Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Meet Ameera! Spankedelic's Arabic Inspired Eye Contest...

Hi Y'all! Here's my entry for Ms. Spankedelic's Arabic Eye Contest! The contest is in celebration of her Bloggerversary. This is the first contest that I'm doing that involves creativity and some degree of skill!!! I'm just proud of my myself for coming out of my shell and joining the contest.

Meet Ameera she's an Arbic Princess & Leader, just like the meaning of her name. She's a strong willed independent woman. Ameera is a mysterious woman with dark sultry eyes, chocolate colored skin & beautiful ringlets of long almost black hair.....
Ameera is always down for a duel and her friend Fahada (the leopardess)for looks of inspriation..... After studying Fahada's beautiful techniques with color and a brush Ameera was ready for the challenge!

Although Fahada's look is beautiful, Ameera, being the princess that she is decided to up the ante a bit......
I introduce you to Ameera........

It takes many wonderful products to become Ameera......
~The Stuff~
CS 78 Palette

Acrylic Jewels
Iron on Rhinestones (I used clear eyelash glue to stick them on)
MAC Paintpots - Groundwork & Fresco Rose
Coastal Scents 78 Color Palette
Sossi- False Lashes #15
MARK - The LASH Mascara
MAC Eyeshadow- Woodwinked, Georgous Gold, Carbon
Makeup Marsala Minerals Loose Pigment -Agni
MAC Fluidline- Blacktrack
Rimmel London Soft Kohl Eye Pencil
MAC Powerpoint Pencil- Engraved
L'oreal Pencil Perfect- Ebony
NYX Candy Glitter Liner - Gold
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil- Strawberry Milk (not pictured)
MAC Studio Fix
MAC Bronzer
Clinque Blush- Spiced Wine
MAC MSF- Gold Deposit
NK Lip Crayon- Plum Brown
MAC Hello Kitty Collection - Fresh Brew
MAC- Lusterglass (sorry name came off)

Hope you liked meeting Ameera!


Monday, March 30, 2009

Ohh No She Didn't!!!

Hi Y'all! Dang, it's only Monday and I got some B-DAY lovin'.. What did I find all by it's lonesome in my mailbox (there's was other mail in there but I guess Papa-dukes vision is getting bad because he didn't see the BOX!)
Hmmm, I already got March's Pretty Pink Box.... April's didn't come out yet.... Did I go shopping online again under the influence of alcohol again??It's B-DAY LUVIN' ♥!!!! Thank You Linda!!!! You truly made my day!!!! I'm going through the 6 days before my b-day blues.... I'm gonna get older, I anit got no job, I don't have anyone to makeout with blah, blah pre-birthday blues.............. It's also my first b-day with out my Mommy Cat (my grandma) and she always made my birthday extra special.....
A little Love Note....

A Soap Lolly!!! Thank you for the little cute tag that says 'SOAP' because you know I'll eat anything that looks like CANDY!!!! Revlon Mix & Mingle Lip Palettte, Beauty Rehab Rose Salve- For immediate recovery use on chapped lips and dry patches. Smooth on cheecks and brows; soften cuticles, tame spilt ends, protect nasal area from syptoms of cold & flu!
KAWAII HELLO KITTY & FRIENDS CANDIES!!! Gum & Hard Candies!!! Wrapped up with curly love ribbons!!!
LOVE!!! A PINK wristlet to take on my adventures of debachury!!! Perfect!! I can fit the essentals in there lipgloss, ID, Blackberry & some cash!
The glitzy pink wristlet was BUSTING with goodies!!!!! A BIG Hello Kitty Strawberry lipchap!! Samples of MARK Dew Drenched Lipcolor in Rosee & Juicy. Perfume samples for my stinky behind MARK Earth, MARK Rebel Rose, & MARK Jewel..... I love smelly girl things!!!
Cute stickers!! (How did you know that I'm a sticker lover)?
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Luminous Shadow!

I hope I included everything!!! Thank you soo much Linda!!! You totally but a spin on my FUNKY MONDAY!!! I'm feeling better now & ready to be older in less than a week...........

I've you have any Beauty needs don't hesistate to contact Linda the offical MARK Representive of the Beauty Blogeshpere!!! She's also the ringleader of something us ladies actaully want once a month, My Pretty Pink Box!

Oh I sorta hauled some Sossi lashes this weekend at a Beauty Supply Store in Queens, NY near my g'mas apartment. $2.50 per pair. We've been going every weekend to clean out her apartment :(

I hope y'all had a good weekend! Nothing much to report here. My weekend consisted of studying, going to NY & playing UNO Attack with the "ex" & the old crew, which somehow turned into a drinking game... I love how me & the "ex" can hang out as friends and leave it a that level.

