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Top Ten Current Drugstore Cosmetic Products

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This post was inspired by Ms. Brittney from Clumps of Mascarafriend in my head :) I read her list and I wanted to share my favorite drugstore products. Y'all know I like to talk about affordable cosmetic stuff that actually works.

This is not a comprehensive list. Just a quick run down of my current favorites. I change my mind often. My skin changes, my mood changes so I might hate something on this list in 3 months.  I"ll link to any full product reviews next to the description of the item.




1. Milani Infinate Liquid Eyeliner

This is one of my newer holy grail liquid eyeliners. Click here for my product review. Where to find it? You can find this product at pretty much any drugstore, Target or Beauty Supply Store or Milani's website.

2. Target Up & Up Eye Makeup Remover

This is my holy grail eye makeup remover!!! It removes waterproof mascara and liquid liner in 1 or 2 swipes. It's Target's generic version of Neutrogena's Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. I've tried Walmart's brand of the same eye-makeup remover and it was such a fail. :( Where to find it? Target

3. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

What's not to love about these?? I have one in pretty much every color. I use them more as a base rather then as a creamy eyeshadow pencil. They are a great alternative to MAC Paintpots.  Where to find it? Ulta, Beauty Supply Store, Cherry Culture, NYX 's website

4. Wet N' Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner

This product didn't change my life, but when I'm not the mood for liquid liner I tend to reach for this. Click here for my product review. Where to find it? Most drugstores (CVS, Walgreens, etc)

5. L.A. Colors Eyeshdow Palettes

These are super cheap and pack a lot of pigment and have a tiny price tag!! I probably have 8 different palettes. Where to find it? I've only seen these at Beauty Supply Stores, I've also ordered these from Cherry Culture.

6. Ruby Kisses Eyeshadows by Kiss Cosmetics

Overall pretty much the same as the L.A. Color palettes. Super cheap but very pigmented. Where to find it? I've only seen these at Beauty Supply Stores. *Ruby Kisses is owned by Kiss, they are mostly known for their nail product line and false lashes.

7. Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies

This is my holy grail mascara. I'm on my 3rd tube. I rarely re-purchase the same mascara. I like to try different ones. Click here for my product review. Where can you find it? Any drugstore, Wal-Mart or Target.

8. Maybelline Eyestudio Quads

I only own one of these. So I'm only co-signing on the palette I own. The colors are so pretty and are very pigmented. Where can you find it? Target, Wal-Mart, and most drugstores.

9. Kleancolor Eyeshadow Palettes

Kleancolor is another company that makes affordable super pigmented eyeshadow palettes. I snagged this gem at the Beauty Supply Store for $5.99. I have a few other Kleancolor shadows and I'm very satisfied with them as well. Where can you find it?, Beauty Supply Store or

10. Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse

I was pleasantly surprised by this drugstore foundation. I've used more than half the bottle (that says a lot, seriously) since I purchased this product. Click here for my full review. I might have to find a darker shade soon or keep my behind out of the sun because I don't think that I will be a Cocoa Dark 3 by the time summer comes around. It's only the end of April and I've already got a bit of a summer glow. :) Where can you find this? Target, Wal-Mart, most drugstores.


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*FTC Disclosure- [The product(s) mentioned in this post were purchased with my own money. It's drugstore stuff ;p ]

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