Friday, April 29, 2011

Wagman Perfectress Update & Products I Use

Hey Y'all,

I made a "quick" video update about my Wagman's Natural Body Hair Extensions :) I apologize that my videos are so far behind. I'm still getting used to recording and becoming comfortable talking to the camera without an audience (besides the one in my head). I tying my best to be myself and to quit saying "umm" so much. It also takes me a long time to edit. I'm learning to "get it right" the first time because that means less editing :) It's really hard to put yourself out there.

Worst Screen Capture EVER!

I recorded that video two weeks after I had my hair installed. I went to The Weave Express in Dunwoody,GA. You can read my salon review here.

I use the following products on my hair. Which I mentioned in the video.

Shampoos & Conditioners ~ Wagman's Perfectress Shampoo and Conditioner, Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner (I kinda mix the Perfectress and Herbal Essences together because I'm a weirdo).

When I feel like I have a lot of product build-up in my hair I use Suave Natural's Daily Clarifying Shampoo, I can't find the Pantene Clarifying Shampoo any more :( . I find that the Suave Clarifying Shampoo can be a little drying so I don't use it often.

Styling & Maintenance Products

Water & Infusium 23 Leave-In Treatment  mixed together in a spray bottle. 60% water and 40% Infusiam (I found a huge 16oz bottle of Infusium at Big Lots for $4 :)

Perfectress Smoothing Moisturizing Spray

Frizz-Ease Dream Curls Spray


This is not a comprehensive list. I don't put a lot of products on my hair and I don't use all the products mentioned on daily basis. These are what I find myself using the most. I will do a in-depth run down soon.

Luv Y'all

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Burgundy FOTN

Hey Y'all!!

I know I posted at FOTN yesterday but I felt like posting another one today :)


Highlight ~ Urban Decay- Chopper (not pictured)

Lid ~ NYX- Burgundy Pearl (ES158)

Inner Corner & Lower Lash Line ~ MAC Star Violet

Crease ~ MAC Beauty Marked


Shameless Cam Whorin'


I really need to take my FOTN pics before I leave the house. For some reason I think to do it after I come home  and it's a little wonky lookin.   (>_<)


Luv Y'all!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Feeling Blue Tonight ~FOTN

Hey Y'all!!!

For some reason I have a hard time rocking blue eyeshadow. There's a thin line between it looking cute and like a bad drag queen... I also always associate blue eyeshadow with hot weather and summer time :) It was hot and humid today so I decided to practice with the blues. Practice makes perfect. I am getting better (I hope). I've found my mistake with blue eyeshadow I tend to bring it up to high and blend up too much.


Lid Color~ MAC's Cool Heat

Crease & Outer Corner ~ MAC's Prussian

Inner Corner & Lower and Upper Lashline ~ MAC's Steamy

Highlight ~ Urban Decay's ~ Chopper (not pictured)



Shameless Cam Whorin'


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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lippies I Can't Live Without ~ Tag

Hey Y'all!!

I got tagged... So here are my lippies that I can't live without. I choose six and of course there are more, but these are my absolute favorites.

Ok, I can technically live without them. I'd be really cranky though if I didn't have my favorites. :)

I'm surprised that I didn't throw any of my MAC lippies in there. Maybe because they are EMPTY and  stashed away for Back to MAC :)



1. Urban Decay Pocket Rocket ~ Color: James- It a perfect shiny pink gloss. It smells like Creme Brulee.

2. L'oreal Color Juice ~ Color: Peek-a-Boo Clear #920- I love this lip gloss because I used to have a Lancome Juicy Tubes obsession and those cost about $17-$20. This gloss is pretty much the same. Its very shiny and it's the perfect high shine lipgloss for me.

3. Covergirl Wet Slicks Fruit Spritzers ~ Color: #555- I love the way that this lippie compliments my skin tone. It's very shiny (I like high shine). Doesn't stick to my hair. It also tastes and smells like mint, but it's not and overpowering smell or taste.

4. Hello Kitty Grape Flavor Lip Gloss ~ Color: Grape (shut up I know grape isn't a color). The color is very sheer. I love this lippie because it's very shiny tastes and smells like grape, and it's Hello Kitty :)

5. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick~Color: Cocoa Butter. This isn't really a lippie it's a lip balm. I'm seriously addicted to this product. I've been a fiend for years. It's holy grail status. I always have 2 in my car,  2 or 3 in my purse, and on my night stand. I think I reapply in my sleep.

