Monday, June 29, 2009

I Got Tagged.....

Hi, y'all.... Melissa tagged me because she loves me!!!!

Love Hate Survey...


Mac's Style Warrior Lip Glass!! This is my HG lip gloss du jour!!! I want to get two more before they are gone forever :(

Really cute pink lip glosses. Okay, I don't hate them but they usually don't compliment my skin tone so it's more of a jealousy thing because pink is one of my favorite colors.


MAC MSF, it makes me all glowy & dewy....

Mineral Foundation!! Again this is a jealousy thing.... I can't find one that matches my skintone. I just request a return authorization for a starter kit that I ordered and they said that it was impossible that it didn't match me.... Umm, I'm not stupid, I can tell what matches me & what doesn't.


Indian Virgin Hair Extensions!!! No tangling, matting, or shedding!!! I'm expecting a new batch to arrive tomorrow and I can't wait to see them, touch them, sniff them, wash and condition them & then slap them in my head.... I ordered three 4oz bundles!!! In 22'', 20'', & 18", yes, I'm a LW (length whore)...
Syntheic Hair, Cheap Beauty Supply Store hair... I wasted so much money on that crap!!! Oh and ghetto weaves, hate those too.


Urban Decay Primer Potion!!!! Shisem Lashes, Darkness Lashes, Faceshop brand lashes. Asian lash manfacturers got their false lash game down to perfection!

Urban Decay Smoke Out Eye Pencil.... I hate it so much I wrote an entire post about it.


Gold Bond Body Lotion!!! My HG body mositurizer. I have very dry skin!

Anything that breaks me out or claims to moisturize really well & it doesn't....

I'm tagging the following hoe's:

And anyone else who wants to fill this out!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Collective Haulage & Cherene's Bachlorette Party & Wedding

*WARNING this post is PIC HEAVY, I tried to squeeze a lot into one post. I've been writing this since Friday and kept editing....

Hi Y'all!!!! I just wanted to do a quickie "collective haul" post..... My MAC 25% off "Sumo" sale stuff finally arrived on Thursday. At first I went crazy like it was a 50% off sale or a "free" sale, then I edited my cart and got control over myself.... I got ......

  • 4 Empty x15 Pro Colour Palettes (time to start depotting)....
  • Naked Honey High-Light Powder ~ Golden Nectar (not sure about it, I haven't opened it yet...
  • Style Warrior e/s ~ Vibrant Grape
  • Refill e/s pans
Black Tied
Sushi Flower
Beauty Marked
Satin Taupe
All That Glitters

Out of all of that "stuff", I'm not really feeling everything that I ordered....
I don't know how I feel about Black Tied, it's a black with silver glitter... I have Urban Decay's Ammo Palette so this color could be duped with Oil Slick (which I love)....
Bamboo, is probably going back the color doesn't do anything for me.... Its too close to my skin tone and can be easily duped, the same with Satin Taupe.
just didn't excite me either.
The Golden Nectar High Light Powder is going back also. Swatched on my hand it doesn't look like something that I would want to put on my face...... I like my MSF in Gold Deposit better. Money is tight and I can't keep something if I don't "love it"....

I also stopped by my MAC Counter in Macy's this week to swatch & pick up "Buckwheat" e/s from the Naked Honey Collection because it was out of stock online. Good thing I went b/c I didn't like it! Weird... I usually like everything MAC so instead I grabbed the Naked Honey Skin Salve bc Vanessa, mi E-Esposa (that's E-Wifey for those of y'all who don't habla espanol) kept raving about it & I'm a copy cat! I also grabbed a Style Warrior Lip Glass in "Style Warrior. It's a perfect nude color on me with a hint of shimmer... I think I might try to pick up a back up b/c this LipGlass is becoming HG status...

Here's my FOTN from last Thursday, I went to NYC for a Bachlorette party for one of my housemates that I went to college with. I'm sorry y'all I don't remember what I used because I was already drinking when I started doing my makeup...Y'all are lucky that I remember to take a freakin' pic of my eyes... It's probably a combo of.....
NYX Jumbo Pencil ~ Purple
MAC ~ Poisen Pen
Parfait Amour
UD 24/7 Glide On Pencil ~(waterline)
UD 24/7 Glide on Pencil (lower lashline)
UD e/s ~ Oil Slick
Shisem Lashes XO

OMG! I wore my 1st pair of Shisem lashes!!! I'm in love with Shisem lashes!!!! They are light, not heavy feeling!!! I love the dark band, I didn't even need to line my eyes!!!! Guess what I made it back to the Manhattan Club where were staying WITH BOTH LASHES!!!! Y'all know how I always lose lashes in bars......

