Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What's in That Box? March's Pretty Pink Box

Hi, Yall! So I got my March Pretty Pink Box, which I won from Linda's February contest!! Which meant that I got to keep my lazy behind in bed while y'all woke up at the crack of dawn to snag your boxes. I'm on the East Coast so the boxes go on sale at 10am which is early for a night owl like me.
I made a little video about what I got inside. I tried to keep my rambling & fidgeting down to a minimum. Don't sweat the opening & closing credits! I discovered Windows Movie Maker on my laptop last night know I think I'm some kind of filmaker-nista!

(I have such a New Yawk/Lawng Island accent but I try to to hide it in my videos)

~The Rundown~
Awake ~ Polyphection Pore Smoothing Perfect Serum
Mainely Naturals ~ Under Eye Serum
Adure ~ Brightening Stretch Mark Creme
Curl Junkie ~ Shampoo & Conditioner
Mark ~ Vanity Lash
Makeup Masala Minerals

I wonder what April's box has in store? Did I mention that I love April b/c my b-day is APRIL 5th!!!! I'm trying to figure out what I do? I do know a Beauty Blogger Meetup is in the works with Melissa of Fabulosuly Thrifty because she lives near the Melting Pot in White Plains, NY (they sent me a b-day coupon for CHOCOLATE FONDUE for two!!! Doesn't that sound romanitical, Mel???? I'm also planning a quick trip to Beantown maybe I'll harass Pink (feel better honey!!) My mom surprised me with tickets to see In The Heights! on Broadway for April, 18th!
It's my first b-day in a while as a single lady so it better involve some drinks, food, hottness & debauchery! The festivites begin on THURS. APRIL 2nd and I'm going to party until I can't stand it anymore!!! Then i will check myself into a good detox program.

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Anonymous said...

lol , ok first off...i read somewhere of u sayin people say u talk like a white girl.

now i see! white girl!! lol jk jk you know i am just kidding. =P

i saw ur shirt in the beginning and saw..BOTO....and i was like..'does her shirt say BOTOX?" ahahha very cool!

ps: ur b**bs are hugh-mungo. im jealous.

Tammy said...

Your b-day plans sound exciting!!!!
The melting pot is a great place to go!! Be patient though, they make u cook your own

Mets GirLL said...

It does sound quite romantical! I think we should also celebrate your birthday in May at the make up show maybe? :)

I love Bean town! I'm jealous.

Sofee said...

i hope u have a great b-day april 5th is also my gramma's b-day...u got lovely stuff in ur pretty pink box,

Rai said...

lol @ 'For us brown people.'

My niece's birthday is the same day!

Vanessa M. said...

awe i missed out on my this months MPBB :( great stuff tho!