Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One Last Haul..........

Hi Y'all! I've been a very busy lady! I'm a "working girl" now, and no not on the stripper pole or the corner. I'm a "nanny"!
One of my mom's co-workers needed a fill-in nanny for a month b/c her full-time nanny went to India for a month. I love kids but never thought "childcare" was my forte but it's acutally really fun & theraputic! K is 2 1/2 and he's soo smart, I swear he's like 10. He calls me "Miss Kendall" too cute!!! He told me all about our President "Rock Obama" and how he grew up on the beach. J is 4mos and he's just the sweetest happiest baby in the world he just likes bounce which is a great upper arm workout for me. It's tiring though, I don't know how real Moms do it. So that's what I've been up too. The extra money is WONDERFUL!! It supplements my haulin' habit. I'd watch them for free though b/c they are soo dang cute! They are Indian & Egyptian, ethnic babies are soo freakin' cute!
So my mother thinks that I'm a drug dealer, lol. I've been hauling online and everything came the same day..... I explained to her that most people don't do drug deals via USPS.... I got my 1st NYX order!!!!!ahhhhh........
No this swag isn't all for me...... So it doesn't really count as "hauling" it's "good doing"...... Then Ms. Katie B. came a knocking at my door!!!

Got me some Faux Lash Mascara! I like it! I'm very snobby about mascara and I like this one. My L'oreal Voluminous is still my HG mascara but me and Katie B. are getting closer.
I also got a Shadow Burst Pigment in Your Hiness Blue.. I haven't been playing with blues lately so. I'm all about pinks, purples, & neutrals so I have to start playing with color more! Explore new options.
I'm going to do somes looks and swatches later. I have soo much new stuff to play with. I'm really not getting anymore until my B-day which is APRIL 5th (hint, hint)......

My EXTENSIONS came!! I think I made some promise about not ordering anymore virgin hair but I don't think I pinky swore or had my promise notorized so....

I became a length WHORE and ordered 20'' of Indian Virgin Wavy Hair.... I'm gonna cut it a little, probably a little longer than bra strap length. I ordered from Lanik's Hair Boutique. I'm testing out a new vendor.... So far so good. She packaged the hair so nicley. In a cute organiza bag and tied bows around each bundle and put a sparkly barette in each bundle. I'm going to wash and deep condition it tonight to see how it reacts or if it sheds. I really don't have the time or patience to seal the wefts. I've ordered from Halley's Curls in the past but I've been seeing a ton of negative reviews from them on Black Hair Media, so I stayed away.
I'm getting my "hair did" on Saturday & I'm soo excited!!! I look a hott mess & I left these extensions in way to long so it's going to be a project taking them down. I'm going to mix it with the Halley's Curls hair that I'm wearing now b/c I don't think I ordered enough. I really want to dye it a lighter shade of brown but I'm sooo scurred.... I can't afford to mess up my investment. I got a new clousure I'm going to see my favorite weaveolgist Lia @ Hair It Is Salon, I'm going to try to photograph/record the process for y'all. I love Lia. Her prices are great! $150 for a full weave and she only books one person at a time and she CONFIRMS the appt. So there's no waiting or other people eyeing my transformation. e just got back from a hair show in Atlanta & she's up to date on whats new. My project-chic weaveologist wont touch virgin hair and has all kind of shady people in & out her apartment... Last time I was there I met a real life prostitute!!! (She calls herself a "trick"). She was really nice except she didn't have any panties on and she was wearing booty shorts and I don't like looking at someone elses "va-jay-jay" while I'm having my hair done. She also likes to spray Oil Sheen all over the hair and use dollar store beauty supplies on my head and I don't like hauling hair care products around. Just my personal preference. That's what you get for $30... Times are hard though, so at least I have a contact in the "trickin" world. I don't want a pimp though. I'm an independent contractor.....

Monday, February 23, 2009

Baggie Stash... Kendall's Shadow Lab!

Please excuse my everchanging layout. I was having "technical" difficuties with the layout that I found & ♥ed. So I keep moving things around and I'm trying to get it together. I'm so fustrated that I'm out to outsource some custom template designs!!! My banner is POOP! But I'm still learning Photoshop so it's coming along.

