Sunday, December 6, 2009

Random YouTube Videos Stuck in My Head

Hi Y'all! I really need to stop but this song cracks me up! It's been suck in my head all damn day so I wanted to share the stuckness with y'all!  

Take Your Name Off Your Phone.......

This still can't beat my fav YT video of all time!


I love me some B.Scott!! Ay, ay, ay, ay!!!  I know it's really bad, but when I'm feeling super stank, I watch Scarlett bust her ass!!! No matter what I just start laughing.....

  Luv Y'all
    Mean It!!!


2 ♥Say Something♥:

Bombchell said...

LMAO B.Scott is such a mess!! he's so crazy, and soooo pretty!!!! never heard of him until i watch watching 2girls 1 cup reactions. never got the guts to watch the orig vid lol

wuzzyangel said...

Oh gee woman! LOL!