Thursday, December 24, 2009

Product Review- Bare Minerals Starter Kit (Deep)

Hi Y'all!!! I'm posting from HOME! Well I guess it isn't 'home' anymore... It's my parents house!!  It's sooo cold in the Northeast, it's like 20 degrees..
I know I'm like so 5 years late but the Bare Minerals Starter Kit has been staring at me for a while and I had a gift card & a coupon and I decided to grab it.  I've tried other mineral foundation before but I have the hardest time finding one that matches my complexion.  I'm a NW50. I acutally let the Sephora SA color match me and it looked good in the store. The kit comes with two different foundation shades.  My matching shade was Golden Deep.  The SA said that in the summer I may need to use the Deepest Deep.

Bare Minerals Get Started 8-Piece Kit ($60 Sephora) 

What's Inside?

The Starter kit also came with a step-by-step booklet, 0.5oz Prime Time Foundation Primer and a DVD (didn't watch it yet, I'm sure it's the same as the infomercial....

Step 1
Start off with a clean face & moisturize. Then prime your skin either with the Prime Time or whatever brand of foundation primer you like.
Step 2

Step 3
Step 4
 Excuse the semi-naked face!  I started playing with this stuff at like 3am... I got lazy and didn't feel like doing my eyes....

I'm not sure how I feel about this kit..... I've used it three times and the finished look doesn't "wow" me.  It does it's job and has ok coverage. It doesn't give me the 'glow' that I get with my MAC.  I'm also kinda lazy.... There's too many steps... Prep....  Foundation....Warmth... & Veil....  Then all that pouring....swirling... tapping & buffing.... I spend more time working on my eyes and playing with eyeshadow..... By the time I get to my foundation I just wanna prep and then slap it on & set it and be done.. Maybe with more use all the steps wont seem as tedious....  I really like the brushes! They are super soft and easy to handle so if anything I have 3 new brushes that I really like!

So I give this product......

Luv Y'all!
   Mean It!


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wuzzyangel said...

I used Bare Minerals when they first came out years ago! LOL! I used them for about 2+ yrs, but I stopped and moved on to Sheer Cover after that, bcuz it seemed like the BM made me even oiler! Weird.. then when I found BB Cream I left the mineral mu all together. But I really like SilkNaturals & EverydayMinerals for Mineral MU! :)

Oh my all time fave e/s brush is from the very first BM brush collection. They don't make it anymore I think. :(

paperdollrevenge said...

Merry Christmas!! You look good with the naked face!

I'm like Wuz, got the BE Kit a few years ago 'cause someone just RAVED how great it was to me, but I didn't like it so I gave it away, haha. I think it's best for really oily and acne-prone skin. Oh well...yay for your 3 new brushes!

Jennifer said...

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Ethereal Prey said...

I've been using BM forever it seems. it gives me good coverage and makes me look like i'm not wearing make up which is a good thing. You're finally one of us! LOL! I don't bother with warmth and the primer.

Tammy said...

I have to agree with Wuz BM made me even oilier!! Plus it made me break out like CRAZY!!

The warmth can be nice though. & I LOVE brushes from BM, such high quality.

K said...

Happy New Years Kendall!

Anonymous said...

Benefit Bare Minerals , it is primarily for the reason that it is made used for all skin types and is especially proper for super sensitive skin