Friday, March 27, 2009

BB Cream "Browned Up" The Movie....

Hi Y'all! I've been in my lab working on a top secret beauty recipe... I'm finally ready to reveal... BB Cream for Brown Girls!!!
What is BB Cream? B.B Cream is short for “Blemish Balm Cream, BB Cream was supposedly developed in Germany” became extremely popular with the Korean celebrities within the last few years. It was initially introduced to patients who went for cosmetic surgery so it is known to have more soothing/healing properties compared to normal foundations. It uses two different ingredients, hydrophilic (water retention effect) and lipophilic (preventing water loss effect). It is said to “regenerate” the skin, & give it a flawless natural look. It applies very smoothly and gives a very even-toned look.

I've been reading about the magical BB Cream since December. All the cool Asian girls rock it & it & look HOTT with it on! So I I want some of that!! One problem.... I'm brown and most BB Creams are light or light with a slight tint. I'm nothing close to that... So I snooped around read all of the reviews and headed over to my favorite Japanese Product Seller on Ebay, (who I stole from Ms. Kimberly Tia). I ordered the L'egere Water Drop Shiny Pearl BB Cream. I decided on the L'egere because it's said to be one of the darkest BB Creams.
(Doesn't She kinda resemble Kimora Lee Simmons)
So three days later I had my BB Cream!!! At first when I put it on I didn't listen to everyone who said "a little goes a long way", I looked all gray & ashen. The next time I put it on I used less and it kinda worked but I didn't look flawless and dewy. So I figured that I need to "brown it up a bit". I took some MAC MSF Foundation and added a little to to BB Cream.
BAMN!!! Flawless, Dewy, "Asian" Black Girl Fierceness!!!
I have sensitive-ish skin and have had no problems with this BB Cream. It feels light & cool on the face when applied almost refreshing.. ahhhh......

(Sorry for not smiling
Ok, enough blabbling from me. Here's what you need to "brown up your BB Cream"

BB Cream (duh)
Liquid Foundation in your skintone
Foundation Brush/Stippling Brush/or Makeup Wedges
Q-Tip (for mixing) or a clean finger
Something to mix on (I use a blank CD) <- Stole the from Maria of Hey It's Ria!!!
Wet One's (for cleaning up)

So here's my little video tutorial. So sorry that the quality sucks, I'm starting not to like the web-cam that came with this laptop. For some reason my shirt looks blue but it's black I was trying to rock the headband because I made this video at 2am and I wasn't trying to do my hair. Excuse the blabbing and dancing at the end... That's just silly Kendall style....

I'm wearing the BEAUTIFUL lip gloss that Vanessa sent me in our "lip gloss & lippie trade), It's Metallusicious by MARK (buy here) Linda will "hook you up"! I actually want to order another color for the other side of my Hookup! I did a black smokey eye after but I took really crappy pictures... I must of forgot to take a pic of my entire face!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What's in That Box? March's Pretty Pink Box

Hi, Yall! So I got my March Pretty Pink Box, which I won from Linda's February contest!! Which meant that I got to keep my lazy behind in bed while y'all woke up at the crack of dawn to snag your boxes. I'm on the East Coast so the boxes go on sale at 10am which is early for a night owl like me.
I made a little video about what I got inside. I tried to keep my rambling & fidgeting down to a minimum. Don't sweat the opening & closing credits! I discovered Windows Movie Maker on my laptop last night know I think I'm some kind of filmaker-nista!

(I have such a New Yawk/Lawng Island accent but I try to to hide it in my videos)

~The Rundown~
Awake ~ Polyphection Pore Smoothing Perfect Serum
Mainely Naturals ~ Under Eye Serum
Adure ~ Brightening Stretch Mark Creme
Curl Junkie ~ Shampoo & Conditioner
Mark ~ Vanity Lash
Makeup Masala Minerals

I wonder what April's box has in store? Did I mention that I love April b/c my b-day is APRIL 5th!!!! I'm trying to figure out what I do? I do know a Beauty Blogger Meetup is in the works with Melissa of Fabulosuly Thrifty because she lives near the Melting Pot in White Plains, NY (they sent me a b-day coupon for CHOCOLATE FONDUE for two!!! Doesn't that sound romanitical, Mel???? I'm also planning a quick trip to Beantown maybe I'll harass Pink (feel better honey!!) My mom surprised me with tickets to see In The Heights! on Broadway for April, 18th!
It's my first b-day in a while as a single lady so it better involve some drinks, food, hottness & debauchery! The festivites begin on THURS. APRIL 2nd and I'm going to party until I can't stand it anymore!!! Then i will check myself into a good detox program.

