Monday, August 31, 2009

Maxwell's Pre-Grand Opening & FOTN

Hi, y'all!!!  Miss me?? I hope y'all like my new layout!!  It's almost done, I have a little bit more "tweaking" to do.  It's driving me damn crazy.  If you like my banner and want one for yourself.  Hit up my Ace Boon Coon Ms. Jaimie and she'll make you a new pretty banner in like a day!!!  Just talk to her and send her an email with your blog name, your style, images you want in it and BOOM! New banner for only $15!! She's hella quick too.
I've been crazy busy with finals and my freelance marketing gig!!!  Maxwell's Sports Bar-Grill had its Pre-Grand Opening this past Saturday and it went so well!!!  I'm so happy.  All of the hours of planning paid-off! The place was packed!!!  I only used non-paid advertising! Twitter & Facebook!!! Social media does work, so professor D-bag is soo wrong and he's steering his students in the wrong direction by arguing with my otherwise....
The owner is my old boss & friend Tina and she always wanted to open a restaurant/catering business!  It sucks that I'm moving in a month or so because there's finally somewhere not lame to hang out in Danbury.

View from the front
View from the side door of the "Green" they have free concerts there during the summer.
Food Porn

 More Food Porn

Cute Bar Tender
Kendall Bar Cam

If your in the area and want to meet up I'll be there on Friday & Sat. nights!!!
If your a CT Beauty Blogger I'm thinking about holding a CT Pow-Wow in the VIP room, so let me know if your interested so I see if there's any interest.
I'm also thinking about hosting my Bon Voyage to ATL party in the VIP room on Oct. 3rd if it's not booked for that night.

Here's my FOTN!!  Guess what y'all???  I didn't wear purple!!!!!  I attempted a smokey pink eye...
 Pink not Purple.....
I don't know why I look pissed?
For my eyes I used the following stuff:
Two Faced Shadow Insurance - Primer
NYX Jumbo Pencil- Strawberry Milk (lids)
MAC- Swish & Sushi Flower & Girlie (lids, inner corner, lower lashline)
MAC- All That Glitters (highlight)
Urban Decay- Oil Slick (crease & outer corners)
MARK- Get In Line Liquid Liner - Painted Black (upper lashline)
Urban Decay- 24/7 Pencil- Zero (outer half of water line)
Ardell Lashes- (sorry can't find box, but I did find the lashes in my wallet today)
Ardell Lash Magic Blending Mascara
On my face I used:
Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Fluid Concealer 
MAC Studio Fix NW50
MAC Bronzer - Refined Deeper Bronze
MAC MSF- Gold Deposit (attempted highlighting & contouring)
MAC Blush - Loverush & Sweet As Cocoa
On my lips I used:
MARK Juice Gems- Berryliscious 
MAC- Lipglass- Style Warrior
I'm out!!!  Gotta work on my marketing plan for this week and do some extra credit work for one of my classes.... >_<
Luv Ya!
    Mean It!

Test Post

Jaimie has big boobies!!!
Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hair Care....

Hi Y'all! I came across this story on the other website where I like to waste away my time on Black Hair Media. I read this story and I thought that it was so sweet!!!

White Father Learned to do Daughter's Natural Hair

Interview from Black Girl with Long (Natural) Hair Blog

"Last week we were all captivated by the images in the Atlanta Journal Constitution of a white dad — Clifton Green — who learned to take care of his adopted Ethiopian daughter's hair. (Click this link for the AJC slideshow: I was so amazed that I tracked Clifton down and asked if he would do a BGLH interview. He agreed! Clifton is a professor at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. He has shared his personal photos of him and his daughter, Miriam. He did all the styles you see on his baby girl!"

Clifton: Let me first speak as a white adoptive parent of a black child. We know that love alone is not enough to raise our daughter. She will have experiences as a black person that we can't relate to as white parents, and we need to reach out to the black community to help us raise our daughter into a woman that is proud of her culture and heritage. We live in Atlanta, and we have black friends in our lives and go to a church that is roughly half black, but we didn't anticipate the support we've received from the online community. It's been really nice.