6. L'oreal Paris High Shine ~ Color: #6G It's dark pink lip gloss. It's not as "high shine" as described on the package and I find it to be a bit drying at times, but I still love it. It's tricky to find pink lippies that complement my skin tone.




If your reading this then consider yourself  TAGGED!!!!

What are your favorite lippies? I'm nosy let me know in the comments :)

Luv Y'all!

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Monday, April 25, 2011

FIT me! Blush Review

Hey Y'all!

I'm well aware that I'm late on the Maybelline FIT me! Line. I had a coupon (times are hard for a Beauty Blogger), and I decided to try a blush from the line because I'm not much of a blush "hoarder", and I felt like "stepping out of the box".


I stepped out of the box again choose Deep Rose. I usually gravitate towards blushes that are wine, plum or an approiate pink for my skin tone. Ok so I didn't step to far out of "my box".

Deep Rose is a dark peachy pink color (it's hard to describe shades of colors sometimes, but that's what camera's are for. :)


  • Price - Very inexpensive (can be purchased from most drugstores).


  • I honestly feel that this blush isn't very pigmented. You need to pick up a lot of color for it to show up on skin. I swatched it on a white tissue to see if it was just harder to see with less product on my face. I had to pick up quite a bit of color to swatch the white tissue.

You can barely see it. I swiped the blush many times with a regular blush brush.

Even when swatched on a white tissue. I had to pick up a lot of color with my brush for the color to show.

    Overall- I was very disappointed with the quality and lack of pigmentation of this product. I usually like their products. :(

    Overall Score 5/


    Luv Y’all!!

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    Sunday, April 24, 2011

    Top Ten Current Drugstore Cosmetic Products

    Hey Y'all!

    This post was inspired by Ms. Brittney from Clumps of Mascarafriend in my head :) I read her list and I wanted to share my favorite drugstore products. Y'all know I like to talk about affordable cosmetic stuff that actually works.

    This is not a comprehensive list. Just a quick run down of my current favorites. I change my mind often. My skin changes, my mood changes so I might hate something on this list in 3 months.  I"ll link to any full product reviews next to the description of the item.




    1. Milani Infinate Liquid Eyeliner

    This is one of my newer holy grail liquid eyeliners. Click here for my product review. Where to find it? You can find this product at pretty much any drugstore, Target or Beauty Supply Store or Milani's website.

    2. Target Up & Up Eye Makeup Remover

    This is my holy grail eye makeup remover!!! It removes waterproof mascara and liquid liner in 1 or 2 swipes. It's Target's generic version of Neutrogena's Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. I've tried Walmart's brand of the same eye-makeup remover and it was such a fail. :( Where to find it? Target

    3. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

    What's not to love about these?? I have one in pretty much every color. I use them more as a base rather then as a creamy eyeshadow pencil. They are a great alternative to MAC Paintpots.  Where to find it? Ulta, Beauty Supply Store, Cherry Culture, NYX 's website

    4. Wet N' Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner

    This product didn't change my life, but when I'm not the mood for liquid liner I tend to reach for this. Click here for my product review. Where to find it? Most drugstores (CVS, Walgreens, etc)

    5. L.A. Colors Eyeshdow Palettes

    These are super cheap and pack a lot of pigment and have a tiny price tag!! I probably have 8 different palettes. Where to find it? I've only seen these at Beauty Supply Stores, I've also ordered these from Cherry Culture.

    6. Ruby Kisses Eyeshadows by Kiss Cosmetics

    Overall pretty much the same as the L.A. Color palettes. Super cheap but very pigmented. Where to find it? I've only seen these at Beauty Supply Stores. *Ruby Kisses is owned by Kiss, they are mostly known for their nail product line and false lashes.

    7. Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies

    This is my holy grail mascara. I'm on my 3rd tube. I rarely re-purchase the same mascara. I like to try different ones. Click here for my product review. Where can you find it? Any drugstore, Wal-Mart or Target.

    8. Maybelline Eyestudio Quads

    I only own one of these. So I'm only co-signing on the palette I own. The colors are so pretty and are very pigmented. Where can you find it? Target, Wal-Mart, and most drugstores.