Ladies! Lets Talk About Extensions! First I Need Your Help

Hi, Y'all! This is a post reaching out to all of the ladies who have questions about hair extensions!! I'm working on a BIG Q&A post and I need your help! Ask me anything! No question is to basic & there is no such thing as a dumb question, just a dumb answer which puts the pressure on me! You can leave your questions as a comment or email me mskgreenel[at]gmail[dot]com
Sunday, March 22, 2009

So What! Ten Years Later!

Hi Y'all! So I knew the the time was coming up... I'm not one for numbers but 1999 was 10 years ago.... It's been 10 years since I graduated HIGH SCHOOL! I'm pretty much content with my life but the damn "what have you been doing for the last ten years packet", made me feel a little empty inside when I first read it.
At first I didn't want to go... Mostly out of laziness, I'll have to drive down to Long Island, blah! But I've kept in contact with most of my "girls" and were turning it into a night out and have plans for after. It's an excuse to get my hair did and flaunt my makeup skills & bat my false eyelashes. Oh its open bar also.
Life is a series of milestones. Your first steps, first day of school, graduating high school, graduating college, getting married, having children & settling down. I tend to live my life out of order and in my own way. I wasn't one of those kids who knew what they wanted to do since they were a teenager. I pretty much figured it out within the last few years. Yeah I went to a great High School, I went to a good college for a little bit, messed up and was dragged home kicking & screaming, took some time off then went to another good school part-time & worked full-time.
I'm still pursuing my Bachelors Degree... If all goes as "planned" I will graduate in December 2010 with a degree in Business, Management & Economics with a Concentration in Marketing from Empire State College. I can't get down on myself because I didn't do it in 4 or 5 years like most of my peers. I've had the opportunity to hold down some awesome jobs in my field while pursuing my degree.
So what I'm not done yet, so what if I don't have a job at the moment, so what I'm single! I'm not going to let those things bother me.
So what I live with my parents. We moved here when I was 22 and still away at school. I know that CT is not where I want to plant myself permanatley and when I figure out where I want to go I'd rather stay at home and save up instead of spend money on a condo in a place where I have no intentions of staying.
I have no reason to look back at the last 10 years with regrets!

Me 10 Years Ago! Don't Sweat the braids w/ the highlights & my darkass lip liner & lipstick

So I thought I would have some fun with the "What Have You Been Doing" Paper...

Click to Enlarge

I was going to mail it back but my mom said something about it being inappropriate for a Catholic High School.....
All that matters is 10 years later I'm happy, healthy and my boobs are still perky!
Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kim Kardashian Blue Smokey Eye.....Attempt

Hi Y'all. So since I'm on a NO HAULING CHALLENGE. I've been trying to play with what I have and learn new techniques. I'm really, really, bad using the color blue! Whenever I dabble in blue I end up looking like a cracked out drag queen. I found a cute picture of Kim Kardashian wearing a smokey blue look and I tried to replicate it.....
It didn't come out the way I wanted and I definatley need a lot more practice! So here it goes....

What's up with the chubby cheeks?



My Attempt at a nude lip!

All the CRAP I used!!!!


NYX Jumbo Pencil- Slate
L.A. Colors- Soiree Palette (2nd Blue from left)
Starry Boutique Palettes (No Names Colors circled above in white)
MAC Piggie- Milk
MAC- e/s Carbon
Katie B.- Your Hineness Blue
Rimmel London- Soft Kohl- Jet Black
L'oreal Voluminous Mascara- Noir
MAC- Fluidline Blacktrack
MAC- Glitter Pencil- Starry Night
Urban Decay Ammo Palette- Shattered
M.A.C. Heatherette Trio- Baby Petals
Wispy Lashes

MAC Lusterglass (Sorry, I've had it for a while and the name rubbed off)
NIC Lip Crayon - Plum Brown
MAC- HK Collection Fresh Brew Lippie

MSF- Gold Deposit
Studio Fix- NW50
MAC Refined Bronzer
L'egere Water Drop Shiny Pearl BB Cream +MSF- NW50
Studio Finish Concealer Palette- Deep Dark
Clinque Blush- Spiced Wine

I know I suck, I did this late last night and I don't remember what I used where. Damn I used alot of stuff on my face! I only do this much when I'm trying to get a look done. I don't put all the face crap on for every day.
I'm out I have ridiculous amounts of studying to do today, it's not even funny..... Just thinking about it makes me want to throw up!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Forgive Me For I Have Hauled.....

