Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Found Something New...... Well New to me!

Hi Y'all! I hope all y'all had a Happy Valentines Day! Mine was so-so. The bf gave me a cute card with stickers in it! It was a kid card but he knows I ♥ stickers so he chose that card. He FORGOT to write my NAME on the card... I was like is this for me? Because I'm not sure it doesn't have my NAME on it. He also got me chocolates, I'm not a big chocolate fan, but he knows I love V-Day Chocolate! I bite them see & taste what's inside then put them back in the box, lol. He thinks thats gross, but whatev it's MY chocolate. So we decieded to go to Mohegan Sun. Were both piggies and we were looking froward to the buffet, classy right. We loved it the last time that we went but this time the food & the selection SUCKED!! The best part was the ice cream! Sad! So the bf brought $200 to play with and my unemployed broke ass brought $20 for gambling.... The machines were not "hot" I was doing good on penny & nickel slots but I ended up losing my $20. The bf lost $100. He wasn't even going to mess with the other $100 he brought. You can tell that the economy sucks because the penny, nickel & quarter slots were packed. So we hit up the stores!!! Oriental Fine Arts & Crafts was my favorite. They had rare Hello Kitty finds, and all kinds of kawaii stuff, but it's not the place to bring the bf he's not my favorite shopping buddy. So I told him to go play with the Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat) because it had a mehcanial paw so that I could focus and get some Hello Kitty swag. I ended up with nothing b/c he doesn't "get" my love of Hello Kitty and cute Asian trinkets. I'll go back though by myself so I can focus without the bf. I also had my tiny purse with me and I didn't want to have to be responsible for carrying stuff around the casino. We browsed Tiffany & Co. (the bf kept saying it was hot in there. I think expensive stuff makes him sweat. There was a COACH Store & a LUSH but I have those near my regular mall so I didn't make him go. Here's a list of all the stores at Mohegan Sun.
Ok one with the good stuff! I really am getting into Paint Pots Vanessa started this new crackish addiction. So far I only own two, Fresco Rose and Groundwork, but I want more.....
(no flash)

I also have a little thing for GLITTER LINERS, I thought that they would be too "teen-ish" but they are very subtle. I got two both from the MAC Hello Kitty Collection (they don't have any Hello Kitty on them, but you put it near the Hello Kitty stuff and I suddenly want to try them. I picked up two Her Glitz & Girl Grove. Girl Grove is slightly clear and you can make it your own color by appying it over a colored liner. Her Glitz is kinda gold-ish but looks amazing over my signiture black liner.

Ok, I'm out! I have some MAJOR HAULAGE coming over the next few days. The Mailman, UPS, & FexEd dudes are going to be very annoyed with me for the next few days! I hit up NYX, Katie B., Coastal Scents! I'm going to a delivery truck & mailman STALKER, peering through the blinds waiting for my precious items to arrive!


Ohh, I hope that Kimberly Tia & Xppinkx had wonderful b-days!!!! <3 I'm sure that you lovely ladies did!

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paperdollrevenge said...

Aww too bad to hear that you don't like shopping with your bf, hehe, but then I never liked shopping with guys, haha! I prefer either with girlfriends or myself. =P

I haven't tried Glitter Liner but you're making me to! I also need to get me a paint pot, hehe. So many cute things are coming out at all the time from MAC...damn them! =P I'm waiting on the Kitty Kouture and also the Sugar Sweet collections in March.

And yes...I'm gonna agree with your bf that that's gross, lol, you should just get a little knife and cut up your chocolates! =P

xppinkx said...

hey babe

since your in between NY and Boston when you go out to either both let me sure we can have shit loads of you reg. the casinos too? i have the shit of luck when it come to gambling...but im the bomb at craps!!! helll yeah!!! thanks for the biday wishes love...and yes im liking the pink lids...and i just saw your blogger video...damn womann your GORGE...i like the way you move your lips and talk...yeah im a weirdo and i get crazy on shit like that...hahah!!!

so let me know and for sure im having a LI pow wow!!!!! bring out your DDDD's woman...oh and i need a personal can smasher for recycling!!!


KiLLaCaM said...

Hey mamas! you had me crackin up about the part where your BF sweats around expensive things! lol! That's totally the other way around for my and my guy. he's like " wanna go into the Louis Vuitton store?" I'm like "i'm totally having a pretty woman hooker moment!"

princessvalecia said...

I'm dying to get fresco rose but Im kinda on this no spending kick ugh!

Kimberly Tia said...

awwwwwwww i did have a fabulous birfday thanks to your extra special kenDOLL face lovin's

i love my new crochet hooks, they're so smooth, they can be turned into chopsticks... MUWAHHHAH

M said...

i use to love paintpots! but now i'm addicted to the benefit creaseless shadows :P

Iyah said...

You got more Hello Kitty stuff! Yay! <3 Those glitter liners looks very nice! Ohhh I'm adding you to Poupee also <3

Girl, I want to start collecting purses now! Ohhhh its on! Maybe if I don't buy that much make up, I'll be able to get myself a nice bag! Hahha! :)

Yes the husband has 3 brothers. The older one is married to my bestfriend and he spoiles her with material things like craaazy!! the younger bro is in the philippines. I believe he's 20. The youngest is only 6 years old. lol!

Nu Nu Doll said...

hahaha I stalk my mailman too, I swear he prolly thinks I have a crush on him! :)

MAKEUP central-by LYN said...

can't wait for this haul! I want to see the katie b. products!