Monday, April 25, 2011

FIT me! Blush Review

Hey Y'all!

I'm well aware that I'm late on the Maybelline FIT me! Line. I had a coupon (times are hard for a Beauty Blogger), and I decided to try a blush from the line because I'm not much of a blush "hoarder", and I felt like "stepping out of the box".


I stepped out of the box again choose Deep Rose. I usually gravitate towards blushes that are wine, plum or an approiate pink for my skin tone. Ok so I didn't step to far out of "my box".

Deep Rose is a dark peachy pink color (it's hard to describe shades of colors sometimes, but that's what camera's are for. :)


  • Price - Very inexpensive (can be purchased from most drugstores).


  • I honestly feel that this blush isn't very pigmented. You need to pick up a lot of color for it to show up on skin. I swatched it on a white tissue to see if it was just harder to see with less product on my face. I had to pick up quite a bit of color to swatch the white tissue.

You can barely see it. I swiped the blush many times with a regular blush brush.

Even when swatched on a white tissue. I had to pick up a lot of color with my brush for the color to show.

    Overall- I was very disappointed with the quality and lack of pigmentation of this product. I usually like their products. :(

    Overall Score 5/


    Luv Y’all!!

    Mean It!!



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    Imee said...

    awww, i'm so upset to hear that this product didn't deliver. i guess i should be glad cuz i've been sleepin on it. get ur money back girl! times IS hard!