Hi Y'all! So I did a little "project" on Saturday night. Instead of being normal and going out with my girls I stayed home and played in my "lab". I was kinda tired from outlet shopping all day besides I have drinks in my room and they are free at club/crack shadow lab Chez Kendall! I have to cut back sometimes to support my "habit".
I'm a mad scientist minus the chemistry... I ♥ sample shadows but I can't stand the baggies!! First of all I forget to use them b/c they aren't in my reach, they get messy and all over the place and get my brushes and fingers dirty... So I placed a little order with Coastal Scents and I got me some empty jars, spoons & sifters.
The supplies:
  • Jars w/ sifters, lids & spoons
(excuse the Gel Liner in Platinum & Brush they clicked their way into my little cart..)

The "Lab" Setup
  • Paper Towels & Pledge Multi Surface for messes (Plege Multi-Suface is the sh!t, you can clean glass, wood, counters dust with one product. My lazy behind ♥'s it! )
  • Jars w/ sifters & lids & spoons
  • Sample shadows/ loose pigments

The "stash" my little crack-shadow baggie. One hit at a time. Ahhhhh

Measure your crack I mean loose shadow..... (I personally didn't really need the spoons except for when I was scooping MAC Pigments). I found "flicking" the bags and getting all the product to the bottom was easier. Sorry people I only have two hands I couldn't get a "flicking" shot.... I did try though!

For "spillage" I used a handy 6" ruler to move the product to their new homes kinda looks like Ms. Kimberly Tia a.ka. Ice-T's lines of "cornstarch" umm hmmm.

Sometime I got lazy and tried the "inverted dump method".

Nice loose shadows in happy neat and non-messy homes! I just peeled the labels off the baggies and cut them up and made them fit. Adorned With Grace Minerals samples have the best stickers they fit perfectly.
I did more than 6 but I don't know where that pic went. I did a bunch of blushes too but I usually use sample blushes as eyeshadows b/c they are usually too pink for my Choco-skin tone & I'm not trying to waste makeup.
I was talking to ebonie on Twitter and she recommended TKB Trading for sample jars and sifters & they don't charge extra for the sifters. I'm anal I want sifters & I want them complementary with my order! I need more jars, I plan on doing this with all my "baggy" samples.

Miss JoJo I ♥ you for sending me some SWEET HELLO KITTY LOVIN'!!!! You are such a sweetheart!!! Be prepared to be HIT BACK!!! I love surprises! I love giving back even more! Girl I'm still going to stalk you for the Hello Kitty Brush Set even though it's not in your power to get it too me.... I'm gonna go to the craft store this week and make my own danm brush holder.

MAC Hello Kitty Lipstick ~ Strayin'
NYX Walnut Sparkle

Ok, ladies I'm out! I've got a bunch of little chores to do, studying and organizing for a special SWAP with a secret Beauty Blogger!!! We are both SWAP VIRGINS and were going to be each other's firsts...Ayy que romantical..♥.. Even though we live really close to each other it should be a drive-by swap, but there is nothing like the feeling of getting a PACKAGE in the MAIL full of ♥


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hi, My Name is Kendall & I Have A Hauling Problem

Hi Y'all! So I've been reading lots of blogs and there's a bunch of y'all who mention the CCO. I decided that I had to find one, and I did!! At Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets in Central Valley, NY! Thank you Google. The outlets are about and hour ride to from my house. So I had a ton of school work to do today and decided that I'd rather find this mysterious store that sells makeup for cheap! So I called my vitcim "C", she could care less about makeup but there were stores there that she was interested so I gased up the Subaru and we peaced out! I had one goal to get to store #815 The Cosmetics Company Store (I still don't get the CCO, acronym. So we got there and Kendall needed FOOD! It was going to be a long day and I'm like a baby. I need to be fed or I get irritable. So we had a super healthy lunch at Nathan's.Hot Dog & Cheddar Bacon Fries!!
We went to soo many stores, the outlet is huge! There was something going on at the Coach store b/c people were lined up to go in and there was security all around. We did a ton of clothes shopping but I only ended up with two tanks from Lucky Brand Jeans.
Finally we got to the Cosmetics Company Store. It was actually the last place we went. We keep trying to find it on the map and we ended up getting ADD or lost in the wrong direction. So here's the damage....... I grabbed a basket and went crazy. I looked like some kind of addict who was feigning for their next hit!



