Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hits & Misses 2009 Part I

Hi Y'all!
 Here's a review of some of my favorites (Hits) & Fails for 2009. Sorry that I haven't been updating as frequently lately... It's almost the end of the semester and I've been in a weird mood lately. 

Depotting MAC Eyeshadows into Palettes (Hit)

Depotting My Mac Palettes!!!  Now I don't have to look through my bin of MAC Shadows! They are all at home in their palettes. I also have an empty palette that I use for travel and I just pop in my favorite 15 colors! Pan refills are cheaper! $11.50 for e/s pans instead of $14 for the regular e/s.

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream (Hit)

I have dry skin in the winter and this stuff WORKS. It's about $15 for a 16oz tub.  I tried to cheap out and bought a tub of "generic" Cetaphil... It's ok, but I'm almost out and I will be getting CeraVe again.

Primers (Hit & FAIL)

I love me some UDPP!!! But I'm so over the packaging!!! I don't have time to chop it open and scoop out the left over! I didn't pay all that money to perfrom surgical procedures on some damn primers!  
So unfortunately UDPP is a FAIL..... I know they changed the wand, but..... I need to hear a lot more reviews about the new wand.....  I do ♥ UDPP! 



Lush Silky Underwear Dusting Powder (Hit)

 You can read my review here.
Virgin Malaysian Hair Extensions from

Round #2 December 3rd 2009 
(I can stretch my installs for about 3 months, b/c I know my natural hair well. I DO NOT recommend that newbies leave an install in for that length of time.)

I so happy that I choose Wagman's as my 'new' vendor.  They have a great reputation! I used the same extensions for my December install!!!!  I'm hoping to get two more installs out of this hair and then stash it and revive at a later time. I didn't do a post on the December install, because it looks exactly the same with a few more layers. I was referred to a local stylist/weavoligist in Atlanta, Ms. Unique Monique!!  If your in the ATL area you can see some of her work here.

Mascara Hits & Misses

Cover Girl Lash Blast..... It's alright.... If I do buy it again I wouldn't get the one that has the shimmer crap in it.... I like JET BLACK mascara and whatever they put in it to make it shimmer makes kinda suck...It almost looks matte or dull when dry..
L'oreal's Telescopic Explosion..... Didn't change my life...It's not great and it's not bad.....  It's quite clumpy, in my opinion. The ball thing on the applicator is cool for getting the inner corners and every lash but I find I have to wipe some product off before applying.  What's really weird is I love mixing the Lash Blast with the Telescopic...
Bare Escentual's Buxom Mascara ($18) is the business!!!  I barely reach for my other mascaras.  I have like non-existant lower lashes and I can catch them with the wand.

That's it for part I...  Stay tuned for Part Duex!

Luv Y'all!
  Mean It!

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Bombchell said...

i think Im like the only chic without a closet of mac shadows :/ still rocking my csi

wuzzyangel said...

I love Kendall! And all your pics soo sexy! ;)

I like the Smashbox Lid primer, but it's soo expensive! LOL!

KiLLaCaM said...

Missed you on here girlie! Loved this post. I use cetaphil on my son and it leaves his skin so nice! I need to try that other cream...maybe they don't sell it out here cuz i've never seen it. hmmmmm.

Mets GirLL said...

I loved this post..may have to steal the idea!

I LOVE your hair is always so BLAH

Kittynail said...

The hair looks really pretty & I like you eyemakeup!

Check out my blog too if you want :)

yummy411 said...

i love your hair stories!!!