BGLH: First off, we thought it was cute that you were using a fork. I'm assuming it doubled as a comb?
: I used to use a fork to make Miriam's parts. The rat tail comb I had at first wasn't very pointy and I was more happy with the fork. I thought it made nice, sharp parts. I have a better rat tail comb now and I've gotten used to it so I've done away with the fork.

BGLH: How often do you do your daughter's hair? And how long does it take?
: On average we wash her hair every 10 days, but sometimes it's once a week or every two weeks depending on what we've done that week (like playing in the pool or the sand box). I often re-do the braids or twists during the week depending on how they're looking (smaller braids last longer) .

BGLH: Where/how did you learn how to take care of her hair? Why did you learn to take care of her hair?
: We've always had black babysitters, and I loved it when Miriam's hair started getting long enough for our babysitter to braid or twist (Miriam came home at 1 year old with very little hair). Our babysitter moved away and our new sitter wasn't comfortable doing hair, and I missed how nice Miriam's hair looked. My wife and I started doing it but gradually over time it became my thing, at least partially because we also had a baby boy that my wife was breastfeeding. We learned from books like "It's All Good Hair," from other moms, and of course practice which I'm still doing. Our goal has always been to help her fit in among other black girls and to feel good about her hair. I'm not an expert, and we're always open to advice and suggestions :)

BGLH: Emotionally, how was the process of learning to take care of her hair? Was it ever frustrating or discouraged? Or was it a joy?
: Learning about hair care and styles has been a joy. Sometimes the doing can be frustrating :) I would say the worst has been my attempt at cornrows. They look like they're two weeks old as soon as I do them, and when I spend an hour or longer on her hair I want it to look perfect. So I haven't tried them for awhile.

BGLH: If you could describe your daughters afro textured hair in three words, what would they be?
: Curly, coily, bouncy.

BGLH: I'm assuming you've been around Caucasian hair all your life. This may be a kind of silly question, but what to you, is the most striking difference between the texture of your daughters hair, and the hair you were used to?
: I would say perhaps the most striking difference is how dry her hair can get. In my experience, white people's hair tends to get oily between washings; with Miriam her hair dries out instead.

BGLH: Do you find anything uniquely beautiful about afro-textured hair?
: My favorite is the way it looks with two strand twists. It seems uniquely black and beautiful to me.

BGLH: Do you think the care you take in nurturing your daughter's hair is having an effect on herself image? If so, in what way?
: Miriam is 5. Right now I think we're laying the groundwork for when she's older and starts to think about her identity as a woman of color and what that means.

BGLH: And finally, I saw you have a young son. What does he think of his big sister's hair :)
: Our non-adopted son is 4, and although we have discussions about skin color (they refer to it as brown skin and yellow skin), we haven't talked much hair specifically. Although he says it's beautiful sometimes, right now I would say he loves Miriam's hair mainly because he gets to watch TV when I fix it. He also likes for Miriam to fix his hair with her barrettes and hair balls, and he'll sit still to let her do that. Our 2 year old son also enjoys Miriam's hair stylings. We're on the wait list to adopt again from Ethiopia (another girl). So I'll have more chances to practice my skills, and hopefully the girls can appreciate each other’s hair and practice styling on each other as they grow up.

All I can stay is THANK YOU Clifton Green, thank you for not letting your adopted child run around with her hair looking like H.A.M. (hot ass mess). Caring for black hair can be tricky if you don't know where to start or what products to use. If you don't know ASK SOMEBODY!!!! We will help you!!!!

Zhara Jolie Pitt, po' chile......

Seriuosly??? Your telling me that Brad & Angie can't hire a stylist to come in a help them?? Find a chic from around the way and help this po' chile???? At least buy a book or something.
$11.21 on Amazon!!! Seriously..... Send your assistant to the beauty supply store or CVS for goddness sake and buy some hair balls, bows, barrettes and fix the child's hair!!!!