Smoke Signal


Talent Pool

Poison Pen


Warming Trend

Expensive Pink

Magnetic Fields

Pink Split

Heatherette Trio 2

Paint Pot:


Studio Finish Concealer Palette- Deep Dark

Pencil Trio


Iris Accents

Night Sky

Advanced Brushes

168SE, 187SE, 212SE, 219SE, 275SE

My receipt was so long it looked a grocery store receipt. They gave me some random boring Estee Lauder samples and a really cute Bumble&Bumble headband.

Oh and I'll leave you ladies with my hualin' look du jour....... I was feeling Too Dolly & Parfait Amour.........


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Found Something New...... Well New to me!

Hi Y'all! I hope all y'all had a Happy Valentines Day! Mine was so-so. The bf gave me a cute card with stickers in it! It was a kid card but he knows I ♥ stickers so he chose that card. He FORGOT to write my NAME on the card... I was like is this for me? Because I'm not sure it doesn't have my NAME on it. He also got me chocolates, I'm not a big chocolate fan, but he knows I love V-Day Chocolate! I bite them see & taste what's inside then put them back in the box, lol. He thinks thats gross, but whatev it's MY chocolate. So we decieded to go to Mohegan Sun. Were both piggies and we were looking froward to the buffet, classy right. We loved it the last time that we went but this time the food & the selection SUCKED!! The best part was the ice cream! Sad! So the bf brought $200 to play with and my unemployed broke ass brought $20 for gambling.... The machines were not "hot" I was doing good on penny & nickel slots but I ended up losing my $20. The bf lost $100. He wasn't even going to mess with the other $100 he brought. You can tell that the economy sucks because the penny, nickel & quarter slots were packed. So we hit up the stores!!! Oriental Fine Arts & Crafts was my favorite. They had rare Hello Kitty finds, and all kinds of kawaii stuff, but it's not the place to bring the bf he's not my favorite shopping buddy. So I told him to go play with the Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat) because it had a mehcanial paw so that I could focus and get some Hello Kitty swag. I ended up with nothing b/c he doesn't "get" my love of Hello Kitty and cute Asian trinkets. I'll go back though by myself so I can focus without the bf. I also had my tiny purse with me and I didn't want to have to be responsible for carrying stuff around the casino. We browsed Tiffany & Co. (the bf kept saying it was hot in there. I think expensive stuff makes him sweat. There was a COACH Store & a LUSH but I have those near my regular mall so I didn't make him go. Here's a list of all the stores at Mohegan Sun.
Ok one with the good stuff! I really am getting into Paint Pots Vanessa started this new crackish addiction. So far I only own two, Fresco Rose and Groundwork, but I want more.....
(no flash)

I also have a little thing for GLITTER LINERS, I thought that they would be too "teen-ish" but they are very subtle. I got two both from the MAC Hello Kitty Collection (they don't have any Hello Kitty on them, but you put it near the Hello Kitty stuff and I suddenly want to try them. I picked up two Her Glitz & Girl Grove. Girl Grove is slightly clear and you can make it your own color by appying it over a colored liner. Her Glitz is kinda gold-ish but looks amazing over my signiture black liner.

Ok, I'm out! I have some MAJOR HAULAGE coming over the next few days. The Mailman, UPS, & FexEd dudes are going to be very annoyed with me for the next few days! I hit up NYX, Katie B., Coastal Scents! I'm going to a delivery truck & mailman STALKER, peering through the blinds waiting for my precious items to arrive!


Ohh, I hope that Kimberly Tia & Xppinkx had wonderful b-days!!!! <3 I'm sure that you lovely ladies did!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sidebar Scroll Down... Way Down....

For some reason all my links and stuff magically decided to disappear to the bottom of my blog >_<
I think it may be my template or something. I'm too lazy now to fix it. :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just A Girl...Trying to Find My Way....: My Pretty PINK Box!!!! Contest Entry

Just A Girl...Trying to Find My Way....: My Pretty PINK Box!!!! Contest Entry

My Pretty PINK Box!!!! Contest Entry

Hi, Y'all! I felt like making a video in honor of February's Pretty Pink Box! This was my 1st one and definatley not my last! I set the link the night before and woke by black behind up at 9:55am EST to get my grubby little hands on one!

i, Y'all! I felt like making a video in honor of February's Pretty Pink Box! This was my 1st one and definatley not my last! I set the link the night before and woke by black behind up at 9:55am EST to get my grubby little hands on one!
In the video I'm wearing Katie B.'s shadow in Gold Leaf! Amazing color!! I also used all of the Adorned with Grace Mineral's eyeshadow samples for my crease and blending. I even used one of their blushes as a shadow because it was too light for me to use as a blush!
I ended up taking a zillion pics with my webcam and my digicam so here's a little slide show! Oh the cleavage shot is for Ms. xppinkx because we have a boobie kind of relationship at the moment!

