Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Quick Hello!!

Hi Y'all!!! I just wanted to do a quickie post and say HI!!!! Living below the poverty level leaves me without a lot of new 'beauty stuff' to talk about. My economics course is driving me crazy. It's like all graphs and charts and I'm not a numbers kinda girl, I'm more of the creative type.

Stupid Vlog

Random Quickies

1. It's only June and the temp has hit 90 like everyday this week. So weird to me...

2. My cousin & I have a deep passion for crablegs..... $5 1lb crablegs on Wednesday nights @Ultimate are the highlight of my week. Did I mention they have $2 drinks on Tuesday & Wednesdays =)

3. Chloe is a slutty little puppy I had to pull a full grown Boxer Pit Mix off of her b/c she don't know how to keep her legs SHUT! I also had to pull of his Poodle friend. The other own thought it was funny! I shouldn't have to worry about dog sex on my cousins property! Put a leash on your HORNY DOGS! Because if she's pregnant I'm gonna make him pay to get it 'taken care of''! I can barely deal with her behind I'm NOT taking care of a litter of bastard puppies, she need to get married first.
She's only 6months so I didn't think she needed the 'talk' yet. She's getting spayed next Friday.

4. My favorite mindless summer reality show is Police Women of Memphis on TLC...

5. Does this make any sense to you? I hate graphs! Like I get it but I feel that the graph makes it more complicated.

6. I haven't gone on girl date with Bombchell in like 3 weeks! Where you at chica?

7. I'm extension free!!!! I can't believe how long, strong & healthy my real hair is after 2 years of back to back 'protective styling'. 

8. I'm addicted to half-wigs/falls!!! I already have 3 in my collection.

9. I feel like my friends from home have thick NY & Long Island accents. I never noticed that before.....

10. I finally went to Piedmont park! (Pics taken w/ my HTC Droid Incredible)

Miss Y'all!!