    9. Kleancolor Eyeshadow Palettes

    Kleancolor is another company that makes affordable super pigmented eyeshadow palettes. I snagged this gem at the Beauty Supply Store for $5.99. I have a few other Kleancolor shadows and I'm very satisfied with them as well. Where can you find it?, Beauty Supply Store or

    10. Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse

    I was pleasantly surprised by this drugstore foundation. I've used more than half the bottle (that says a lot, seriously) since I purchased this product. Click here for my full review. I might have to find a darker shade soon or keep my behind out of the sun because I don't think that I will be a Cocoa Dark 3 by the time summer comes around. It's only the end of April and I've already got a bit of a summer glow. :) Where can you find this? Target, Wal-Mart, most drugstores.


    Luv Y'all!

    Mean It!!!!


    *FTC Disclosure- [The product(s) mentioned in this post were purchased with my own money. It's drugstore stuff ;p ]

    Wagman's Perfectress Indian Hair Extensions ~ Will It Hold A Curl?

    Hey Y'all!!!!

    I finally decided to flat iron my hair the other day which meant that I could try curling it with a curling iron instead of rocking it in its wavy (natural body) state.

    I used a heat protectant and a 1 1/4" barrel curling iron.

    I used to wear my hair like this pretty much everyday. It usually takes me less than 15 mins to curl my entire head. I have it down to a  no nonsense science.  It took me 30-45 mins to curl this hair. It took me so long because I'm a bit rusty, haven't curled my hair in weeks. It's a new install and very full so there's more hair to curl.I usually curl in sections and I had to make a few more sections..


    Results & Thoughts

    Awkward smile face

    So far I feel like this hair has the potential to hold a curl. I just have to figure out what it "wants".

    I found that the curls in the back pretty much fell on the left side before I was even finished with the right side. So I had to go back and re-curl. (>_<)

    I think I was using to much hair for each curl I noticed that the smaller ones had more staying power *duh*

    I also forgot that curling 22" hair is harder to curl than shorter lengths (even 18''-20"). There's way more hair than length on the curling iron. In the back on the bottom I had to curl the top half then work my way down as opposed to just wrapping it around the curling iron.

    Longer voluminous hair is heavy and you can't fight gravity.

    Wide Eyed Surprised Face

    I also didn't use any hairspray. It's earth day weekend and Atlanta already has a huge ozone issue, which I can probably be blamed for. Not the whole thing, just a tiny part of the ozone.

    By the time I came home it was straight again.   :(

    This probably makes no sense at all, but when I had Malaysian hair from the same vendor I had the same issue with the hair holding a curl. I noticed over time that it did hold a curl. To the point where it would pretty much stay curly for days, it wouldn't fall flat.

    Since I really like this hair wavy, I don't want to flat iron and curl it too much because I've found that applying high heat on a very frequent basis tends to "heat train" the wave pattern can change.


    Mean Face :)


    Yes, I think that this hair can hold a curl under the right conditions. I curled it again the next night and curled smaller sections and I noticed a huge difference. The top is still voluminous and the ends are still curled under.


    Love Y'all!

    Mean It!!!


    P.S. I know y'all are wondering why I didn't take pictures of the back of my hair?? I tried and the pics came out really blurry. I was going to ask my friend to do it at the place we went to that night but the lighting in there was dark and my friends already think I'm vain so I didn't want to ask them to take pics of the back of my head... ;p


    *FTC Disclosure- [The product(s) talked about in this post were sent to me for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.]

    Friday, April 22, 2011

    Skincare Slackin' ~Mask Time

    Hey Y'all,

    I've been slacking on my skincare routine. I mean with the extra stuff. I cleanse, tone, and moisturize twice a day. I'm not nasty. A few posts back I talked some junk about how I was going to commit to doing two face masks a week. That never happened. I forgot or something.  So I broke into my mask stash :)

    I picked a Montagne Jeunesse Peel Off Mask because it sounded fancy. No I chose this one because it claimed to Cleanse, Purify and Protect. I was feeling dirty, stank and unprotected.. I also liked that it looked purple on the packaging.