So as some of you may know I went to a bachlorette party on Thursday and the Wedding was yesterday (Sat. 6/27). It was the best bachlorette party I've ever been too. Cherene the bride has friends from childhood, high school, college, and after. There were about 15 of us and we all got along beautifully... It was amazing I felt like I knew these girls all my life. We all exchanged numbers, emails, & FB's. When we saw each other at the wedding today it was like old girlfriends back together again. A few of them live in NYC so I'll be "Metro Northin' it down to Manhattan. Maybe I'll have some new readers :) We stayed at the Manhattan Club, one of Cherene's friends parents own a timeshare/hotel so we had two rooms on the 17th floor :)
Here's some pics!
Manhattan Club
(this wasn't our room but they kinda look like this)

Ummm... "Position Balloons"....
Penis Cookie Platter
The most amazing & detailed "erotic" cookies I've ever had. The company is based in Seattle, WA, but they do ship within the US. The Erotic Bakery (site is NSFW)

Sexy Crazy Bride to be!

Us soliciting male "entertainment" from random guys at Social.....

We reserved access to the rooftop bar & our own lounge in the club.

Only in NYC not only can you buy Porn 24/7, they have 'LIVE, LIVE, LIVE'' Girls inside...

I think we were at a place called Blarney's??? (Viv & Laura)

Cherene & Shanna (the bride & her sister)

4:30am Real New York Pizza!

New Friends? I gave one of these guys my # (whoops)....

Someone name Johnny Bravo keeps txting me to see what me & the "bride are up too"..... We brought them back to the Manhattan Club to strip for us in exchange for beer, a cigarette and $2. They got shy so we only gave them a cigarette. *DISCLAIMER - DO NOT COPY OUR CRAZY ASSES AND BRING HOME RANDOM GUYS FROM BARS BACK TO YOUR HOTEL. IT'S NOT SAFE OR SMART. There were 7 of us, most of us are New Yorkers (we lost some girls during the night). We were staying at the Manhattan Club and the hotel has crazy security so we know that if they tried to pull something they'd be out real quick.

NYC at 5:45am, on my way back to Grand Central Station (I never made it to bed, I figured I'd catch the 6:06 am train home instead of sleeping at the Manhattan Club till 11am checkout time)

~The Wedding ~

Outdoor Ceremony View (lol @ the sign)

Bridesmaids (Samantha, Laura, Shanna & Susie)

Me & Cherene (the ocean air & humidity poufed my hair)

Viv & Me


Candy Station!!!! So cool you could scoop up all kinds of white chocolate dipped candy and take it home in Chinese Takeout Containers....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Finally Got Some.......

Hi Y'all!!! I finally got some DSK Jewelry!!!! I wanted something that would "pop" against brownskin, lol..... So I IM'ed Steph and we discussed the details. Steph is soooo nice!!! She answered all of my questions. I'm allergic to nickel and pretty much anything that isn't made of real sterling silver or high quality gold, and she didn't mind my questions at all and I made a new IM friend :)

Pretty Box!!!
Yes, she included candies, but I kinda ate them all......
Beautiful!!! I'm so obessed with my necklace......

I've also been hauling.... Clothes!!! I really have NOTHING to wear.... I spent the last 3 summers with my ex and we rarely went anywhere except for tractor shows *yawn*....
... So in an effort to celebrate my new single playa status I need cute stuff to wear out!!! I have such a problem finding cute going out clothes that fit me... I'm very ummm well endowed in the upper boobie area and my umm cups overflow out of tops.... So since I'm a 14 I can fit into the smallest size of plus sized clothing and that seems to have solved my problem and my retarded brain likes being the smallest plus size..... I know, I'm a werido.....
This haul is all from Great Glam. I love this store! It's my second order from them and there clothes are super affordable! I think all their clothes are between $12-$25, which is fine by me for going out clothes..... I took the pics at a weird angle so everything looks really long, also the neon color wrist bands on the clothes are there so you don't play it cheap and wear their stuff out to the club then try to return them.

This one looks weird hanging but cute when worn & filled with bosom..

This one is a top, not a dress....This one is a dress..... I don't know if I can pull it off.... I'm scurred...

I don't know what's up with this dress, they sent to to me for "free" bc I spent over $100.... It kinda reminds me of something I'd wear to Studio 54 and the Disco Era, my mom has one like it made of the same material. The tag says that its slightly imperfect, but I can't find any thing wrong with it. I'll hang on to it.....Oh, I also finally gave in and got me some leggings. Yeah like 2 years too late. I've been secretly fighting leggings... I must say, my booty looks kinda cute in them!!!

