Monday, January 26, 2009

Strange Condolence Plant?, Packing Light,& Mini Biore Product Review

Hi y'all... I never posted the pic of the crazy-ass condolence/sympathy plant that my Mom's job sent to our house. The "thing" is no longer on the kitchen counter b/c it was taking over. So we moved it to the living room and it has it's own table.
Monster Plant (notice how part of it actually reaches the floor.... (ignore the trash bag)
My Mom & I thought that maybe some type of Jungle Animal would pop out......hehehe
Yes, that's a birds nest!! I found it all up in there. lol I was like WTF? We decided that it symbolizes "new-life". Unfortunatly the eggs are not chocolate. I bit one....

So I'm leaving for Syracuse tomorrow for my Uncle Emo's funeral. I do not know how to "pack lightly". My Mom came in my room saw all my stuff and said "were coming back on Saturday Kimora Lee, you don't need to bring all your FABULOSITY", lol my mom cracks me up! I really didn't pack a lot... Just a huge duffle, a med duffle, & school books... She thought the blue duffle was for like shoes. I was like no, it's for make-up & products....I found this cute pink & black roll-up at Wal-Mart for like $10. It has 5 clear compartments. You can also hang it over a door!

Big Black Duffel filled w/ clothes & shoes

The insides of my blue duffel! Isn't that skelation bag badass. My large Sephora & medium Sephora bags. I only packed 1 Coastal Scents Palette & my UD Ammo, CARGO, & Shady Lady Palettes. I guess I can work my eyes with those., and my usual MAC Studio Fix, Bronzer, Mascara, Eyeliner, UDPP, My dad had one so I had to get me one from Target .97!!! Holla
All together it's only really 2 duffles, 1 tote of school books, and my pink Jansport Elefunk bag for my other books and laptop. Oh I packed a bunch of 100 Cal. snacky things too.

So since I was in the travel sections of both Target & Wal-Mart I bought a lot of stuff I didn't really nice. Like mini packs of make-up wipes, mini deoroderant, toothbrush, 2 toothpastes, 2 mini bodywashes, mini dental floss. I kinds of mini ridiculousness. They are only $1 each, but all those $1 add up. I love travel size stuff. I even bought a travel size Dove Beauty Bar to match my mini travel soap case!! :)

I grabed a mini tube of Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub for .97 cents. It's supposed to exfoliate & refine to purge pores for clear skin. Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment- Complexion Clearing. I tried it tongiht. I don't know if it did anything or if I really need it I felt a little tingly on my skin, and I realized it has menthol in it that was the cool tingle. I guess I'll try it till the tube runs out and see if my complexion gets clearer. I don't have acne so I really don't know why I bought it.. Oh yeah b/c it was only 97 cents. I may just stick to my DOVE... My Mommy Cat used it, & My Mommy used it & they have beautiful youthful skin. But you know the saying "black don't crack". I have pretty clear skin. Just some pigmentation issues around my nose and upper lip. I'd really like to clear that up. Any suggestions.

Well I'm out lady's it's 1:00am and I must Flat Iron my hair b/c it finally decdied to dry! I'll be blogging from Syracuse, NY tomorrow. I'll be free Tues night, Thurs, & Friday so and Beauty Bloggers shot me an e-mail mskgreenel[at]gmail[dot]com. I'll need an escape...... I am meeting up with a old college rommie and I'm demanding she takes me to Red Robin b/c we have the commericals here BUT NO RED ROBIN!!!! >_<

Stay tuned for my BB Cream Expriment for Brown Girls...... I'm soo excited!


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Anonymous said...

lmao @ the condolence plant! at least its the thought that really counts. lol.

& about ur past job @ sallys...that sounds f'd up. i would of quit too!

my ulta experience was not so good so i faxed them a long thanks but no thanks letter and never came back on that 3rd day.

now i just wished i would of never applied there because prior to that, i loooved Ulta! now i can't go to that store anymore...

i actually though tit was safe to hit up this other ulta location thats further away about a year ago and i saw the same manager there. idk if she saw me, but i felt embarrassed to be seen so i left quick style!!!!

Miss.Fortune said...

lol pack lightly..what does that mean?

naw but ima have to get that black n pink roll up at walmart that sure does save space..time and all that good stuff..shoooo

well i hope u have a good time..share laughs and memories during this trip..its an unfortunate reason but this may give u closure..

and lol i thought i was the only one up at 1am flat ironing my hair!

April Aphrodite said...

wowwww that plant looks like its alive!!! I like the birds next thing tho it was clever ...haha

Krystal said...

LMAO @ that plant...lookin like its about to sprout a tree in your kitchen!

lol you're just like my sister w/ the packing. she may be going overnight somewhere, but she will pack the biggest bag ever..."you never know whats gonna happen!" she says.

paperdollrevenge said...

That plant is crazy! It would scare me more than make me feel better, lol although the eggs are a nice surprise!

Your mom is too funny! The black and pink roll up is super cute!

I love buying things in travel size too! For one thing, it's a great way to try a new product (samples are too much of a tease), but also because it makes me dream of traveling!

Oh, oh...I also buy things that are for acne when I don't really have acne. I blame marketing plus the hype of girls saying the product is wonderful! I'm sloooowly learning to not fall for that, hehe.

Syracuse...all I know is Alice Sebold (author of The Lovely Bones) went to under grad there!