Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wagman's Perfectress Indian Hair Extensions ~ Will It Hold A Curl?

Hey Y'all!!!!

I finally decided to flat iron my hair the other day which meant that I could try curling it with a curling iron instead of rocking it in its wavy (natural body) state.

I used a heat protectant and a 1 1/4" barrel curling iron.

I used to wear my hair like this pretty much everyday. It usually takes me less than 15 mins to curl my entire head. I have it down to a  no nonsense science.  It took me 30-45 mins to curl this hair. It took me so long because I'm a bit rusty, haven't curled my hair in weeks. It's a new install and very full so there's more hair to curl.I usually curl in sections and I had to make a few more sections..


Results & Thoughts

Awkward smile face

So far I feel like this hair has the potential to hold a curl. I just have to figure out what it "wants".

I found that the curls in the back pretty much fell on the left side before I was even finished with the right side. So I had to go back and re-curl. (>_<)

I think I was using to much hair for each curl I noticed that the smaller ones had more staying power *duh*

I also forgot that curling 22" hair is harder to curl than shorter lengths (even 18''-20"). There's way more hair than length on the curling iron. In the back on the bottom I had to curl the top half then work my way down as opposed to just wrapping it around the curling iron.

Longer voluminous hair is heavy and you can't fight gravity.

Wide Eyed Surprised Face

I also didn't use any hairspray. It's earth day weekend and Atlanta already has a huge ozone issue, which I can probably be blamed for. Not the whole thing, just a tiny part of the ozone.

By the time I came home it was straight again.   :(

This probably makes no sense at all, but when I had Malaysian hair from the same vendor I had the same issue with the hair holding a curl. I noticed over time that it did hold a curl. To the point where it would pretty much stay curly for days, it wouldn't fall flat.

Since I really like this hair wavy, I don't want to flat iron and curl it too much because I've found that applying high heat on a very frequent basis tends to "heat train" the wave pattern can change.


Mean Face :)


Yes, I think that this hair can hold a curl under the right conditions. I curled it again the next night and curled smaller sections and I noticed a huge difference. The top is still voluminous and the ends are still curled under.


Love Y'all!

Mean It!!!


P.S. I know y'all are wondering why I didn't take pictures of the back of my hair?? I tried and the pics came out really blurry. I was going to ask my friend to do it at the place we went to that night but the lighting in there was dark and my friends already think I'm vain so I didn't want to ask them to take pics of the back of my head... ;p


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Kizzy said...

Awkward? I think it's a pretty smile. You should totally be the next brown girl on Gossip Girl... ;-)

Kendall said...

Thanks chica! I don't like my smile lately, I feel like I look like the Joker from the Batman movies!! ;p You know there can only be one mocha child at a time on Gossip Girl!! Maybe next February???

XoxO, K

Bombchell said...

u look like a doll

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