Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Feeling Blue Tonight ~FOTN

Hey Y'all!!!

For some reason I have a hard time rocking blue eyeshadow. There's a thin line between it looking cute and like a bad drag queen... I also always associate blue eyeshadow with hot weather and summer time :) It was hot and humid today so I decided to practice with the blues. Practice makes perfect. I am getting better (I hope). I've found my mistake with blue eyeshadow I tend to bring it up to high and blend up too much.


Lid Color~ MAC's Cool Heat

Crease & Outer Corner ~ MAC's Prussian

Inner Corner & Lower and Upper Lashline ~ MAC's Steamy

Highlight ~ Urban Decay's ~ Chopper (not pictured)



Shameless Cam Whorin'


Luv Y'all!

Mean It!!!

2 ♥Say Something♥:

Kizzy said...

Steamy is gorgeous!

Kendall said...

Thanks!! I feel bad b/c I neglect my blues. They are all alone in a palette by themselves. :(