Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Filofax Finance Pages

I will be honest when it comes to money, I'm really really good at spending it. I seriously lack discipline when it comes to keep track of my money and staying on a budget because it's not fun.
I've seen the Filofax Finance Tracking Inserts online and I've been curious about them, but not curious enough to invest in them. I was super surprised when my Malden arrived with not only a Cream colored Finance tab but also with some Finance Tracking sheets.
I think I've used every app on the planet to try to keep track of my finances. My bank,, and probably more. I've also tried using the mobile apps and I just dont keep up with it.

I've decided to give the Finance inserts in my Filofax a whirl. I really need a reality check about where my money is going. I know how much is coming in, but I often am in denial about it's outgoings. I'm going to force myself to keep track of everything I spend for 30 days. I also have another reason to open my Filofax and write something down .

I'm not setting it up like a typical checkbook. Right now I don't care so much about my balance. I want to know what I'm blowing money on so I can start to cut back. I think my biggest expense is dinner. :( I was looking back at what I had for dinner the past 2 1/2 weeks and I've eaten out every night! Which is really bad. Some argue that its super expensive, but I'm one person. I always order something that will have leftovers so I can eat it for lunch the next day or even two days. I don't really go grocery shopping much so I'm not eating out and buying groceries.  I also hate making my lunch everyday so I love opening a take out container and plopping it into a Gladware bowl and keeping it moving! I think I also eat out alot because I go with my BFF and I figure why rush home to an empty apartment. My mother says that I should #YOLO while I'm still free.
I have no idea why I just wrote an entire paragraph about food. ...

I'm going to do my best to stick to this for one month and try to make it a habit. I will report back to see how I'm doing. Wish me luck and SAVINGS!


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Carla H. said...

Ha! I feel you on the food thing. I think that's what we spend most our money on, too, and I'm budgeting for a family of (soon-to-be) four. Doesn't help that I suck at cooking, either. Good for you for making an effort to track your expenses. I think trying to organize expenses is no fun, but is something we have to do. G'luck!