Friday, February 13, 2009

Yeah It's Hello Kitty Time!

Hi Y'all! I've been a busy little worker bee! Studying, Shopping, Hauling, Relaxing! So I finally got my MAC Hello Kitty on!!!!! I'm kinda bummed because I REALLY WANTED the brush set and it's sold out online & M.A.C. Counters aren't selling them >_<... So here's my swag!

Large Cosmetics Bag (I'm going back today for the small one for my purse)
Eye Shadow Quad ~ Lucky Tom

Glitter Pigment ~ Reflects Very Pin
Lippie ~ Fresh Brew
Glitter Liner ~ Girl Gr

I love the inside of the bag! Hot PINK!!!! ♥

Fresh Brew ~ Lippie
Makes a great nude lip! I just need to find a nude lip liner to match......
I think that yesterday was my "Unofficial Hello Kitty Day!" I found this in Claire's.....
Hello Kitty Charm Bracelet & a key cover!!!
Now I have a "KK"- Kawaii Key!

I did a little surgery on the charm bracelet (I can't wear costume jewelry >_<>
So I made it into a charm for my Zable Bracelet!!! I checked and there aren't any "official" Hello Kitty charms for the Zable so I too it into my own hands! Yes, my Zable Bracelet is sad looking but I want every charm to have meaning so I'm not rushing to add a lot of charms to it.
While I was in the mall I remembered that Valentine's day is SATURDAY, lol.... I was soo concerned about my Hello Kitty swag that I totally forgot about the bf..... I'm aweful.... I remembered that he's supposed to get me something, I just got caught up in myself.... Very Selfish!!!! So I got him cologne Salvatore Ferragamo, it smelled good. I have no clue what's hott in men's fragrance. I also got him two shirts from Old Navy (2 for $20) one long sleeve (maybe to wear to the casino on Sat... and the other short sleeved.) I guess I like him in blue b/c everytime I buy him clothes I pick the color blue....

I also picked up Ralph Lauren's Notorious for myself because I'm selfish......My mom gave me a Sephora sample for Christmas and I like it. I'm trying to be better with perfume and remember to put it on.. But I got two coupons from Perfumania! $5 off a purchase of $50 or more! So that's $10 in Perfumania savings for next time.

Dang, I really hauled yesterday! I'm going back to the mall to get a liitle more Hello Kitty stuff and a purse I saw in MACY*S. I had to consult with my mom before buying the bag because she stashes MACY*S coupons like nobodys business, so I have a 15% off coupon!
I'm loving my BB Storm! I haven't found a case that's "me" yet so I'm dealing with the neon pink one for now. I'm all CRACKBERRY, I love it.

*I'm thinking of selling my VZ Voyager if anyone is interested. It would come with the phone, a Body Glove Hard Black Case, 1 Clear Hard Case, 1 Black Rubber Feel Case, 2 Home Chargers, 1 Car Charger, 2 Screen Protectors, and the origninal box, instructions, CD-Rom, I'll take pics later. I was going to give it to my mom but it's a touch screen and it "stressed" her out.... Send me an email mskgreenel@gmail[dot]com

I'm out ladies!!! I have some errands to run and I need to put some clothes on, fix my hair, I look soo homeless at the moment! Happy Valentines Day I ♥ you ALL!!!

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KiLLaCaM said...

whatta great haul! you should try nordies for the brush set! it is a must have!

Digital Angel said...

Hello Kitty charm and key cover are so cute !
I can't think of you looking like homeless lol

paperdollrevenge said...

Awww very very cute!!! I love your Hello Kitty finds! <3

imee said...

fresh brew looks lovely! i can't wait for mine to arrive in the mail!

MAKEUP central-by LYN said...

ahhh that HK key is the cutest!