Monday, February 23, 2009

Baggie Stash... Kendall's Shadow Lab!

Please excuse my everchanging layout. I was having "technical" difficuties with the layout that I found & ♥ed. So I keep moving things around and I'm trying to get it together. I'm so fustrated that I'm out to outsource some custom template designs!!! My banner is POOP! But I'm still learning Photoshop so it's coming along.

Hi Y'all! So I did a little "project" on Saturday night. Instead of being normal and going out with my girls I stayed home and played in my "lab". I was kinda tired from outlet shopping all day besides I have drinks in my room and they are free at club/crack shadow lab Chez Kendall! I have to cut back sometimes to support my "habit".
I'm a mad scientist minus the chemistry... I ♥ sample shadows but I can't stand the baggies!! First of all I forget to use them b/c they aren't in my reach, they get messy and all over the place and get my brushes and fingers dirty... So I placed a little order with Coastal Scents and I got me some empty jars, spoons & sifters.
The supplies:
  • Jars w/ sifters, lids & spoons
(excuse the Gel Liner in Platinum & Brush they clicked their way into my little cart..)

The "Lab" Setup
  • Paper Towels & Pledge Multi Surface for messes (Plege Multi-Suface is the sh!t, you can clean glass, wood, counters dust with one product. My lazy behind ♥'s it! )
  • Jars w/ sifters & lids & spoons
  • Sample shadows/ loose pigments

The "stash" my little crack-shadow baggie. One hit at a time. Ahhhhh

Measure your crack I mean loose shadow..... (I personally didn't really need the spoons except for when I was scooping MAC Pigments). I found "flicking" the bags and getting all the product to the bottom was easier. Sorry people I only have two hands I couldn't get a "flicking" shot.... I did try though!

For "spillage" I used a handy 6" ruler to move the product to their new homes kinda looks like Ms. Kimberly Tia a.ka. Ice-T's lines of "cornstarch" umm hmmm.

Sometime I got lazy and tried the "inverted dump method".

Nice loose shadows in happy neat and non-messy homes! I just peeled the labels off the baggies and cut them up and made them fit. Adorned With Grace Minerals samples have the best stickers they fit perfectly.
I did more than 6 but I don't know where that pic went. I did a bunch of blushes too but I usually use sample blushes as eyeshadows b/c they are usually too pink for my Choco-skin tone & I'm not trying to waste makeup.
I was talking to ebonie on Twitter and she recommended TKB Trading for sample jars and sifters & they don't charge extra for the sifters. I'm anal I want sifters & I want them complementary with my order! I need more jars, I plan on doing this with all my "baggy" samples.

Miss JoJo I ♥ you for sending me some SWEET HELLO KITTY LOVIN'!!!! You are such a sweetheart!!! Be prepared to be HIT BACK!!! I love surprises! I love giving back even more! Girl I'm still going to stalk you for the Hello Kitty Brush Set even though it's not in your power to get it too me.... I'm gonna go to the craft store this week and make my own danm brush holder.

MAC Hello Kitty Lipstick ~ Strayin'
NYX Walnut Sparkle

Ok, ladies I'm out! I've got a bunch of little chores to do, studying and organizing for a special SWAP with a secret Beauty Blogger!!! We are both SWAP VIRGINS and were going to be each other's firsts...Ayy que romantical..♥.. Even though we live really close to each other it should be a drive-by swap, but there is nothing like the feeling of getting a PACKAGE in the MAIL full of ♥


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wuzzyangel said...

LOL! You're soo funny! "Crack Lab"

Haha! Great job with the project! I don't care for baggies either! I know it's better for the enviroment, but eh...

How sweet of JoJo!! Can't wait to see your swap!

M said...

i had no idea you can get so much out of those sample bags!

Linda said...

Haha! I love how you call it crack. I have all my little baggies & jars laying around and I have yet to transfer them. I think you just gave me the push to do it tonight. =)

Iyah said...

Hah! I'm a swap virgin as well! LOL! :) Yeah massages creeps me out :P

Its a cute idea about transfering the piggies to the jars. More easy to use :)

paperdollrevenge said...

LOL you are too much, you know that? lol But I so know what you mean, I hate sample baggies and I never use them! =X Jars ftw!

Andddd I'm so happy for you and the "secret" beauty blogger's first swap time being with each other! Although drive-by swap sounds kind of dangerous, I wouldn't recommend it as there might be innocent bystanders around. =P

Miss.Fortune said...

those turned out beautiful

Kimberly Tia said...


whutchooo know about my "white linesssssss"
ha ha haaaaaaaa
I'm so um honored, that all the sudden now crack and coke is a reference to Kimberly Tia, like peas are to carrots. ROFL

and I'm excited for you, your first blogger swap, I hope it's a wonderful experience for you pretty mama. You def deserve nice things, cuz you're suchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a mega sweetheart -- and girl I looooooove , friggin love these bamboo crochet hooks, they're sooo yummy and smooth!

imee said...

that's a crack lab forrealz! LOL it's addicting like crack.

Mets GirLL said...

Swap virgin? I love it. I had no idea swapping had so many sexual references, swap virgin, swap skank, swap slut. LoL.
Cherry Culture is s0o slow..did you receive your package yet?
By the way, I'm totally stealing your idea! I hate sample baggies.

eb0nie said...

I should have told you TKB also have samples the size of Mac pigment jars for $1.50. I see you are working it out though.