If the slide show doesn't work here's a link to Flickr!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Opppss....I Did It AGAIN... MAC Hello Kitty Round 2

Hi, y'all! Two posts in one day!!! So I went a little MAC cRaZy!!! So here's Hello Kitty Round 2!!! It's like my time has come!
Small HK Makeup Bag for my purse
Eye Quad- Too Dolly
Pigment ~ Milk
Glitter Liner ~ Her Glitz
Paint Pot ~ Fresco Rose
Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation ~ NW50
(Paint Pot (left) Glitter Liner (right)

Ok, I'm done. I'm not buying anything else for a minute! Except maybe some more Paint Pots! I'd like to thank Vanessa for her Paint Pot color recommendation and advice :)
I got the Mineralize Foundation for my BB Cream project. I'm going to add a tiny bit to the BB Cream and apply. I've actually been using my BB Cream everyday w/ Studio Finish Powder on top and I must say that I'm loving it!
I also got a new bag! I used to have a bag "addiction" it had to be a designer bag etc.... But I've come to terms with the fact that I'm a purse whore and I like to change bags like every 3 months or less, and I rarely re-use bags so I basically have a closet full of purses that I never use. So the new purse law is under $200 unless it's a gift or there are "mitigating" circumstances. So yesterday when I was browsing in MACY*S I saw a purse and I got the "itch". It's a Franco Sarto and it was, I think $65 and I took a coupon from my Mama's coupon stash and I got the bag for $48. (Sorry, I can't remember the price and I hid the receipt).
(Inside filled with my crap already)
I really like this bag b/c it's big & roomy, it has a zillion pockets and zippers to stash my junk! It also has a light in it, and when you press it, it will stay on for a minute, perfect for finding junk in the dark, I usually use my phone as a purse light!


Yeah It's Hello Kitty Time!

Hi Y'all! I've been a busy little worker bee! Studying, Shopping, Hauling, Relaxing! So I finally got my MAC Hello Kitty on!!!!! I'm kinda bummed because I REALLY WANTED the brush set and it's sold out online & M.A.C. Counters aren't selling them >_<... So here's my swag!

Large Cosmetics Bag (I'm going back today for the small one for my purse)
Eye Shadow Quad ~ Lucky Tom

Glitter Pigment ~ Reflects Very Pin
Lippie ~ Fresh Brew
Glitter Liner ~ Girl Gr

I love the inside of the bag! Hot PINK!!!! ♥

Fresh Brew ~ Lippie
Makes a great nude lip! I just need to find a nude lip liner to match......
I think that yesterday was my "Unofficial Hello Kitty Day!" I found this in Claire's.....
Hello Kitty Charm Bracelet & a key cover!!!
Now I have a "KK"- Kawaii Key!

I did a little surgery on the charm bracelet (I can't wear costume jewelry >_<>
So I made it into a charm for my Zable Bracelet!!! I checked and there aren't any "official" Hello Kitty charms for the Zable so I too it into my own hands! Yes, my Zable Bracelet is sad looking but I want every charm to have meaning so I'm not rushing to add a lot of charms to it.
While I was in the mall I remembered that Valentine's day is SATURDAY, lol.... I was soo concerned about my Hello Kitty swag that I totally forgot about the bf..... I'm aweful.... I remembered that he's supposed to get me something, I just got caught up in myself.... Very Selfish!!!! So I got him cologne Salvatore Ferragamo, it smelled good. I have no clue what's hott in men's fragrance. I also got him two shirts from Old Navy (2 for $20) one long sleeve (maybe to wear to the casino on Sat... and the other short sleeved.) I guess I like him in blue b/c everytime I buy him clothes I pick the color blue....

I also picked up Ralph Lauren's Notorious for myself because I'm selfish......My mom gave me a Sephora sample for Christmas and I like it. I'm trying to be better with perfume and remember to put it on.. But I got two coupons from Perfumania! $5 off a purchase of $50 or more! So that's $10 in Perfumania savings for next time.