Just limit the use of hair balls and bows to no more than four per hairsyle.... It's a rule, if you don't believe me then please open your Black Folks Instruction Book!
Luv Ya!
Mean It!

P.S I can't wait to see Good Hair in October

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Personal Shoe Stylist & Random Quickies

Hi y'all! Would you pay $39 a month for an "extraordinary pair of shoes"? Well you can if you sign up with ShoeDazzle a monthly membership society... Hmmm, $39 dollars a month is kind of steep when you add it to your existing monthly budget, but then again it's not a lot of money...

*Image credit []
ShoeDazzle's website claims that "the shoes are handpicked for you by "fashion experts". There is no obligation to purchase shoes once you register, and you are charged only after you choose your first pair of shoes. In any month, you may select the "Skip This Month" button in your account section between the 1st and 5th of the month and you will not be charged."
I'm so curious about this service... I signed up & took my "fashion survey", got my survey results, and the fashion experts provided you with a choice of 5 fashionable shoes pairs of shoes. Then punked out....

I consider myself a good bargain hunter and I could take that same $39 and go buy my shoes myself, and know that they fit (my left foot is slightly larger than my right, so is my left boob),

I'm also a sucker for comfort I lean towards certain brands that I know are comfortable for me. I have plenty of "cute & trendy" uncomfortable shoes in my closet reserved for special occasions......

*Image credit []

Am I only really curious because Kim Kardashian is a "co-founder" and "Kim makes all final decisions on which shoes to present to our members every month". Probably! It really seems like a great service. Maybe when I move and start working full time I'll be more interested. Right now I work from home and only meet with my clients on occasion and usually it's a pretty casual and informal meeting.......
The shoes do look cute.....

*Image credit []

Also what brands do they have??? According to their FAQ page "Our brands include ShoeDazzle by Michael Antonio, our own ShoeDazzle line and shoes from other high-quality, stylish designers. Kim Kardashian and our stylists choose shoes with great quality, high fashion, value and comfort. We are confident you will appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into every pair of shoes offered by ShoeDazzle."

So what do y'all think? Check out ShoeDazzle and let me know what you think.

~Random Quickies~

  • I'm on a hardcore NO BUY right now and I'm really cranky about it :( But if any of you would like to buy me a cute pair of earrings with little diamonds, I won't say no!  ;)

  • I'm SUPER broke trying to squirrel away what little money I make for my move...

  • I'm moving in October instead of September and I may be living with my other cousin and working in her boutique in downtown ATL called Amor Mi....
  • I'm scared of Palmetto Bugs!!!! We don't have them in the Northeast but people say to get used to them if I plan on moving "down south".

  • I crossed of Azalea Park Apartments off my list!

  • My MAC Carbon e/s cracked in the palette and I've been to lazy to re-press it, I really need to because I keep finding have black eyeshadow powder on my white-ish carpet and stepping on it and leaving little black carbon trails......

  • Summer session ends for me on Aug. 28th!!!! I have to haul ass till then but then I can look forward to a two week school break...

  • I'm on a hardcore NO BUY right now and I'm really cranky about it :( But if any of you would like to buy me a cute pair of earrings with little">diamonds, I won't say no!  ;)

  • I received my Best of Olivia Ong from Kay yesterday and have been listening to it over & over!! I'm so happy it came! I was about to accuse my mailman of International CD package theft! Thanks for the Strawberry Pocky!!! I ate it! I'm going to do my Honey Mask tonight.

  • I'm getting excited about the upcoming Beauty Blogger Pow Wow that's coming up in October in ATL that's being hosted by Ms. Jaimie!!!! I can't wait to meet Ms. Katrina!!!

That's all for now!

