Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Help! I Anit Got No Clothes!

Hi, Y'all! So I have a little problem. I have no freaking CLOTHES! I mean I do. I'm not walking around nekkid, but.. My clothes are boring & lame. My closet is full of long sleeved fitted tee shirts in every possible color and cut from Target or Old Navy. What the HELL is my problem? Well 50% of my problem is that I hate winter and I could really care less about my "winter clothes". I don't really wear sweaters because I'm always hot when I'm inside somewhere. I also don't own a cute coat because "I hate coats". I just have a waist length down coat. I actually have a nice Calvin Klein Pea Coat that my mom bought for me because she always said "Kennnn you need a nice winter wool coat just in case we have to go somewhere dressy". Well the next week my Grandmother passed away then my Uncle so I hate that coat & haven't worn it since their funerals :(
I think part of it is because when I was with the "ex" we never really went anywhere & I became a "comfort dresser". Long sleeve fitted tees & jeans. I also gained a lot of weight when I was with for the first year. Then I lost most of it (thank you Weight Watchers), and now I'm trying to get back to my "single self" weight.
I had such a problem finding something cute to wear in NYC this weekend. I promised "C" that I wouldn't wear a fitted black tee & jeans! I ended up wearing jeans & a fitted black short sleeve scoop neck tee with puffy cap sleeves. I have NO going out clothes. I think a lot of my clothes are up in my attic in my trunk (in those awesome bags that you vaccum the air out of), but I know I'll climb my behind up there and find nothing cute!
I think my main problem is that I hide my shape. I'm 5'3'' & CuRvY! I have boobs, hips & thighs. I'm a size 12-14-16 (depending on the make). That's not an easy range to work with. Especailly tops because of my super boobage ( . ) ( . ) tops that fit them end up too big and flowy in the middle and I end up looking preggo. Smaller sizes look like I'm trying to squeeze the life out of my poor girls.
I usually end up always wearing black. Jeans & a black fitted tee, v-neck tee, tank top..... Like I'm always headed to a casual funeral or something....
Spring & Summer are coming and I want to be able to go out & look cute. Sometimes I'm going to want to look a little sexy..... So I found a website that has some cute stuff & it looks like it would flatter my shape but of course I had to click on PLUS SIZE..... Anything size 12 + is PLUS SIZE! That just puts me off and fustrates me isn't the average American chic a size 12/14?
I also need a killer outfit for my 10 year Highschool reuion on May 2nd. I have my reasons but I can't post on here. If y'all wanna know hit me up on Twitter or AIM. It's a good STORY!!!

So here's my little "editoral" spread of stuff I want. I can't spend another Spring/Summer in Old Navy tank tops everyday.
Excuse my poor Photoshop Skills, I still can't work it!
The site is called Great Glam. Some it's a lot of club wear, Playboy Bunny wear & hoochie clothes (not knocking it, I'd rock it if I could) but they have some regular stuff. The prices are really cheap (like $20 each) so I don't know how good the quality is, maybe like RAVE (no website, they cheap!) or RAINBOW, but I'm mainly looking for stuff to wear when I go out, not everyday. I tried Mandy's but everything in that store is super tiny >_My hair is on point, my makeup game is on point but I'm such a boring dresser. I mean I won best dressed in 2nd Grade! I have a reputation to maintain.

How Would You Dress Me??
Image made on My Virtual Model. My hair & makeup look better that that in real life.

Oh, I'm becoming a Skype -aholic! If anyone has Skype I'm Kgreenel on there "call me" . I sent out a few invites but I think I've been brutally rebuffed by y'all people!


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--Mrs.Christina said...

you may want to check out cutesygirl.com and gojane.com. they both have great stuff at low prices!

Mets GirLL said...

Oh my Kendall love! We can both embark on our personal style journey together. My fave outfit of the bunch is that black dress with the grey middle portion on the right side. I think that would look so gorge on you!!
Oh, and I'm hooked up with skype now. We'll chat soon!

Claude Faribault said...

Hi Kendall,

My Virtual Model Community is a place to create free looks for your model and get feedback from your friends.
Try it: www.myvirtualmodel.com/cs/

You may simply browse looks created by others and find new ideas. Tell us what you think.


jenn said...

Girl I have too much clothes!!!
I'm going to start making fashion blogs again!

Ok I have stalked u for long enough today LOL