Dang, I really hauled yesterday! I'm going back to the mall to get a liitle more Hello Kitty stuff and a purse I saw in MACY*S. I had to consult with my mom before buying the bag because she stashes MACY*S coupons like nobodys business, so I have a 15% off coupon!
I'm loving my BB Storm! I haven't found a case that's "me" yet so I'm dealing with the neon pink one for now. I'm all CRACKBERRY, I love it.

*I'm thinking of selling my VZ Voyager if anyone is interested. It would come with the phone, a Body Glove Hard Black Case, 1 Clear Hard Case, 1 Black Rubber Feel Case, 2 Home Chargers, 1 Car Charger, 2 Screen Protectors, and the origninal box, instructions, CD-Rom, I'll take pics later. I was going to give it to my mom but it's a touch screen and it "stressed" her out.... Send me an email mskgreenel@gmail[dot]com

I'm out ladies!!! I have some errands to run and I need to put some clothes on, fix my hair, I look soo homeless at the moment! Happy Valentines Day I ♥ you ALL!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sally's Haulin' AGAIN!, Celluar ADD & BB Cream For Brown Girls........

Hi, y'all! It's been a minute... Only a few days, but I've been keeping up with all you BEAUTIES on AIM, Twitter, Poupee Girl, Facebook, E-mail, Telegraph & Morse Code! Ok, not telegraph or morse code :) I went on a date with the bf last night! I haven't seen him in like 2 weeks. I was away for my Uncles funeral and then he went Winter Camping for 5 days! Don't give him props for being hardcore for winter camping. It's him and 20 other dudes that camp like 15 mins. from their houses and drink beer for 5 days straight. I think the bf goes home and showers and poops, hehe...
We went to Ruby Tuesdays (love their salad bar) and saw Notorious! Yeah, I saw it already w/ myself but I didn't tell him so I pretended like I never saw it. I'm such a good girl. Ohh crap I mentioned my bf, I hope that I didn't offended anyone! I mentioned makeup too......... lol

I did a little hauling today...... I went to Sally's to check on a China Glaze color (Martini Lunch) for Vanessa . They didn't have it, ewww. I even made the girl check in the back and she caught a 'tude with me and I was like well I really need it for my friend b/c she wants it ohh soo bad...Then I remembered that I had some coupons hiding in my purse and I picked up a few things.....
Helen of Troy 2'' Gold-Plated Curling Iron ~ $29.99 (I had $3 off coupon). I've been wanting a big ass jumbo curling iron for a while. They are great for "bumping" your ends and flipping & styling layers.
Studex Earrings ~ $4.99, $4.99 & $2.69 (I had a buy 2 get 1 free coupon). I NEVER wear earrings b/c I'm allergic to cheap sh!t, well sorta I'm allergic to nickel so I can only wear nickel free, real sterling or the kind they pierce your ears w/ and since I'm probably not getting any earrings from Tiffany & Co. anytime soon I'm going to wear these. I don't even know if my holes (eww that sounds nasty) are still open, but since these are the kind you pierce with they are a little sharp on the ends. I got three pairs each one a little smaller then the next in "diamond".

InvisiBand Lashes ~ Beauties in the Black for V-day

China Glaze ~ ($1 off coupon on the display) Yeah, I bought another color and forgot the name but it's color #708. It's so lame that the names aren't on the bottles only the store display.

Nina Ultra Pro ~ Opal Elegance (clear w/ sparkles)