    I felt like my face needed some extra cleaning! My friend was here visiting from New York and we were running around Atlanta like we were young. :) I had makeup on everyday and we were going out every night. I needed to detoxify.

    Mask pic!! I thought it would be purple :( It's supposed to be made of Pomegranate pulp and Passion Flower. That's the grossest pic ever!!! I had to share with y'all for "research purposes".


    The peel pic!!! I'm extra gross. My friend and I thought this was hilarious!!! We get a kick out of the random things in life. When her and I were little we used to put Elmer's glue on our hands and then peel it off.. Good times!!!

    Normal people throw this away.. I saw it as a photography opportunity...

    This was our entertainment :)

    Don't get this stuff on your hairline or eyebrows. Not a good time. (>_<). My skin felt smooth and moisturized after. I made my friend wash her hands and then touch my face. We then came to a scientific conclusion that this mask made my face feel smooth, like a newborns bottom...

    The sad part is that. I have no clue, where I got this mask :( so I can't buy more. I think I received it as a gift. I really need to label all of my gifts and samples so when I decide to use them I can trace the origin. Y'all know that I hoard my gifts.. I keep everything that I receive from other beauty bloggers. I really need to use my stuff. You guys didn't send me stuff to keep in my received gifts museum.

    I looked up the company and they have a website *yay*  Unfortunately they only ship within the US.

    I mean it this time. I'm really going to get back on track with my skincare. I'm old now. I can't mess around. Wrinkles are in my near future.. *tear*

    Luv Y'all!

    Mean It!!!




    Tuesday, April 19, 2011

    Product Review ~ Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliner

    Hey Y'all

    I think I found a new holy grail product... I'm really picky about my liquid eyeliners. I was in love with my NYX Liquid Eyeliner. It was perfect but I can't find it. I'm sure it's out there but I couldn't find it in my usual places (Ulta, Beauty Supply Store). I don't have time patience to hunt for liquid eyeliner. I decided to take a chance and try something new. I was in Target and I spied the Milani display and I've heard good things about their pencil liners so I took a chance.


    What Milani Claims ~ “Up to 24 hour long lasting formula that wears with comfort and color intensity to perfection. Now you can line your eyes with ease for an all day long elegant glance. Remove with makeup remover.


    Price $5.99 (0.17 fl. oz)

    Brush is precise

    The handle thick and short which is great if you have a shaky hand.

    It's black enough when dry. :)

    Lasts all day. Doesn't smudge or peel.

    Waterproof (even tear proof, I was crying over some non-sense and it didn't budge)


    It comes out a little thick on the brush tip. (I think it may be because it's new and full of product).

    It's very waterproof. You need a good Eye Makeup remover.

    Takes a little while to dry.



    I really feel like this liquid liner is a great buy and is priced very pocket friendly. I love it as much as Urban Decay's Liquid Liner and it's less than half the price.

    Overall Score 5/♥  ♥  ♥ ♥ ♥

    Luv Y'all!!

    Mean It!!

    Monday, April 18, 2011

    Salon Review ~ The Weave Express

    Salon Review: The Weave Express (Dunwoody)

    Address: 8725 Roswell Rd. Suite L ( Publix Shopping Center)

    Atlanta, GA 30350

    Phone: 404-892-SEWIN (7394)

    Hours: Mon.-Wed. 12-6pm | Thurs.-Fri. 10am-7pm | Sat. 8am-6pm | Sun. 12pm-5pm

    *They also have a location in Buckhead. I am only writing about my experience at their Dunwoody location. If you are interested in their Buckhead location check their website for the address and hours.

    *I am basing this review based on the location and the employees that I personally dealt with. I went to the salon about 3 weeks ago. I took detailed notes on my phone so I would be able to recall the small details and keep track of the time.

    Staff (who I interacted with…): Tiffanie

    Their Promise: Atlanta's Best $50 Weave Salon

    My Expectations: After my previous "weave mill" experience (you can read it here), my expectations weren't very high I wasn't planning on going there, but I was in a bind. The stylist that I was going to try out dropped off the face of the earth.

    So I decided to either go here or to The Weave Shop because I needed to find a walk-in type of place. I picked The Weave Express because the receptionist was very polite on the phone and answered all of my questions without an attitude. I had a closure that I wanted to use and I wanted to make sure that they had a stylist that new how to install it.

