Thursday, December 5, 2013

I Had A Purple Malden..

So finally after all of the waiting, changed ETAs and backorders my dream Filofax came from Gold Spot Pens! I was so excited that I literally ran home on my lunch break to pick her up because I didn't want Ms. Verrcua Salt sitting outside all alone under my welcome mat (my FedEx person is weird they put packages under the welcome mat which doesn't hide anything because there's a huge hump). I rushed back to the office and opened her up and I noticed right away that the rings were open. I didn't fret to much because I was happy and excited. I decided to start moving in  ASAP.

When I closed the rings I noticed that two of the rings had a slight gap. I asked my co-worker and she said she couldn't see it. I posted it on the Philofaxy group on Facebook and the comments came pouring in. I wasn't crazy there was a gap, sent a pic to a friend back home and even with his untrained Filo eye he noticed the gap.

I called Gold Spot right away and discussed it with their Customer Service rep. She assured me that they double and triple check all the Filo's before they go out and that she can't understand how it arrived with the rings open. We agreed on doing an exchange and they emailed me a return label right away. When I got home I tried to "work" the rings by opening and closing the rings a few times and that didn't help at all. :(
So back in the box she went. I shipped her back this morning. Then I was thinking to myself. I don't want to wait to do an exchange. I want my Purple Malden NOW! It's Christmas! (I know it's not Christmas exactly but it's December). So I called Gold Spot again and was able to pay for a new one and I got OVER NIGHT SHIPPING!! To my work address so no package chasing will be involved. Asha at Gold Spot was super nice and helpful. She understands that the Purple Malden is my Golden Egg (that's why her name will be Verruca Salt).
Hopefully she will arrive at my desk tomorrow morning unharmed and with perfect rings. The Purple Maldens are hard to get and almost everyone who has one is already out of stock.


P.S. If you don't get the Verruca Salt reference, she's the brat from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. When I was small that was my nickname because I used to dance around my parents and say I want a [insert want] and I want it now! I probably was still am a bad egg!

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Christi said...

Thanks for the info about the rings. As a newbie to FF, I wasn't sure there was anything I could about my rings not fitting exactly together. It's not "bad", just annoying!