Thursday, December 17, 2009


Hi Y'all!!  I haven't been able to keep up with blogging lately.... I have finals and I always wait till the last minute so since I don't have time to do a review or do a proper post I figure I do some Quickies, in the style of Ms.Nu Nu Dolly!!! 

1. I want to e-mail my professor and tell him that my dear sweet Aunt Sally died in a freak pineapple harvesting accident and I need some more time to finish my assignments because I have to care for her and her 9 cats.....

2. This is the 1st year since I was a kid that I'm actually looking forward to Christmas.

3. I'll be HOME for Christmas!!! I can't wait to see my MOMMY and Dad!!!!  I'm sure it's been so boring and quiet in the house since I moved! I need to go shake things up and make some NOISE!!! I'll be home from the Tues. 22nd ~ Tues. 29th...

4. I won't have a car between the 22nd ~ 29th >_<

5. When I run into people back home.  I'm gonna show off my "southern accent" and then give them the side eye when they look at me like "you've been down there since October... Why do you have an accent?"  I'm gonna say "plug it up" instead of "plug it in".. Instead of car "accident" I'm gonna say "wreak"! "Mash the button" instead of "push the button". Shopping cart??  I don't think so!!!  It's a buggy!!!!  Everytime I dine out I will ask for "sweet tea".

6. Soon as I get home.  I'm gonna have a BAGEL!!!  Slice of PIZZA & drink Pepsi in the open!!!!

7. I hate flying! Especially alone!!  I'm gonna have to drug myself into a semi conscience state...  When I go to the airport EVERYONE looks like a terrorist to me....

8. I found Helly Kitty Ribbon, a light up stamper & Hello Kitty Playing cards in the dollar section at TARGET the other night!!! SCORE!

9. If I finish the assignment that I'm working on now by 10pm, I get to go to SEPHORA!!!!   I have to use the rewards & punishments method on myself when it comes to school!

10. I'm going to partayyyyy alllllll weekend!!!!


7 ♥Say Something♥:

Bombchell said...

1 & 5 : smh

lol i used to call carts trollys b4

lol if i did one its be us vs american

-Lorry vs Truck
-get down from the car vs get out (so rude!! lol)

Jasmin said...

Cute post!!! Have a great Holiday! Awesome! you're going home for Christmas! :-)

wuzzyangel said...

Good luck with finals! :) LOL Pineapple harvesting accident huh?! LOL!

You need to make a vid showing US your new Southern Belle accent! ;)

Miss.Fortune said...

#5 haha i love it..they gonna be the one giving YOU the side eye

Mimilainna said...

:( imma miss my kendalls

ko0ty said...

I'm kinda excited to be home for Christmas this year too because we usually go on vacation at this time of the year.

I hate flying period.. it's soo damn tiring even though you just sit on the plane the whole time.

fashionably rogue said... this post made me laugh.