Sunday, March 15, 2009
Hi, Y'all! I hope everybody had a good weekend!! This weekend I hung out with my "ex" boyfriends.....
Friday night I hung out with Rob & the old crew. We went to some lameo CT bars. I met up with everyone around 10pm at Maggie McFly's (yeah same place I went to with "C" on Thursday night but a different one. There are three around here". It was good seeing him and everyone, then we went to another bar called 1650. That place sucked! There was a bad band & even worse dancing. I really should of shot undercover video because it was BAD...
My Favorite Drink Du Jour Stoli Razz & 7-Up
We planned on heading to another bar/club called The Red Door, but we didn't make it. Instead we ended up at a Strip Club called Mr. Happy's becuase they had an AWESOME sign. LADIES NIGHT! LADIES DRINK FOR FREE. I don't judge. If your gonna serve free drinks I'm there. I met a nice girl named "Mandy" who grabbed my boob & asked me "whose your Dr. I love your boobs they look sooo natural...?" I told her that I got em from my Momma, but she tought my mom was a plastic surgeon.... "Mandy" isn't too smart but she had light up stripper heels so she was cool in my book.
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So to say the least it was an interesting night! Me & the "ex" are cool. No hard feelings, no love in the air, no hooking up. I eventually stumbled home & slept in my own BED!! First I had some Blueberry Eggo Waffles & Strawberries. So good at 2am....
Saturday I jumped on the Metro North with "C" to meet up with my college-ex "D" & his wife. It was his wifes b-day & he knows I'm single & bored and suggested that I come down & hang out. I convinced "C" to come with me.
So we took the train into Grand Central Station then jumped on the 6 (subway) like J-Lo to Astor place and followed "D's" custom map to....
Josie Wood's Pub
11 Waverly Pl, NYC

It was fun seeing "D" I haven't seen him since his wedding 3 years ago. He has cute friends too but everyone was coupled up. So I made friends with Jean the bouncer from Brooklyn. He let me check ID's with his ID scanner thing. I also made sure that I was in charge of the juke box and only let people play songs that I liked! We stayed there all night then took a taxi back to Grand Central (no subway it was late & I was drunk and lazy) also we COUDN'T miss our train. The last train back to CT leaves at 1:53am aka the "Drunk Train". Miss that train & your screwed and your drunk ass will have to sleep at Grand Central. So we grabbed some dogs from the dirty man stand & got on our train.

I don't know this man but I took a picture of him??
(Not our cab but we can pretend it was...)

The Blair Witch
The "Blair Witch" I was taking a pic of something else & she streaked & put a hex on my ass so I took another pic of her.
I was also obsessed with trying to find Ms. Mona from Make Me Blushhh.... I kept trying to like call her blog with my cell, lol..... I kept looking for her & "C" just didn't understand. I didn't quite remember that NYC is a big place & that Mona probably wouldn't want to be bothered with my drunk ass. Maybe next time!!! I'm definatley going to be going into to city more now that I'm a single lady.

So ladies I'll leave you with a little video! Listen to the Blair Witches streaking!!!



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Francesca said...

Aww i miss NY like craaaazy.

Anonymous said...

woo looks like we both had a great weekend...high five* hehe

i so want to go to a strip club just because i never been to one!! ahh i'm missing out!!!

great vids

Askmewhats said...

aww you obviously had a wonderful weekend, you look so pretty!

M said...

some of the nyc homeless people freak me out :P

if you're ever in grand central on a weekday you have to let me know, i work upstairs :P

MAKEUP central-by LYN said...

muwahahah! looks like you had a fun weekend! I need to try that drink!

Beauty is Androgynous said...

u had me at free drinks, grabbed your boob, and "mandy" not being smart LOLOL

she thought ur mom was a plastic surgeon omg thats really makin me laugh!

u know what else is makin me lawlz?? was a few years ago, my friends and I were driving down town and we saw 2 hookers wearing those EXACT types of light up platforms.
We were trying to take a pic as we drove by.
Later we drove back.......we got into a stupid situation trying to give them money cuz we felt bad for them (not wanting anything in return) n they got mad at us and punched my friend in the passenger side (her window was down) oh it was not good LOL but now I look back on it, we laugh. hahah.

Mets GirLL said...

Ahhh good ol' Metro North. My friend who works the Harlem Line now says the drunk train is called the "Vomit Rocket"..looovely lol

KiLLaCaM said...

hahaha! your posts crack me the eff up! strippers are time i got a lap dance by this one named "Chanel" and we had a convo the whole time! "So what brings you buy the club?" *vagina in my face* "oh it's my birthday and my friends wanted to come by." *motorboating action*

LOL! my ex-bf was sitting there the whole time just watching.

Halloween Costumes Chick said...

OMG it sounds like you had A LOT of fun! I need to hang out with you sometime! I love your blog! What fun!