Friday, February 13, 2009

Opppss....I Did It AGAIN... MAC Hello Kitty Round 2

Hi, y'all! Two posts in one day!!! So I went a little MAC cRaZy!!! So here's Hello Kitty Round 2!!! It's like my time has come!
Small HK Makeup Bag for my purse
Eye Quad- Too Dolly
Pigment ~ Milk
Glitter Liner ~ Her Glitz
Paint Pot ~ Fresco Rose
Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation ~ NW50
(Paint Pot (left) Glitter Liner (right)

Ok, I'm done. I'm not buying anything else for a minute! Except maybe some more Paint Pots! I'd like to thank Vanessa for her Paint Pot color recommendation and advice :)
I got the Mineralize Foundation for my BB Cream project. I'm going to add a tiny bit to the BB Cream and apply. I've actually been using my BB Cream everyday w/ Studio Finish Powder on top and I must say that I'm loving it!
I also got a new bag! I used to have a bag "addiction" it had to be a designer bag etc.... But I've come to terms with the fact that I'm a purse whore and I like to change bags like every 3 months or less, and I rarely re-use bags so I basically have a closet full of purses that I never use. So the new purse law is under $200 unless it's a gift or there are "mitigating" circumstances. So yesterday when I was browsing in MACY*S I saw a purse and I got the "itch". It's a Franco Sarto and it was, I think $65 and I took a coupon from my Mama's coupon stash and I got the bag for $48. (Sorry, I can't remember the price and I hid the receipt).
(Inside filled with my crap already)
I really like this bag b/c it's big & roomy, it has a zillion pockets and zippers to stash my junk! It also has a light in it, and when you press it, it will stay on for a minute, perfect for finding junk in the dark, I usually use my phone as a purse light!


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Kimberly Tia said...

*slaps hand* -- bad kendall...
wouldn't buying scrapbook paper be a cheaper hobby for you?!??! puwahhahah
jk -- im loving all your new goodies, they make me green with envy!

Bombchell said...

my makeup is so.... finished its sad. lol u know when u get to the bottom that it no longer looks ur exact shade lol.

omg hate u for having a storm. i have the bold.

u should def hit me up when u hit the A.

M said...

how cute! you got the hk makeup bag :D

purses = dangerous to wallet

Askmewhats said...

wonderful haul! and I love the bag!!! :) I like big enough bags to put all my crap too LOL

BeautyJunkie said...

I love my big bags!! lol
you should do whats in your purse thingy!!