Fellow Beauty Bloggers forgive me for I have HAULED!!

Don't all spank me at once :) So Saturday I went to NYC drank a lot came home on the Drunk Train (the last train from NYC back to CT), got home a 4am, still slightly intoxicated & not tired. So I did some Blogroll reading, went on Twitter then stumbled over to Mrs. Kalila's blog.... She's having a -> sale <-.... I clicked on some stuff... Mrs. Kalila must know my twittering drunk ass very well because she emailed me the next morning to make sure I "meant it". Hell yeah I did!!! So since I'm honest here's what I got!!! P.S. I ♥ it when you call me drunkie! ;)
So I got home from "work" today and I realize that there's no mail :(, then I remember that my Dad keeps it in his room/office to "better facilitate conversation with his daughter".... Which is lame because I only go in there when I'm expecting a package, you can keep my bills pops!
So I open the box with my Hello Kitty box cutter because that's how I open sh!t.. Don't F with me cause I got one in my purse too!
I so opened the box and saw the palette, opened it, made ♥ to it!

MAC 15x Eyesh
adow Palette
I can't have an empty palette that would just be silly so I requested these!
Then I realized that there was MORE..... I was confused. I only ordered the Palette and the 6 shadows! I thought that maybe she mixed up the orders. Maybe I should of read the lovely note 1st (it blended in with the packing peanuts)
I ♥ handwritten notes & cards! I'm keeping this card in my "life box".. I keep special things & mementos in a pretty box that I call my "life box".

Everything was wrapped in sexy delicate red tissue paper ♥
OMFG! COCO Mademoiselle CHANEL PARIS Body Lotion! That's my 1st "mature girl" Body Lotion. I ♥ it! I was afraid to open it even though the note said it was for ME!.... Well I did open it and I've been sniffing my arm for hours....................... Smells HEAVENLY........
Kalila even gave me a Biore Nose Strip! How'd she know about the funk on my nose????? The she did it again... I open the last wrapped item...............Lashes!!! I don't know what brand they are but I don't care!!! My 1st pair of lashes from the Far East!!!!! I'm SO EXCITED & I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT, I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW I ♥ them!!!

Even though I'm not a no-hauling challenge let me try to "justify", because I know being drunk and buying sh!t isn't an excuse.
1- I wanted to support another BB (Beauty Blogger) Mrs. Kalila who I have stimulating converstations with on Twitter, & AIM :)
2- I don't have any MAC Palettes! I've always wanted one, and I'm not a MAC Pro card holder
so this was my only chance.
3- I loved all the colors and I don't have them yet except for Pink Venus (but my Pink Venus is
87% empty)

Kalila THANK YOU SO MUCH!! The extras you included really touched my little ♥! Not becasue they were "beauty items", but because you thought about little ol' Kendall on the East Coast! It really meant a lot!! You just never know how a kind act will put a smile on someones face.. (I need a tissue, sniff, sniff).....

Just so you know... I'm gonna get you back! It's gonna be a random KENDALL ♥ PACK!!
P.S. Can I come to Cali & I live with you? Are you looking to adpot a 27 yr old Brown Child :(
Brown Children are all the rage now!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Got an Award Because I Got it Like That

“This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog’s content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant". “When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to the said person so everyone knows she/he is real. Choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have seven friends. Show the seven random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then pass it on!”

First I would like to thank God! (Black people always thank God 1st on the Soul Train, Source & BET Awards). I would also like to thank my Dad for making me a nerd and encouraging me to use always use technology. I would also like to thank my Momma for giving birth to me. It took 32 hours but I was soooo worth it! I would also like to thank MAC for taking my money and hooking me on it's MAC Crack. Google thanks for Blogger. I would also like to thank Tina Marie without her this award would not be possible because she gave it too me.... I have "issues" with Ms.Tina Marie! She's mean!! She teases me with Carne Asada Fries on Twitpic! We'll see whose laughing when I show up at her door one day and say "betch, take me to get some fries!

10 Honest things about me:

1.) I'm nocturnal. I've been that way since I was about 14. I'm a cranky bitch all day but I "perk up" around 9pm. It's not a problem now since I'm unemployed so I go to bed at like 4am and wake up around noon. I do my best work after 10pm. When I work a real job (9-5) I adjust. My next boyfriend is going to be a vampire! I think my ideal job is to be a stripper!