Luv Ya!
Mean It!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sneaky, Sneaky KT!! & Target Dollar Spot Hello Kitty Haul!!!!

i y'all!!!! I'm sooo late with this entry!! I got a surprise ♥ pack from my West Coast sister Ms. Kimberly Tia!!! She sent it to me right before I went to Atlanta and I meant to blog about it but I got all caught up in being in ATL, moving and school!!! Kimberly is one of the reasons why I kept blogging. She's one of the sweetest and sincere bloggers out there. I can't remember how I stumbled upon her blog but I was AMAZED by her beauty, style and her huge following She left a sweet comment on my little blog like the 3rd day I had it and I was like "wow", she left me a comment ♥!!! The world is so strange!!! You never know what a small gesture means to someone else.
She spoiled me rotten!!!!! First of all I had NO idea that she was sending me something it was a SNEAK ATTACK!!! Stealthy beotch like me..... I opened it with her via BlogTv!!! I didn't invite y'all b/c my face was nekkid and I looked all crazy, but if you must see my crazy looking self you can click on the BlogTV link most of it is me about to cry and saying things like"OMG", "ohhhh candy", "gurl"..... "stop", "no you didn't".....
I'm retarded and I didn't take a big ass pic so this is gonna be pic heavy.... All my entries are pic heavy! Deal with it..♥

Just the package made my day before I even opened it!!! It could of been filled with shredded paper!!!! How can you not love & laugh this.....

Laugh, like PEE ON YOURSELF laugh!!!!

Follow Directions!!!!
Sooo kawaii with the stickers on the flowers!!!

Top Secret Love Note!!! (Y'all know that's my favorite part)
Sheet Masks!!!! (They are so hard to find by me)

Skinfood sample!!! I wonder if it will help lighten a few dark spots....
Omega 3 Facial Serum Sample!

Yeah, I attacked the snacks!!! But I kept the boxes to photograph.....

I ate most of these already..... Piggy me!!!
Trying soo hard to save these!!!! (I'm gonna need candy when I move)...
I will never eat this!!!! It's too cute!!!!

Hair thingy!!! Something cute to tie up my 22''s....

Nail Files!! I love how they match my paper :)
Kawaii, Denim Hello Kitty Plushie! I love her!!!

Hello Kitty POST-IT's!!!!!! I have an office supply fetish!!!

KT's favorite Ramen! I'm saving these for when I move too! I can't really cook.....

Ok... I think this is a stamp??? Well if it isn't that's what I've been using it for :) I'm thinking about using it when I move maybe do something creative on my walls??

Pretty, Pretty eye palette! Color payoff is awesome...
SHISEM LASHES!!!! With glitter!!!! :)
Pretty Soaps!! They smell amazing!!! Guess KT thinks I need to wash my butt :) I actually keep them in my "lingerie drawer" so my stuff smells all ladylike! When I move they will be my "don't use these" soaps in my bathroom.
She wrapped everything like it was Christmas!!! Yeah, I kept the paper!!!

And last but not least!!!!!! KT knittted up a little kawaii couture amigurumi critter for me!!!!
Let me introduce you to.....
She has a string & I can hang her in my car, but I like her sitting on my desk and watching my study, blog, waste time.....
Anit Ms. Kimberly Tia sweet!!! I'll get you back!!! It wont be tomorrow, it might be next week, it might be in a month! So WATCH YOU BACK!!!! I mean mailbox :)

So I went into Target the other day to get some binders for a project that I'm working on with a client!! I always check the "Dollar Spot" in the front of the store for little thingys and to see if they had any new Hello Kitty Stuff, and they did!!!!!! I'm on a strict NO BUY until I move!!!! Not being able to shop is kinda depressing.... :( So I did treat myself a little bit...

All This Stuff for $1 each!!!!!!
Magnetic Note Paper!!!


Blingy, Hologrammy, Sparklerly Notebook


Tote Bag!!! I seriously collect them!!!

Cleansing Hand Wipes Bubblegum Scented!!!! I actually bought 3 packs but one is in my purse somewhere.
Total Damage $10.00 :) But it's Hello Kitty Stuff so it's really priceless........