Thursday, January 8, 2009

No Good Very Bad Day!

Today was BAD day. I mean BAD! It started last night when I received an e-mail from my school informing me that I was DE-REGISTERED for the upcoming term and my Financial Aid is now $0.00! WTF, the letter didn't explain why... So I freaked out, cried, threw a "fit" attempted to jump off the roof. My unusual drama... So I emailed the my school... So this morning I check my mail NADA. I call. They wouldn't let me speak to the Financial Aid Dept. b/c the info line knows all. To make a long story short I finally find out that they de-registered me b/c I got an INC (I took out extensions w/ was fine w/ my professors). Well the Financial Aid reads an INC as an F so they took my money! Since they took my aid away the tutition wasn't paid.... I can register and pay out of pocket, but I don't have $2,597.50. Tuition has to be paid in full during the now late registration period. No payment plan. The absolute and final day for late registration is next Friday the 16th. So I have 6 (actually 5, just finished one), papers/assignments to write, research, submit and get a a final grade for by the 16th! Impossible. Will my profs. grade them in time? Can my Financial Aid be reinstated, all by the 16th? I emailed my mentor, & my professors to see if they can help me out. I requested "placeholder" grades so I wont have INC No replies as of yet. I wrote 1 paper today. It's sh!t, really bad. I'm rushing. I wrote it out of my a$$, I'm ashamed to submit it. I didn't even use outside sources only the text. I pretty much need a miracle... I can't pay attention for sh!t so I probably could have pumped out 2 papers but I stared into space, organized my pens & hilighters, re-arranged my Hello Kittys, read my long blogroll............. I have serious focusing issues. I need to call my Dr. and see if I can go back on the ADD Rx. Only problem is that it made me mean and crazy, but I got a lot of shit done. Is there something herbal that I can take? I can't afford an Rx unless it's on the $4 Generic list @ Walmart..... I'm uninsured....Unemployed... I'm a mess y'all............. There is one little thing that would make me very happy right now. A present from Zales, it's only $795.00 Diamonds & Pink Sapphires......
I'm watching Rock of Love 3 the Bus (1st episode) on TiVo, those are some crazy plastic bitches.. I'm gonna watch b/c I'm a fool...... I'm also a VH-1 Celeb Reality junkie.
WTF- Like Plastic Much
Who really wants that? Seriously.......
He's no PRIZE
Well, hopefully tomorrow will come with some answers and I can get this straightened out.... Oh lawd, I have to go to school next term. I have no job, school is all I have......... Pray for me y'all. Please

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Anonymous said...

Sorry 2 hear about ur FA!

I read on that crazy nikkis myspace bulletin...she explained the herpes papers. she said that all girls get tested before they get on the show. lol. that was good to know. so now that explains why brett is so open to kissing all these girls. they might not have anything...but once they leave the show they might leave with something. lol!

Virgo Girl said...

Sorry to hear how terrible your Thursday is a new day and even better because it is Friday (woo hoo!).

If you ever decide to try doing some crochet, do not fret my left handed friend! A friend of mine was having a hard time learning to crochet due to being left handed...I sent this link to her she said it really helped. Here it is:

Here's to a better week ahead. Cheers!

april said...

hahahaha ur suppose to be doin papers but watchin vh1 lmfao isn't it crazy how tv jus sucks u in. girlllllllllllll betta get to workin school is no joke. take advantage of it when its being paid for my aid. I pay out my own pockets because of .... I dunno ... I guess I too get carried away by rock of luuuuuvvvvvreeee! hahaha he has such pretty eyes tho .... mmmm =) tootles doll I hope all works out well.

p.s. if u do get the hk present. pawn the sonovathing and pay someone to write ur papers jk

Rai said...

That sucks about your financial aid.
Hopefully it will all work out.

I myself am a VH1 junkie. lol
There are a lot of fake boobs on this season.
I don't find a single girl pretty.
...well except the girl who has the piercings in her cheek. lol

But he doesn't want love, he just wants a good time. SMH

Andrea said...

Hey, i came across your blog while doing a google search on "why was my financial aid taken away?" ha. i see we're in the same situation. do you attend NVCC?