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Salon Review ~ The Weave Express

Salon Review: The Weave Express (Dunwoody)

Address: 8725 Roswell Rd. Suite L ( Publix Shopping Center)

Atlanta, GA 30350

Phone: 404-892-SEWIN (7394)

Hours: Mon.-Wed. 12-6pm | Thurs.-Fri. 10am-7pm | Sat. 8am-6pm | Sun. 12pm-5pm

*They also have a location in Buckhead. I am only writing about my experience at their Dunwoody location. If you are interested in their Buckhead location check their website for the address and hours.

*I am basing this review based on the location and the employees that I personally dealt with. I went to the salon about 3 weeks ago. I took detailed notes on my phone so I would be able to recall the small details and keep track of the time.

Staff (who I interacted with…): Tiffanie

Their Promise: Atlanta's Best $50 Weave Salon

My Expectations: After my previous "weave mill" experience (you can read it here), my expectations weren't very high I wasn't planning on going there, but I was in a bind. The stylist that I was going to try out dropped off the face of the earth.

So I decided to either go here or to The Weave Shop because I needed to find a walk-in type of place. I picked The Weave Express because the receptionist was very polite on the phone and answered all of my questions without an attitude. I had a closure that I wanted to use and I wanted to make sure that they had a stylist that new how to install it.

She politely placed me on hold and confirmed that they did and gave me the stylists name. She also gave me what I felt was an honest indicator of how long the wait could be. I learned from my last "weave mill" experience that if they are acting a hot mess over the phone then I need to keep it moving.

Initial Impressions: Clean- This location is new, I believe this location opened in February. The salon was very clean,neat and organized. No hair all over the place. All of the stylists stations were neat.

Colorful- Their color scheme was really cute. The walls are bright green and pink and everything matched their pink, green and black theme.

Music- R&B played throughout the salon. The other salon that I went to sounded like the club...

Friendly- I was greeted as soon as I walked in by the receptionist. She remembered our conversation on the phone and re-confirmed that Tiffanie would be my stylist since she was familiar with closures. ,  ,

Waiting Area- Comfy, they had a nice magazine selection with current issues, I hate when I grab an issue of Essence Magaize from 3 years ago.

Overall- I got a "professional" vibe. I felt like the salon was organized and they were about their business in a friendly way.

3:20pm-I arrived the salon  (I was a walk-in, I did not make an appointment). Spoke with the receptionist and sat in the waiting area.

3:36pm- I was escorted to the braiding area by the receptionist and introduced to Trevor who was in the middle of braiding another clients hair. Tiffanie came over and introduced herself and we spoke about what I wanted done and I showed her pictures of the style I wanted. I read my book while I was waiting and Tiffanie noticed that Trevor wasn't finished with his client so she braided my hair instead of waiting for Trevor.

3:46pm- Braiding started. She made a great base and applied a net. The salon has nets you don't have to bring your own. I've always had to provide my own weaving nets.

4:24pm- The install process began. I used my new 22″ Wagman's Perfectress Hair and closure.  My stylist wasn't familiar with Wagman's but she knows a lot about preminum hair.  She knows that all remy hair isn't virgin etc. It was refreshing to meet a stylist thats up to date She didn't pass it around for everybody to touch and see like the last place I went to. We had a really great conversation about hair extensions and different types of extensions.

When she was done and ready to cut and style my hair she asked me if I preferred a razor or sisscor cut. I personally like the way the hair falls with a razor cut. She also asked me if I wanted to where it straight or wavy. I decided on wavy so she cut some layers and then took me to the sink to wet my hair to bring out the waves, after that I sat under the dryer for about 5 minutes. We agreed that the waves and curls come out better when air-dried but she didn't want me to walk out of the door with a soaked head.

I really only sat under the dryer for about 5-7mins. She set the timer and didn't disappear. Yes, y'all. I've been neglected under a dryer before, I think thats why I hate them so much.

6:50pm - Paid my bill and then was finished :) They take cash and credit and debit cards. I didn't have to leave "collateral" with somebody and go try to find an ATM.

Price: $100. I didn't get a basic $50 sew-in. I got the Icon Package which is a full weave with a closure, net and a detailed cut and style. I also like my tracks sew-in close together with very little space in between which cost an extra $15.  There pricing is easy to understand and was explained up front so there was no sticker shock or confusion. Their price list is on their website. This is an example of what my client card looked like.

Overall: I left the salon impressed and happy. I felt like the environment was nice and that the lines of communication between the staff and client were crystal clear.

Would I go back? Yes, since I meshed will with Tiffanie I would try to make an appointment with her, she also gave me her name on one of the salons busniess cards because she sometimes works in the Buckhead Salon. I feel like I would also go back if Tiffanie was unavailable. I also love the location its like 2 miles from where I live. So I didn't have to deal with Atlanta traffic.

Rating 5/5 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ <- Y'all know I'm greedy with my stars

On to the pictures :) I got my side part and side swept bangs back. I tried a middle part on my previous install that I did myself and I was miserable without my side part :(

~Detailed Hair Specs~

Vendor: Wagman's Perfectress Indian Hair & matching closure

Length: 22''

Texture: Natural Body

Color: Natural Brown



Close Up for texture (the color is off)

Stank Face

I don't wear my bangs over my eye, I was being extra in that picture.

Luv Y'all

Mean It!!!


*FTC Disclosure [I paid for services mentioned in this review. I was not compensated for writing this review]

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