Ok, so that's not that bad..... I did a really BAD thing today..... I'm just gonna tell y'all, and we'll keep it between us blogger sisters, k. I BOUGHT a new phone........... I'm a technology dork... My daddy had my brown behind on computers since I was 3..... I have issues with phones. That "new every two" crap doesn't work for me. I was so over the Voyager (got it last Feb.) that I just "had to have last year". I get celluar ADD around the one year mark. I've been itching for a Blackberry Storm. So I went to Verizon today to see what VZ could do for me. Turns out that you can upgrade your phone after 1year and get the phone for the sale price for a $20 fee.
This is my 1st Blackberry!!! I don't have like a real 9-5 job, but I need a Blackberry. I need access to all 4 of my email accts. w/o having to log-in and crap. I need quicker access to Facebook, MySpace, I need Twitterberry! I can actually write this off as a school expenese because I can log on to school from the Blackberry and participate in class discuession threads... (I can justify any expense.......) I do need to make my BB Storm a little more kawaii, the pink case is kinda NEON!!! eww, but I needed a case b/c I'm not trying to jack up my investment! Verizon didn't have Hello Kitty Cases but that's what Amazon & Ebay are for! It's a different learning cuvre... The Voyager had a touch screen so I thought I knew it all! We'll I don't. I'll get the hang of it in a day or two. I got all my apps set up and e-mail. The pictures are so much better then the pics from my Voyager. I ♥ this phone/device! Vanessa popped my 1st BB email cherry today!!! When I had to break the news that Sally's is whack and didn't have her Martini Lunch. >_< style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;">tease or anything but look at what I got!!!! BB Cream!!!! So Operation BB Cream for Brown Girls is in the works and I've got the stuff on lock! I love it. My plan is to add a darker shade of foundation to it, but until I can find a MATCHING shade for my mocha skin, I've been using it as a base then putting on my MAC Studio Fix NW50 Powder and that's fine. It doesn't make my look white or porcelain. If anyone is wondering where I ordered it from I took Ms. Kim Tia's advice and ordered from Japanese Product Lover on Ebay

That's w/ flash, it came out a little funky, the shade is darker in real life....

Ohhhh, I got a JOB!! Well it's a temp job, but I'm going to be a nanny for a Dr. friend my mom knows. Her nanny is going to India for a month and I'm filling in!!!! I also have some freelance marketing/pr & event planning stuff hopefully coming up soon. I'm like Ne-Yo said..... Miss Independant that's why Ne-Yo loves Kendall.... Well when I hear the song that's how I hear it, I don't know what verison y'all have...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mini MAC Attack!

Hi y'all! I've been a bad, bad girl......... Ok not really. I went to M.A.C. the other day to start getting my Hello Kitty loot, and what do I see with my brown eyes? DAME EDNA, WTF!!! Well since it's a M.A.C Counter at MACY*S they wont have anything till the 12th, that's like THURSDAY! So instead of leaving I start talking to my friend Lucia and decide to buy stuff anyways. It's very bad to have friends at the M.A.C. Counter. Anywho, here's the loot!
Left- Eyeshadow Parfait Amour (frost)
Middle- Mineralize Skinfinish in Gold Deposit
Paint Pot- Groundwork

Can y'all believe that that's my first Paint Pot? Seriously, I've been messing with MAC products for a long ass time, and thats my first Paint Pot..... Damn shame!
So here are some swatches!
(left to right eyeshadow, paintpot, skinfinish)
No Flash
On Beige Paper


That was my "date night" look. I went to the movies w/ my 3 BFF's Me, Myself & I!!! When you take yourself on a date you have to look good, right! We saw "He's Not That Into You". It was a good movie I give it 4/5 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥. Everything they said in the movie is totally true! I had a few "AMEN" moments and a few light bulbs went off in my head. It's not a chick flick either, I think guys would enjoy it also.

Well I'm out for now, I'm watching the Grammy's, researching math stuff, Twittering, and getting ribbons for my Poupee Girl! Are y'all proud of me she's wearing pants now!
Oh, I found a really cute website from (I can't remember whose blog I saw it on, sorry). But it's really cute, I mean kawaii!!! You can get all kinds of knick-knacks and straps/charms for your cell and camera! Strapya World. Since I wont be going to NY as much (I used to go to visit Mommy Cat, my Grandmother) as I used to I can finally import fun cute stuff to my front door. There was a Beauty Supply Store right near her apartment that sold cell charms, camera straps, Hello Kitty stuff, makeup, wigs & weaves! All in one store, ahhh I miss NY! (I don't mess with Beauty Supply Store weave hair no more after I "jumped the broom to remy hair)"!


It's a chopstick training toy!!! I'm really bad w/ chopsticks and I get embarrassed b/c my friends are always showing off when we go to a Japanese or Chinese restarant. I had something similar when I was little that my Mom got for my in Chinatown in NYC. It also includes a booklet with proper ettiqute.
They also have a ton of Hello Kitty stuff and candies!!!

I'm thinking about getting a Happy Meal for dinner, so I can get another Hello Kitty Watch! :)