Thursday, December 24, 2009

Product Review- Bare Minerals Starter Kit (Deep)

Hi Y'all!!! I'm posting from HOME! Well I guess it isn't 'home' anymore... It's my parents house!!  It's sooo cold in the Northeast, it's like 20 degrees..
I know I'm like so 5 years late but the Bare Minerals Starter Kit has been staring at me for a while and I had a gift card & a coupon and I decided to grab it.  I've tried other mineral foundation before but I have the hardest time finding one that matches my complexion.  I'm a NW50. I acutally let the Sephora SA color match me and it looked good in the store. The kit comes with two different foundation shades.  My matching shade was Golden Deep.  The SA said that in the summer I may need to use the Deepest Deep.

Bare Minerals Get Started 8-Piece Kit ($60 Sephora) 

What's Inside?

The Starter kit also came with a step-by-step booklet, 0.5oz Prime Time Foundation Primer and a DVD (didn't watch it yet, I'm sure it's the same as the infomercial....

Step 1
Start off with a clean face & moisturize. Then prime your skin either with the Prime Time or whatever brand of foundation primer you like.
Step 2

Step 3
Step 4
 Excuse the semi-naked face!  I started playing with this stuff at like 3am... I got lazy and didn't feel like doing my eyes....

I'm not sure how I feel about this kit..... I've used it three times and the finished look doesn't "wow" me.  It does it's job and has ok coverage. It doesn't give me the 'glow' that I get with my MAC.  I'm also kinda lazy.... There's too many steps... Prep....  Foundation....Warmth... & Veil....  Then all that pouring....swirling... tapping & buffing.... I spend more time working on my eyes and playing with eyeshadow..... By the time I get to my foundation I just wanna prep and then slap it on & set it and be done.. Maybe with more use all the steps wont seem as tedious....  I really like the brushes! They are super soft and easy to handle so if anything I have 3 new brushes that I really like!

So I give this product......

Luv Y'all!
   Mean It!


Thursday, December 17, 2009


Hi Y'all!!  I haven't been able to keep up with blogging lately.... I have finals and I always wait till the last minute so since I don't have time to do a review or do a proper post I figure I do some Quickies, in the style of Ms.Nu Nu Dolly!!! 

1. I want to e-mail my professor and tell him that my dear sweet Aunt Sally died in a freak pineapple harvesting accident and I need some more time to finish my assignments because I have to care for her and her 9 cats.....

2. This is the 1st year since I was a kid that I'm actually looking forward to Christmas.

3. I'll be HOME for Christmas!!! I can't wait to see my MOMMY and Dad!!!!  I'm sure it's been so boring and quiet in the house since I moved! I need to go shake things up and make some NOISE!!! I'll be home from the Tues. 22nd ~ Tues. 29th...

4. I won't have a car between the 22nd ~ 29th >_<

5. When I run into people back home.  I'm gonna show off my "southern accent" and then give them the side eye when they look at me like "you've been down there since October... Why do you have an accent?"  I'm gonna say "plug it up" instead of "plug it in".. Instead of car "accident" I'm gonna say "wreak"! "Mash the button" instead of "push the button". Shopping cart??  I don't think so!!!  It's a buggy!!!!  Everytime I dine out I will ask for "sweet tea".

6. Soon as I get home.  I'm gonna have a BAGEL!!!  Slice of PIZZA & drink Pepsi in the open!!!!

7. I hate flying! Especially alone!!  I'm gonna have to drug myself into a semi conscience state...  When I go to the airport EVERYONE looks like a terrorist to me....

8. I found Helly Kitty Ribbon, a light up stamper & Hello Kitty Playing cards in the dollar section at TARGET the other night!!! SCORE!

9. If I finish the assignment that I'm working on now by 10pm, I get to go to SEPHORA!!!!   I have to use the rewards & punishments method on myself when it comes to school!

10. I'm going to partayyyyy alllllll weekend!!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Dare You.........

I dare you not to smile at this little cutey-pie!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

We Be Clubbin' : Opera Nightclub

I know, I'm really behind in posting here.. I'm also a cheater and posting some of my reviews from Yelp on this blog, but it's my blog so I can be late :)

1150 B Peachtree St NE
Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 874-3006

Rating: 3/5

Since I've been in ATL, I've heard a zillion commercials for this place on the radio.  I went with my cousin, Monica, housemate Malika on Thanksgiving night.Ms. Bomchell met us there. The Orlando Magic
was hosting & was in the building was hosting.

My review may be biased because I arrived there with a few drinks in me :)

Parking kinda sucks they have their own lot which was $20.... The lots around the area were $10..... Not bad for mid-town if you split the parking cost with your group.
I printed passes (I hate the standard ATL $20 club cover) to get in free before 11:30 for me and a bunch of my friends.  We got there kinda late and the line was around the door.. The line guy said not to worry, he'd make sure we'd get in with the passes even if it was a little after 11:30pm.. I'm convinced that some of these clubs hold their line to force you to pay $20... The line guy said that if we each paid $20 (we were a group of 6) that we could cut the line and go right in.  I was against it because it took me like and hour to find the right place to print the passes and I'm not made of money and rather spend $20 on drinks inside.
It was kinda disappointing that the coat check was $4!!  It was too cold out to not wear some type of jacket. I'm from NY and have gone to lots of clubs in NYC and coat check is usually $1 or $2. So that was $4 out of my drink budget :(
Most drinks there cost between $7-$12 depending on what you order.  I only needed one refresher drink since I "pre-gamed" before we left. 
Inside is nice.  When you walk in there's a backdrop with the clubs logo and the photographer takes "red carpet style" pics. I believe the club has 4 levels.  The top levels over look the main floor and are VIP.
Main Dance Floor 

 Another view showing levels 1 & 2

Overall it was a good time, good mix of music, nice crowd.  No "thugs in the club". Did run into a few scrubs! lol
It was a good time, but I also went with GOOD company!

