Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Android FanGirl!! I Got Apps on Apps on Apps.

Hey Y'all!

If you know me than you know that I'm a huge geek and sometimes a dork !!! I usually talk about hair, makeup and beauty stuff, but today I feel like being nerdy. I'm a closet Android FanGirl!! #teamandroid!  If it was legal to marry your smartphone I probably would. My name would be Mrs. Droid Incredible!!!

I'm a geekI make my own homescreen layouts...

Hello Kitty

Green Couch

Color Stripes


I wanted to share some of my favorite apps with y'all. Right now I have 112 apps on my phone! I don't think that's alot but people give me the side eye... *sings apps, on apps on apps*....

So here's my list in no partiucular order :) I didn't include any "stock apps" or bloatware. My phone is rooted, so I will do my best to keep this list to apps that don't require root access.

Evernote ~ I honestly didn't like this app at first, but now I love it! Evernote is an easy-to-use, free app that helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use.  You can take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders. I especially love it b/c I can make "notebooks" and use my phone or computer and everything is neatly synced.

Colornote ~I only use this app for "quick notes" and because you can make little "PostIt" notes on your home screen. I have 7 homescreens and I put important things to remember on my main screen. It's how to "force" myself to remember things or get things done.


Handcent SMS ~ In my opinion the stock Android messaging app is straight up boring *yawns*. I like to change the style, font etc. to my liking. The customization options are almost limitless


LauncherPro ~(Paid) ~ One of the benefits of Android is being able to customize and tweak your device to your liking. I love HTCs Sense UI, but I got bored of it pretty quick. LauncherPro is so customizable. You can change your homescreen docks. The paid version is worth it, especially if you like Sense widgets but don't want to use Sense as your launcher.

FourSquare~ I like being the mayor of places. :) I really have no other justification than the satisfaction of knowing that I am I the Mayor of the movie theatre and Walmart. Don't take me mayorships away! I get annoyed... Basically I need a life.

Grocery IQ ~ If I don't stick to a list. I go crazy in the grocery store. When I run out of something I add to my list so I always have my list on me. It also has coupons!!! It organizes items by aisle and category. You can save your "favorites". If your really organized you can input the price of items and as you tick them off your list you can see the "running total.


Tweetdeck ~ I use the desktop version so I was thrilled when they made an Android Version. It tends to force close alot which is annoying but I can't let it go :( I tried and I always go back to it.


US Traffic ~ I live in Atlanta.. Need I say more...



ShuffleTone 2.0 ~ You can set up a playlist of ringtones and have them rotate :)


Google Voice ~ This is one of my favorite and most used apps. I can't let go of my CT cell phone number. I've had it since like 1999. Google Voice is a free app that allows you have another phone number. So I selected an Atlanta area phone number. I use it for "business", "job hunting" and for people who really don't need my number. The beauty is you can BLOCK numbers. So let's say you meet some random guy the club and he wants your number. Give him your GV # then when he calls and says "ay yo shawty I saw you at the club" you can hang up and BLOCK his number if he calls back it says "the number you have reached has is longer in service" :) Thank me later. If you want to make outgoing calls using your GV # just change the settings or use the widget that comes with the app. You can also send SMS, listen and read (it transcribes your) VM.

Wifi Hotspot (sorry I don't have the link it came with the ROM that I flashed) ~ One of the reasons why I rooted my phone! I don't abuse it, I use it when Comcast is down or if I'm somewhere with my laptop and I really need an internet connection.

Dropbox ~ Wireless file syncing :)


So those are only some of my favs!! I can't believe that I've had this phone for over a year. That's kind of a record for me. I have my eyes on the HTC Thunderbolt, but I'm going to sit back and try to wait and see what Verizon releases later this summer. I have their "roadmap" but a lot of the time that stuff is full of rumors :(

Luv Y'all!!

Mean It!!!




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