Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Forgive Me For I Have Hauled.....

Fellow Beauty Bloggers forgive me for I have HAULED!!

Don't all spank me at once :) So Saturday I went to NYC drank a lot came home on the Drunk Train (the last train from NYC back to CT), got home a 4am, still slightly intoxicated & not tired. So I did some Blogroll reading, went on Twitter then stumbled over to Mrs. Kalila's blog.... She's having a -> sale <-.... I clicked on some stuff... Mrs. Kalila must know my twittering drunk ass very well because she emailed me the next morning to make sure I "meant it". Hell yeah I did!!! So since I'm honest here's what I got!!! P.S. I ♥ it when you call me drunkie! ;)
So I got home from "work" today and I realize that there's no mail :(, then I remember that my Dad keeps it in his room/office to "better facilitate conversation with his daughter".... Which is lame because I only go in there when I'm expecting a package, you can keep my bills pops!
So I open the box with my Hello Kitty box cutter because that's how I open sh!t.. Don't F with me cause I got one in my purse too!
I so opened the box and saw the palette, opened it, made ♥ to it!

MAC 15x Eyesh
adow Palette
I can't have an empty palette that would just be silly so I requested these!
Then I realized that there was MORE..... I was confused. I only ordered the Palette and the 6 shadows! I thought that maybe she mixed up the orders. Maybe I should of read the lovely note 1st (it blended in with the packing peanuts)
I ♥ handwritten notes & cards! I'm keeping this card in my "life box".. I keep special things & mementos in a pretty box that I call my "life box".

Everything was wrapped in sexy delicate red tissue paper ♥
OMFG! COCO Mademoiselle CHANEL PARIS Body Lotion! That's my 1st "mature girl" Body Lotion. I ♥ it! I was afraid to open it even though the note said it was for ME!.... Well I did open it and I've been sniffing my arm for hours....................... Smells HEAVENLY........
Kalila even gave me a Biore Nose Strip! How'd she know about the funk on my nose????? The she did it again... I open the last wrapped item...............Lashes!!! I don't know what brand they are but I don't care!!! My 1st pair of lashes from the Far East!!!!! I'm SO EXCITED & I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT, I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW I ♥ them!!!

Even though I'm not a no-hauling challenge let me try to "justify", because I know being drunk and buying sh!t isn't an excuse.
1- I wanted to support another BB (Beauty Blogger) Mrs. Kalila who I have stimulating converstations with on Twitter, & AIM :)
2- I don't have any MAC Palettes! I've always wanted one, and I'm not a MAC Pro card holder
so this was my only chance.
3- I loved all the colors and I don't have them yet except for Pink Venus (but my Pink Venus is
87% empty)

Kalila THANK YOU SO MUCH!! The extras you included really touched my little ♥! Not becasue they were "beauty items", but because you thought about little ol' Kendall on the East Coast! It really meant a lot!! You just never know how a kind act will put a smile on someones face.. (I need a tissue, sniff, sniff).....

Just so you know... I'm gonna get you back! It's gonna be a random KENDALL ♥ PACK!!
P.S. Can I come to Cali & I live with you? Are you looking to adpot a 27 yr old Brown Child :(
Brown Children are all the rage now!!


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Anonymous said...

lmfao you totally cracked me up while I was reading this blog. I felt all warm & fuzzy in side. haha!!!

DRUNKIE! next time I have a sale, I'm going to make sure you have a drink or two before I publish it!

I am SOOO glad the eye shadows arrived un-broken! I was already thinkin of a back up plan or something if that were to have happened. lol. Good thing your mail person wasn't having a BAD day and decide to toss around the box!

I see you switched up the "GROWN LADY lotion " to MATURE GIRL!!! I have my own tube and love it. Its def not no old lady smell!

I totally remembered from one of your past blogs of you saying you are probably the ONLY blogger girl who doesn't own any lashes. So there you go, I popped your lash cherry!!!

I'm SO happy to see/hear that you are happy! lol Are we sounding a lil too cheesy now or what?


Btw, that brown box I used to ship was actually Kimberly Tias. I got something from her last week and recycled it to send your goodies. It's a Lets-pass-it-on-Blogger Box. heheheh

Oh! ..PS:Don't be airing out our funny business to the blogger world about our (over) "stimulating" hooker n stripper conversations now. lol!

Askmewhats said...

wohhhooo! you are forgiven for hauling, it is worth it though with the extra personal touch on the gifts :)

paperdollrevenge said...

Awww super cute! Yay for your new goodies and for supporting another beauty blogger's sale! How funny she knew to double check with you, "drunkie!" Sounds like you had a good weekend! Drinking in NY is on my To Do List! =P

Jen said...

Aw, you broke it love! My ultimate test will be next weekend! I'll be leaving town and there's tons of MAC stores there, and I have no stores back home (just counters!). I need another palette cause I want to depot some shadows. YIKES! Maybe the palette won't count casue it's a storage item, eh?

Haha, since you're done with the NO HAUL, just wanted to let you know (if you didn't know already!)that you can buy palettes and pan refills through MAC's direct mail order. 1-800-387-6707

I've done that plenty of times cause I don't live near a MAC store. Soooo SAD!

Devi said...

Arghh now you've sinned but it's totally understandable regarding the best deals and all the great extras! :D

Mets GirLL said...

Ok, I can see why you broke your fast with this. Now that you blessed me with my first Mac eyeshadow, I need to get more!

Vanessa said...

HAHA I feel you on the no haul challenge! I ALWAYS try to do it, notice I say try because I cave, LOL. But I think the Red Velvet shadestick would just look so gorgeous on you! Can't wait to see what else you get!

Kimberly Tia said...

Oooo ooOooo


I'm TELLIN!!!!!!

very cute tho -- enjoy your new goodies and your new big girl lotion !!!

MAKEUP central-by LYN said...

yay for sales! Love how you said "you can keep my bills pops..." hahaha! Those lashes look fab!

Iyah said...

Ohhh!! You're BAD BAD! hahah! *SPANK *SPANK! :p

But yeah I love Beauty Sales too.. they're alluring! I hope I'm a PRO CARD holder and we can all benefit from it. hahah :p

YAY for BB Storm! I'm in love and still learning :)

L said...

aint nothin wrong with haulin' girl! i said i wasnt gun buy makeup , just the damn HK line and now look at me, effing copp'd some Sugar Sweet yesterday. (O_o) its vicious!!!


i need to visit the east soon, NYC is callin me..........

Anonymous said...

Keep haulin coz we love seein what you got. hehehe..=] Lol. Ohhh pink venus, I lovve that eye shadow.

jenn said...

*drools over the screen*