Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lippies I Can't Live Without ~ Tag

Hey Y'all!!

I got tagged... So here are my lippies that I can't live without. I choose six and of course there are more, but these are my absolute favorites.

Ok, I can technically live without them. I'd be really cranky though if I didn't have my favorites. :)

I'm surprised that I didn't throw any of my MAC lippies in there. Maybe because they are EMPTY and  stashed away for Back to MAC :)



1. Urban Decay Pocket Rocket ~ Color: James- It a perfect shiny pink gloss. It smells like Creme Brulee.

2. L'oreal Color Juice ~ Color: Peek-a-Boo Clear #920- I love this lip gloss because I used to have a Lancome Juicy Tubes obsession and those cost about $17-$20. This gloss is pretty much the same. Its very shiny and it's the perfect high shine lipgloss for me.

3. Covergirl Wet Slicks Fruit Spritzers ~ Color: #555- I love the way that this lippie compliments my skin tone. It's very shiny (I like high shine). Doesn't stick to my hair. It also tastes and smells like mint, but it's not and overpowering smell or taste.

4. Hello Kitty Grape Flavor Lip Gloss ~ Color: Grape (shut up I know grape isn't a color). The color is very sheer. I love this lippie because it's very shiny tastes and smells like grape, and it's Hello Kitty :)

5. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick~Color: Cocoa Butter. This isn't really a lippie it's a lip balm. I'm seriously addicted to this product. I've been a fiend for years. It's holy grail status. I always have 2 in my car,  2 or 3 in my purse, and on my night stand. I think I reapply in my sleep.

6. L'oreal Paris High Shine ~ Color: #6G It's dark pink lip gloss. It's not as "high shine" as described on the package and I find it to be a bit drying at times, but I still love it. It's tricky to find pink lippies that complement my skin tone.




If your reading this then consider yourself  TAGGED!!!!

What are your favorite lippies? I'm nosy let me know in the comments :)

Luv Y'all!

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