    She politely placed me on hold and confirmed that they did and gave me the stylists name. She also gave me what I felt was an honest indicator of how long the wait could be. I learned from my last "weave mill" experience that if they are acting a hot mess over the phone then I need to keep it moving.

    Initial Impressions: Clean- This location is new, I believe this location opened in February. The salon was very clean,neat and organized. No hair all over the place. All of the stylists stations were neat.

    Colorful- Their color scheme was really cute. The walls are bright green and pink and everything matched their pink, green and black theme.

    Music- R&B played throughout the salon. The other salon that I went to sounded like the club...

    Friendly- I was greeted as soon as I walked in by the receptionist. She remembered our conversation on the phone and re-confirmed that Tiffanie would be my stylist since she was familiar with closures. ,  ,

    Waiting Area- Comfy, they had a nice magazine selection with current issues, I hate when I grab an issue of Essence Magaize from 3 years ago.

    Overall- I got a "professional" vibe. I felt like the salon was organized and they were about their business in a friendly way.

    3:20pm-I arrived the salon  (I was a walk-in, I did not make an appointment). Spoke with the receptionist and sat in the waiting area.

    3:36pm- I was escorted to the braiding area by the receptionist and introduced to Trevor who was in the middle of braiding another clients hair. Tiffanie came over and introduced herself and we spoke about what I wanted done and I showed her pictures of the style I wanted. I read my book while I was waiting and Tiffanie noticed that Trevor wasn't finished with his client so she braided my hair instead of waiting for Trevor.

    3:46pm- Braiding started. She made a great base and applied a net. The salon has nets you don't have to bring your own. I've always had to provide my own weaving nets.

    4:24pm- The install process began. I used my new 22″ Wagman's Perfectress Hair and closure.  My stylist wasn't familiar with Wagman's but she knows a lot about preminum hair.  She knows that all remy hair isn't virgin etc. It was refreshing to meet a stylist thats up to date She didn't pass it around for everybody to touch and see like the last place I went to. We had a really great conversation about hair extensions and different types of extensions.

    When she was done and ready to cut and style my hair she asked me if I preferred a razor or sisscor cut. I personally like the way the hair falls with a razor cut. She also asked me if I wanted to where it straight or wavy. I decided on wavy so she cut some layers and then took me to the sink to wet my hair to bring out the waves, after that I sat under the dryer for about 5 minutes. We agreed that the waves and curls come out better when air-dried but she didn't want me to walk out of the door with a soaked head.

    I really only sat under the dryer for about 5-7mins. She set the timer and didn't disappear. Yes, y'all. I've been neglected under a dryer before, I think thats why I hate them so much.

    6:50pm - Paid my bill and then was finished :) They take cash and credit and debit cards. I didn't have to leave "collateral" with somebody and go try to find an ATM.

    Price: $100. I didn't get a basic $50 sew-in. I got the Icon Package which is a full weave with a closure, net and a detailed cut and style. I also like my tracks sew-in close together with very little space in between which cost an extra $15.  There pricing is easy to understand and was explained up front so there was no sticker shock or confusion. Their price list is on their website. This is an example of what my client card looked like.

    Overall: I left the salon impressed and happy. I felt like the environment was nice and that the lines of communication between the staff and client were crystal clear.

    Would I go back? Yes, since I meshed will with Tiffanie I would try to make an appointment with her, she also gave me her name on one of the salons busniess cards because she sometimes works in the Buckhead Salon. I feel like I would also go back if Tiffanie was unavailable. I also love the location its like 2 miles from where I live. So I didn't have to deal with Atlanta traffic.

    Rating 5/5 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ <- Y'all know I'm greedy with my stars

    On to the pictures :) I got my side part and side swept bangs back. I tried a middle part on my previous install that I did myself and I was miserable without my side part :(

    ~Detailed Hair Specs~

    Vendor: Wagman's Perfectress Indian Hair & matching closure

    Length: 22''

    Texture: Natural Body

    Color: Natural Brown



    Close Up for texture (the color is off)

    Stank Face

    I don't wear my bangs over my eye, I was being extra in that picture.

    Luv Y'all

    Mean It!!!


    *FTC Disclosure [I paid for services mentioned in this review. I was not compensated for writing this review]