Playboy, my wild lawn bunny is still missing.......... I saw another bunny in my neighbors lawn but it wasn't Playboy, this bunny was bigger had a full cotton tail.... Also Playboy has a white patch of fur on his head.. :(

Blame It on the Bacardi.....

I would also like to thank the following ladies for listening to my drunken debauchery on Saturday night... I really shouldn't be allowed near technology when under the influence....Seriously take my Blackberry away from me..

Holly Ann Aeree ~ Thank you for telling me that it was not a good idea to tell my ex what I really thought of him at 3am! XoXo

Mrs. Kalilia
~ For letting me bother you, and checking to make sure I was ok..... XoXo

Tammy ~ Thanks for textin' & checkin' on me :) XoXo

I can't remember who else I harassed but ♥ and thank you..... I will never drink 1/2 of bottle of Bacardi Strawberry Dragonfruit Rum again.... It's just not healthly.... I'm not in college anymore, I have to worry about stuff like my liver now.... :)

Oh, I finally did a real BlogTV, before my company arrived on Saturday night!!! Umm, I was already a little twisted so I don't remember who dropped by but I think Lady L, Vannessa, & Tammy,! Oh and my friend Brooke who is stuyding abroad in London this summer!!!!

I'll leave you with my LOTD from today..... It's a little soft and neutral and not to exciting, it's still raining 24/7 here so I'm just not a happy camper :( It woulda looked so much better with lashes but I only went to Bagelman today, so I wasn't doing lashes to dine at Bagelman.....

Blogger is being difficult and keeps uploading this pic wrong so turn your heads...

MAC Paint Pot - Fresco Rose
MAC Girlie- lid
NYX - Root Beer -crease
NYX- Antique Gold - highlight
Urban Decay 25/7 Liner- Zero
Mascara - Loreal Voluminous & Katie B. Faux Lash
MAC Lipglass - Stlye Warrior

Thanks for reading my word vomit! I have to get back into "educational" mode.... I have to write a marketing proposal for my "fictional" product, which isn't really "fictional"..... I "invented" an eyeliner pencil with a sharper attached to the cap.... Thanks to my Pretty Pink Box for inspiring my "fictional" product, my Professor is a dude! I'm a busy person, I don't have time to sit here and invent sh!t, I just wanna do the project, so I gave up on the inventing part..... shhhhh

Friday, June 19, 2009

Been Feeling Neutral....

Hi Y'all.... It's Friday, yeah for the weekend!!! I'm jealous of every single one of y'all who are at the IMATS this weekend. I'm with you guys in "spirit".... I haven't been up to much, trying to save money for my trip to the ATL in July. I'm still trying to set up apartment tours while I'm down there for my family reuions. My goal is to be out of CT by Septemeber *crosses fingers*....

I finally started to depot my MAC shadows!!!! The palette in the pic is one that I bought from Mrs. Kalilia during a drunken stupor (I also bought the 4 colors on the left side of the palette. So far I've only depotted one color. I ordered more empty palettes from MAC during the 25% off sale along with a few pan refill shadows!! What's the point of paying $14 when I can pay $11 and just pop them into a palette.

Depotting Laboratory
I also have been pretty good and not buying much. I'm trying to "work" with what I have and practice my technique more. I've been drawn to neutrals lately, I think because it's been raining here on and off for the past 3 weeks..... :(
My mom thinks that I'm crazy and that all these colors are the same... I told her maybe to the "untrained eye"....... Then she wanted to know where I got my "training" from
*No base used, applied with a q-tip
I've also been loving colors from my HG Palettes...

Urban Decay Ammo Palette
It's a little sparkly but not too sparkly. I've been using Smog & Oil Slick for my crease (not at the same time). Sin is a great highlight on me.
The Balm ~ Shady Lady Palette
Caught in the Act Courtney is probably my #1 crease color at the moment.....
Since it's been so drab and cold, I've been using my MAC MSF almost everyday and I'm so in love with the fresh and dewy glow it gives me! I know as soon as it warms up I wont be reaching for this as much. I can't do liquid i the summer. I sweat too much, which really sucks because my face is the only place on my body that 'perspires'....

When the sun does decide to make a cameo, I've been lovin' this Sugar Palette that I got from Linda the colors are soo pigmented & vibrant.
That's really it... Not much to report... As my Grandma would say "no news is good news"....


P.S. I'm still not feeling the Benefit Creaseless Eyeshadows :( I've been using them as bases instead of as shadows