2.) I've never really been in a physical fight. I'll talk sh!t then run. I had issues with a girl in highschool and she got all in my face and pulled my hair and hit me, instead of whopping her ass, I took it to the dean & got her expelled from school (I went to private school and there was a Zero Violence Policy). Getting that bitch gone was soo much better then knocking her out.

3.) Sometimes I don't always read instructions. I wore a nictoince patch for 6 hrs. (I got a free sample in the mail) and didn't want to smoke. When I took it off I read SAMPLE ONLY, PATCH ONTAINS NO NICOTINE OR MEDICATION. It was a sample to see what it feels like.

4.) I sleep with the following items my cell phone, Vaseline for my lips, a bottle of water, the remote for my fan/light and the TV remote. I can't sleep without those things unless I'm at someone elses house. The fan has to be on at least low and all my doors have to be shut all of the way.

5.) I'm obsessed with babies, labor & delivery. I watch all the TLC shows A Baby Story, Deliver Me, Jon & Kate + 8, Supernanny. I also have read all the pregnancy books. I don't have kids, lol.

6.) When I'm studying I hit myself in the head with my pink Ultraflex ruler, it helps me focus. I must look weird at Borders & Starbucks.

7.) I hate being hot! I'm always hot for some reason. I don't wear hats in the winter & I wear the lightest coat possible.

8.) I think I hate being hot b/c I sweat a lot, not normal arm pit sweat. I sweat from my nose & forehead. It's not oily skin either, it's sweat! I hate it! I really want Botox in my nose & forehead to stop it, but my mom works at a Derm/Cosmo Practice and she's soo against it.

9.) I want to move but I can't decided where! I'm interested in Tempe, AZ, LA, Vegas, ATL, Florida or Houston. CT isn't for me. I never fit in here and I don't think I will. I need warm weather & sunshine!!!

10.) When I wake up, I look at the clock, stare at the ceiling for 3 minutes, pee, brush my teeth then check my phone.......

I pick these Beauty Bloggin Hoes to carry the torch!

Melissa - Fabulously Thrifty
J├ęssy - Makeup and Others
Vanessa - Vans Makeup Ride
Beauty Gumbo
Katrina- Katrina is a Princess
Supervillain - Supervillain's Web-Diary
Pink- xppinkx


Help! I Anit Got No Clothes!

Hi, Y'all! So I have a little problem. I have no freaking CLOTHES! I mean I do. I'm not walking around nekkid, but.. My clothes are boring & lame. My closet is full of long sleeved fitted tee shirts in every possible color and cut from Target or Old Navy. What the HELL is my problem? Well 50% of my problem is that I hate winter and I could really care less about my "winter clothes". I don't really wear sweaters because I'm always hot when I'm inside somewhere. I also don't own a cute coat because "I hate coats". I just have a waist length down coat. I actually have a nice Calvin Klein Pea Coat that my mom bought for me because she always said "Kennnn you need a nice winter wool coat just in case we have to go somewhere dressy". Well the next week my Grandmother passed away then my Uncle so I hate that coat & haven't worn it since their funerals :(
I think part of it is because when I was with the "ex" we never really went anywhere & I became a "comfort dresser". Long sleeve fitted tees & jeans. I also gained a lot of weight when I was with for the first year. Then I lost most of it (thank you Weight Watchers), and now I'm trying to get back to my "single self" weight.
I had such a problem finding something cute to wear in NYC this weekend. I promised "C" that I wouldn't wear a fitted black tee & jeans! I ended up wearing jeans & a fitted black short sleeve scoop neck tee with puffy cap sleeves. I have NO going out clothes. I think a lot of my clothes are up in my attic in my trunk (in those awesome bags that you vaccum the air out of), but I know I'll climb my behind up there and find nothing cute!
I think my main problem is that I hide my shape. I'm 5'3'' & CuRvY! I have boobs, hips & thighs. I'm a size 12-14-16 (depending on the make). That's not an easy range to work with. Especailly tops because of my super boobage ( . ) ( . ) tops that fit them end up too big and flowy in the middle and I end up looking preggo. Smaller sizes look like I'm trying to squeeze the life out of my poor girls.
I usually end up always wearing black. Jeans & a black fitted tee, v-neck tee, tank top..... Like I'm always headed to a casual funeral or something....
Spring & Summer are coming and I want to be able to go out & look cute. Sometimes I'm going to want to look a little sexy..... So I found a website that has some cute stuff & it looks like it would flatter my shape but of course I had to click on PLUS SIZE..... Anything size 12 + is PLUS SIZE! That just puts me off and fustrates me isn't the average American chic a size 12/14?
I also need a killer outfit for my 10 year Highschool reuion on May 2nd. I have my reasons but I can't post on here. If y'all wanna know hit me up on Twitter or AIM. It's a good STORY!!!