You can print passes for Opera here Day IV Entertainment.  The pass is only good on THURSDAY NIGHTS! Each night is hosted by a different entertainment company.  Try to listen to the radio to see who's hosting the night then get passes or RSVP accordingly. 

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Restaurant/Food Review: Formosa Chinese Buffet Restaurant

Formosa Chinese Buffet Restaurant 

5134 Old National Hwy
College Park, GA 30349
(404) 763-9030

I was in the area and was craving Chinese.. I wanted to sit down and read my book and I wasn't in the mood for 'fast food' or ordering and then bringing take out home. So I decided to check this place out...As it was the closest place on my GPS.. I wanted to turn around and run as soon as I opened the door, but it was to late....  The staff was really excited to have a customer no one was in the place. During DINNER time!
Since I'm too nice to turn around and run out.  I was seated.....  The food selection was HORRIBLE for a Chinese Buffet.  They had like 15 food items and a small salad bar with generic salad dressing bottles....
The set up looked like a pack & go operation. Like when they set up a buffet for an event.....  I figured I'd have a bowl of wonton soup, read my book and leave.
The soup was soooo salty and had some a lot of cabbage or lettuce stuff floating around in it.  I saw the meat inside the wonton and it was a no go.  It just looked nasty. It didn't look like the inside of any other wonton I've eatin in my entire life.  The soup was so salty it made my lips burn.......
The owner kept coming to my table telling me that the chicken wings would be ready very soon.  I don't know if he was 'stereotyping' me because I'm African American, but I was NOT waiting for them to bring out the chicken wings!
I tried to make the best of it and try a few other things.  The food just looked gross and everything I tasted was soo salty  and nasty. I spit food in my napkin.....
The weird part was that some people came in and the staff and owner knew them.  Like they were regulars....  I rarely bash a place... I kinda feel bad for doing so but.  I will never go there again...  The only thing that was good was my Diet Coke (which came out of a can so I knew it was safe).... I'm not even a Coke fan......

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hits & Misses 2009 Part I

Hi Y'all!
 Here's a review of some of my favorites (Hits) & Fails for 2009. Sorry that I haven't been updating as frequently lately... It's almost the end of the semester and I've been in a weird mood lately. 

Depotting MAC Eyeshadows into Palettes (Hit)

Depotting My Mac Palettes!!!  Now I don't have to look through my bin of MAC Shadows! They are all at home in their palettes. I also have an empty palette that I use for travel and I just pop in my favorite 15 colors! Pan refills are cheaper! $11.50 for e/s pans instead of $14 for the regular e/s.

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream (Hit)

I have dry skin in the winter and this stuff WORKS. It's about $15 for a 16oz tub.  I tried to cheap out and bought a tub of "generic" Cetaphil... It's ok, but I'm almost out and I will be getting CeraVe again.

Primers (Hit & FAIL)

I love me some UDPP!!! But I'm so over the packaging!!! I don't have time to chop it open and scoop out the left over! I didn't pay all that money to perfrom surgical procedures on some damn primers!  
So unfortunately UDPP is a FAIL..... I know they changed the wand, but..... I need to hear a lot more reviews about the new wand.....  I do ♥ UDPP! 



Lush Silky Underwear Dusting Powder (Hit)

 You can read my review here.
Virgin Malaysian Hair Extensions from

Round #2 December 3rd 2009 
(I can stretch my installs for about 3 months, b/c I know my natural hair well. I DO NOT recommend that newbies leave an install in for that length of time.)

I so happy that I choose Wagman's as my 'new' vendor.  They have a great reputation! I used the same extensions for my December install!!!!  I'm hoping to get two more installs out of this hair and then stash it and revive at a later time. I didn't do a post on the December install, because it looks exactly the same with a few more layers. I was referred to a local stylist/weavoligist in Atlanta, Ms. Unique Monique!!  If your in the ATL area you can see some of her work here.

Mascara Hits & Misses

Cover Girl Lash Blast..... It's alright.... If I do buy it again I wouldn't get the one that has the shimmer crap in it.... I like JET BLACK mascara and whatever they put in it to make it shimmer makes kinda suck...It almost looks matte or dull when dry..
L'oreal's Telescopic Explosion..... Didn't change my life...It's not great and it's not bad.....  It's quite clumpy, in my opinion. The ball thing on the applicator is cool for getting the inner corners and every lash but I find I have to wipe some product off before applying.  What's really weird is I love mixing the Lash Blast with the Telescopic...
Bare Escentual's Buxom Mascara ($18) is the business!!!  I barely reach for my other mascaras.  I have like non-existant lower lashes and I can catch them with the wand.

That's it for part I...  Stay tuned for Part Duex!

Luv Y'all!
  Mean It!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Random YouTube Videos Stuck in My Head

Hi Y'all! I really need to stop but this song cracks me up! It's been suck in my head all damn day so I wanted to share the stuckness with y'all!  

Take Your Name Off Your Phone.......

This still can't beat my fav YT video of all time!


I love me some B.Scott!! Ay, ay, ay, ay!!!  I know it's really bad, but when I'm feeling super stank, I watch Scarlett bust her ass!!! No matter what I just start laughing.....

  Luv Y'all
    Mean It!!!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Disclaimer & Legal Stuff

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I am not a "professional", I just like to experiment with beauty products.  Just because a product works for me, please keep in mind that it might not work for you. 

The thoughts and opinions here are my mine. By the way I often change my mind, thoughts and opinions.

I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned on this blog.

I purchase most of the products reviewed on this blog with my own money. (The little bit that I have).

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