Monday, December 16, 2013

My Week #50

Hello beautiful Filofaxer's!  Here's a look at My Week #50! My new inserts don't tell me what week it so I'm starting to get confused (doesn't take much, especially on a Monday morning)

I love those stickers!!! I almost used them again for this week! Last week was kind of blah. I also eat a ton of crap last week. I started jotting down where I ate dinner. I also didn't fullfil my goal of 3 Just Dance Wii Workouts and 3 Rosetta Stone sessions. :(

Here's a look at my layouts for this week.

Personal Size Purple Malden

You would think that I only one thin pink and purple washi tape but those are just my favorite colors.

A5 Deep Pink Calipso

P.S. I'm slowing getting my new YouTube channel back on track. Right now I'm in the process of reuploading all 250+ of my daily vlogs. I've literally been uploading since Thursday (today is Monday) As soon as i'm done uploading I will begin to post new vlogs. You can find me on YouTube JustagirlTV:) 

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