So here's my little "editoral" spread of stuff I want. I can't spend another Spring/Summer in Old Navy tank tops everyday.
Excuse my poor Photoshop Skills, I still can't work it!
The site is called Great Glam. Some it's a lot of club wear, Playboy Bunny wear & hoochie clothes (not knocking it, I'd rock it if I could) but they have some regular stuff. The prices are really cheap (like $20 each) so I don't know how good the quality is, maybe like RAVE (no website, they cheap!) or RAINBOW, but I'm mainly looking for stuff to wear when I go out, not everyday. I tried Mandy's but everything in that store is super tiny >_My hair is on point, my makeup game is on point but I'm such a boring dresser. I mean I won best dressed in 2nd Grade! I have a reputation to maintain.

How Would You Dress Me??
Image made on My Virtual Model. My hair & makeup look better that that in real life.

Oh, I'm becoming a Skype -aholic! If anyone has Skype I'm Kgreenel on there "call me" . I sent out a few invites but I think I've been brutally rebuffed by y'all people!


Sunday, March 15, 2009
Hi, Y'all! I hope everybody had a good weekend!! This weekend I hung out with my "ex" boyfriends.....
Friday night I hung out with Rob & the old crew. We went to some lameo CT bars. I met up with everyone around 10pm at Maggie McFly's (yeah same place I went to with "C" on Thursday night but a different one. There are three around here". It was good seeing him and everyone, then we went to another bar called 1650. That place sucked! There was a bad band & even worse dancing. I really should of shot undercover video because it was BAD...
My Favorite Drink Du Jour Stoli Razz & 7-Up
We planned on heading to another bar/club called The Red Door, but we didn't make it. Instead we ended up at a Strip Club called Mr. Happy's becuase they had an AWESOME sign. LADIES NIGHT! LADIES DRINK FOR FREE. I don't judge. If your gonna serve free drinks I'm there. I met a nice girl named "Mandy" who grabbed my boob & asked me "whose your Dr. I love your boobs they look sooo natural...?" I told her that I got em from my Momma, but she tought my mom was a plastic surgeon.... "Mandy" isn't too smart but she had light up stripper heels so she was cool in my book.
(Buy Here)

So to say the least it was an interesting night! Me & the "ex" are cool. No hard feelings, no love in the air, no hooking up. I eventually stumbled home & slept in my own BED!! First I had some Blueberry Eggo Waffles & Strawberries. So good at 2am....
Saturday I jumped on the Metro North with "C" to meet up with my college-ex "D" & his wife. It was his wifes b-day & he knows I'm single & bored and suggested that I come down & hang out. I convinced "C" to come with me.
So we took the train into Grand Central Station then jumped on the 6 (subway) like J-Lo to Astor place and followed "D's" custom map to....
Josie Wood's Pub
11 Waverly Pl, NYC

It was fun seeing "D" I haven't seen him since his wedding 3 years ago. He has cute friends too but everyone was coupled up. So I made friends with Jean the bouncer from Brooklyn. He let me check ID's with his ID scanner thing. I also made sure that I was in charge of the juke box and only let people play songs that I liked! We stayed there all night then took a taxi back to Grand Central (no subway it was late & I was drunk and lazy) also we COUDN'T miss our train. The last train back to CT leaves at 1:53am aka the "Drunk Train". Miss that train & your screwed and your drunk ass will have to sleep at Grand Central. So we grabbed some dogs from the dirty man stand & got on our train.

I don't know this man but I took a picture of him??
(Not our cab but we can pretend it was...)

The Blair Witch
The "Blair Witch" I was taking a pic of something else & she streaked & put a hex on my ass so I took another pic of her.
I was also obsessed with trying to find Ms. Mona from Make Me Blushhh.... I kept trying to like call her blog with my cell, lol..... I kept looking for her & "C" just didn't understand. I didn't quite remember that NYC is a big place & that Mona probably wouldn't want to be bothered with my drunk ass. Maybe next time!!! I'm definatley going to be going into to city more now that I'm a single lady.

So ladies I'll leave you with a little video! Listen to the Blair Witches streaking!!!