Sunday, January 25, 2009

Moisturization Holy Grail, Babies, Stew Leonards, & My Drunk b/f

I thought I'd share my moisturization secret with y'all..... These two products are my HG!! Especially in the winter. I have some moisture thirsty dry-ass skin. I also suffer from dry patches and eczema. I've tried sooo many products, even Derm recommended ones. Then I discovered GOLD BOND! Not the medicated powder that dudes put on their "junk". ewww Gold Bond Ultimate Healing (Skin Therapy Lotion). My favorite kind is the white & blue bottle (Aloe). Best part is ladies, this is a drugstore buy!!! I usually grab this stuff at Wal-Mart or Target and it's about $8 a bottle.
Gold Bond is gentle enough to use on your face!!! I use it on my face everyday. The bottle says it's ideal for: Hands, Cuticles, Feet, Elbows, Knees, Problem Patches on legs, back, or body. Dermatologist Tested/Hypoallergenic Gentle to use on your face. It's full of Vitimins too :)
Vitamin A- Improves elasticity and reduces appearance of wrinkles
Vitamin C- Promotes skin development and collagen formation
Vitamin E- Enhances protective function of skin and minimizes lipid loss
Moisturizes for 24 HOURS & it does!
I also mix my Gold Bond lotion with Baby Oil Gel because I'm "extra dry".... I like the Target or Wal-Mart brand over Johnson & Johnson's b/c J&J's has this weird safety thing and it's kinda annoying to squeeze out. Baby Oil Gel is great b/c it's thicker then regular baby oil and is less messy. It's also very mositurizing.
I usually use two pumps of Gold Bond and mix it with 1 squirt of Baby Oil Gel per body part. That's Kendall math if your interested. I slather this stuff all over my body. The baby oil gel kinda gives your skin a nice glow but b/c your mixing it with lotion you don't look greasy or oiled up. Here's a *tip* when your Gold Bond doesn't pump or seems emtpy its not! Unscrew the pump and turn the bottle upside down and "spank" it out! I can get about three more days of use from "spanking" the bottle.
Overall I give this moisterization combo 5/5 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

So my weekend wasn't very good. My Uncle Emo passed away on Friday. The funeral will be on Wednesday. So I'll be in Syracuse from Tues-Sat or Sun. So my Dad can spend some time with his sister.
Friday night I got great visit from my cousin Joy, her hubby Richard and their two boys Ryler 6, & and Rayden 11mos. They couldn't make it to Mommy Cat's funeral so they came up on Friday. They live in New Windsor, NY which is only 45mins from Danbury, CT where I live. So they came up to cheer up my mom. It works, seeing her cousin & the kids made her soo happy and was a great distraction. We hung out ordered pizza. Ryler connected his Nintendo DS to my pink one, lol and I played with him. Then Joy asked us if we lived near Stew Leonards (a gi-normous) Dairy Store and has a lot of specialty items and lots of things kids like. Like a giant Chiquita Banana lady who sings, a big chicken that talks and spits out eggs, a cow that MOOOOOS when you pull the rope. They even have an outdoor petting zoo with cows, ducks, chickens, & goats. But since it was winter the animals are gone till spring. The kids had a ball! My mom had fun seeing family, it was a great night. The store was kinda empty and so Ryler got to run around & explore.
What a cutie!! RaydenRyler pulling the rope and making the cow mooooooooo
That's "band" of milk cartons, juice cartons & baby chics that sing and dance. The song is called
"The Customer is Always Right", lol (sorry it came out blurry b/c the things are moving and singing.
Ohh, Ryler said the custest thing to me. He said "Kendall, your my 1st friend that's a teenager & your cool! awwww bless that childs heart (I'm 27, lol).

After the familia left I went to see the bf.. I haven't been spending much time with him b/c I don't want to leave my mom alone. So I figured I'd stay the night then come home on Sat. morning. Turns out we was at some random bar in Watertown, CT ::yawn:: So I made it there with his drunkass directions. I couldn't use my GPS b/c he didn't know the name of the place >_< . So I got there and I figured that I deserved a drink or two or three. So what happens. I start thinking about Mommy Cat and I start bawling like a baby. I am a drunk crier. But after two drinks nooooo....... A very nice lady came outside with me and huged me and prayed with me (hmm is it good to pray with a drunk stranger??) There was some drama with one of the b/f's friends apparently both his girlfriends were there. So it was fun to watch two ladies in the 50's argue about a drunk loser in his early 40's.
Here's a pic of me & the b/f don't mind his drunk face and my sweaty fat face. My eyes looked GREAT!
Yes, y'all my b/f is white..... lol I can't wait till we make some cuteass bi-racial babies with wild hair!!!
So it was time to go home, he had the drunk hiccups and was staggering I think he got to the bar around 7 and we left at 1-something.... His drunk ass passed out in my car. But he woke up when we got home. (usually I leave his drunk ass in the car.....He eventually wakes up in the morning and comes in the house. So I was kinda cranky b/c I had a long day and I hear "BABE COME HERE", I'm like WHAT!!! So he left the dog in the bedroom. No biggie we do that alot. Well my nasty ass bf has a sinus probelm and doesn't throw away his snotty tissues. The dog loves to eat tissues. Only when they have snot in them. We the dog ate all the tissues and puked blue shit everywhere. We usually argue about who cleans doggie accidents, but the b/f was sooo drunk he just did it!!! YAY!!!!!!
I'm out my Beauties, hope y'all had great weekends


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Tammy said... brother in law works for this store..I think it's this same one that you went into! weird!!
You and the hubby are cute. =)

paperdollrevenge said...

Oh what? HG moisturizer?! I so have to look for that! You know my sister likes to put olive oil in her body moisturizers...and as a leave-in-conditioner in her hair. It was funny 'cause we went out shopping one day & she had it in her hair for days and said "I feel like I look like one of those wannabe black Asian girls," puhahaha it was true, 'cause her hair looked all super slick and shiny (she's actually half black & Vietnamese, by the way).

Those boys are too cute! & one thinks your a teenager, hehe, that's a good thing, or else maybe he'll be like "Why aren't you married? Where are your babies?" :P

That's a crazy story about your bf's dog and his snot tissues! I'm glad the bf made it right by showing up in a suit.

I'm sorry to hear about your uncle. Life can be so heartbreaking sometimes. I was crying once and a stranger told me "God doesn't give you more than you can handle," which at the time made me think yeah right, whatever, I don't care, I'm crying! But random strangers can show such kindness and compassion, makes me wonder sometimes if there really are angels out there watching us. =)

P.S. I don't put my e-mail on my blog except for like the contest posts so I won't get random e-mails from weirdos or blog stalkers who don' comment, but it's paperdollrevenge @ gmail dot com .

babycoconut said...

Hey I used to use Gold Bond before too because I have eczema and dry skin, especially in the winter. Now I used unrefined shea butter(this way it still has all the vitamins). It's a bit thick but its really good at keeping in the moisture.

Bombchell said...

YAY!!! to the interracial couple.

Ill check out goldsbond. gosh I have so much lotion, lol if it had spf it would be perfect and OMG Ryler & raydon are so adorable!!!!