I know I'm 500 days late with my 30 Blogger Challenge... I have umm no umm excuses...
Tuesday, November 2, 2010

30 Day Blog challenge: Day 17 Someone You Would Want To Switch Lives with For One Day & Why

Hi Y'all! 
Day 17 Someone You Would Want To Switch Lives with For One Day & Why

I should probably choose someone profound and world changing..... Like Oprah, Maya Angelou or Michelle Obama... I'm not feeling profound or life changing at the moment...So I'd like to switch places with Kim Kardashian for a day...

12am-4am Go online shopping with her credit cards...
4am-9am- Sleep, I'm assuming she has like 5,000 count cotton sheets...
9am- Call her weave-ologist make an emergency appointment also call manicurist and have Mario her makeup artist on standby.

10am - Get made over by her glam squad. Write down tips and advice, ask for lots of full sized samples and product.
12pm- Go to lunch with Khloe and Kourtney
12-3pm Go shopping with Khloe with Kourtney
3:30-pm Call Scott to meet us (I wanna see his Douchebaggery in person)
4-6pm Maybe a photoshoot?
7-10pm- Family Dinner at the the Jenner House..  Make sure Brody is there...
10-11pm- Hookup with Robert or Brody, whoever is hotter in person....
11pm- Pack and "borrow" most her her makeup and shoes
12am- Take jet back to ATL...........

That's my 24 switch! Who would you switch places with for a day?

Luv Y'all
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Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween Y'all!!

Hi Y'all! I hope everybody had a fun Halloween!! I haven't dressed up in a year or two. So this year I decided to be Snooki from the Jersey Shore! We seem to have a lot in common... We like to party! We share an usual love & affection for pickles. I prefer Kosher Dill Spears. I don't mess with whole pickles...

 Disregard my "steps" I messed up along the line...

I took this picture before I started. I wanted to "test the Body Bronzer to see how orange I could get it. I actually used this last. 

 The finished look.....

I put concealer on my lips to make them appear real nude. I also used a nude Lip Gloss. I tried to contour my checks, nose & boobies...

Hair: I got a cheap wig from the beauty supply store along with a white butterfly salon clip. I teased and made the poof myself. I grew up on Long Island so making a pouf is second nature to me....  I made it kinda messy on purpose, because Snooki's ins't perfect, she does random poufs!

Then I went to Q100s Big Wicked Party at a club called Compound with Jaimie (aka, my dirty little hamster friend). 

Here are some pics from the party...
Jaimie & Tori

 The crowd

Kool-Aide Guy

 Maxi E.

We finished the night at The Waffle House :)

What or who did you dress up as for Halloween?

Luv Y'all!
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