Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hi, My Name is Kendall & I Have A Hauling Problem

Hi Y'all! So I've been reading lots of blogs and there's a bunch of y'all who mention the CCO. I decided that I had to find one, and I did!! At Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets in Central Valley, NY! Thank you Google. The outlets are about and hour ride to from my house. So I had a ton of school work to do today and decided that I'd rather find this mysterious store that sells makeup for cheap! So I called my vitcim "C", she could care less about makeup but there were stores there that she was interested so I gased up the Subaru and we peaced out! I had one goal to get to store #815 The Cosmetics Company Store (I still don't get the CCO, acronym. So we got there and Kendall needed FOOD! It was going to be a long day and I'm like a baby. I need to be fed or I get irritable. So we had a super healthy lunch at Nathan's.Hot Dog & Cheddar Bacon Fries!!
We went to soo many stores, the outlet is huge! There was something going on at the Coach store b/c people were lined up to go in and there was security all around. We did a ton of clothes shopping but I only ended up with two tanks from Lucky Brand Jeans.
Finally we got to the Cosmetics Company Store. It was actually the last place we went. We keep trying to find it on the map and we ended up getting ADD or lost in the wrong direction. So here's the damage....... I grabbed a basket and went crazy. I looked like some kind of addict who was feigning for their next hit!



Smoke Signal


Talent Pool

Poison Pen


Warming Trend

Expensive Pink

Magnetic Fields

Pink Split

Heatherette Trio 2

Paint Pot:


Studio Finish Concealer Palette- Deep Dark

Pencil Trio


Iris Accents

Night Sky

Advanced Brushes

168SE, 187SE, 212SE, 219SE, 275SE

My receipt was so long it looked a grocery store receipt. They gave me some random boring Estee Lauder samples and a really cute Bumble&Bumble headband.

Oh and I'll leave you ladies with my hualin' look du jour....... I was feeling Too Dolly & Parfait Amour.........


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wuzzyangel said...

Applauds you on a great haul & a beautiful purple smokey eye!!

LOL!! I have the same Fafi bag! It's still in the plastic from last years event!!

Phoebeeautiful said...

beautiful! thanks for the comment on the skin issue post. i had to delete a few hater comments on that post because people took it as me dissing whoever uses skin bleaching creams and its totally not.. i wrote it to just help give girls out there another p.o.v. on the subject because all i read/see on a lot of beauty bloggers pages is raves about skin lightening products.

anywhooo.. i love your haul! im originally from southern california but ive been living in connecticut for 4 years now and i.m.o. think east coast CCO's have a bigger mac selection them most west coast cco's ive been to.

Phoebeeautiful said...

My husband is stationed at submarine base new london so yeah were in Groton. Clinton Crossing CCO is actually really close to us.. about 20-30 minutes away so its the only one i really go to.. they always have a great variety of items from past collections.. its def. worth checking out!

Nu Nu Doll said...

Damn girl! You did some serious damage at the CCO!!! haha I always go crazy at the CCO in MA, and the sales people are like wtf?! haha

imee said...

u already know what i had to say... DAMN!


Askmewhats said...

wow!! you bought so much!!!! *drools*

M said...

you grabbed a basket and went crazy puahahah i love it!

Vanessa M. said...

yayafor hauls!! your sooooooo lucky you got that FAFI bag!! Ive sooooo been wanting one but everywhere i look their over priced :( omg if you ever go back lemme kno!! i will pay ya!

KiLLaCaM said...

i wish i could haul like that! ugh..penny pinching is not fun! i need to take my ass to a CCO out here! you got a buttload of MAC stuff there! i hear they don't have too much MAC at the ones on the west.

MAKEUP central-by LYN said...

omgosh that food looked soooo good!!! you totally scored on your haul! I love that fafi bag! I wish it was soft though cause it takes to much space in my purse. lol

Devi said...

WOW, that's definitely A LOT of hauls! Nice! :)

Miss.Fortune said...

i absolutely LOVE fafi!
and that food looks BOMB..
im hungry

paperdollrevenge said...

I am feeling your haul! And shoot...for the hour drive and getting lost etc. I would have gotten as much as I could have too! Annnnnnd I'm envious, I want a pretty MAC brush set for cheap! Purple eye shadow is perfect on you!