Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spa Pedicure for Broke Girls

Hey Y'all!

Spring is sorta here in Atlanta. I realized that toe/foot exposure season is coming soon. Let me start off by saying that I hate feet and I hate looking at feet and I hate talking about feet!! >_< But I do love saving money and I love sharing my money saving ways.

I went to Sally's yesterday to renew my Sally's card and see if they had any China Glaze Crackle Glaze (which I scored in Purple & Black *does victory dance*). I remembered that it's "foot season" so I grabbed a new Mr. Pumice Block ($2.39) and I found this little gem...

A blow up Pedicure Tub!!! $6.69 with Sally's Card.

I love going to the salon and getting pedicures but I'm sooo ticklish and I tend to kick the poor nail tech and I feel bad. I'm all about saving when I can and this was a great investment in my opinion. It's inflatable so it doesn't take up a lot of space. You can even travel with it, I guess if you want, if its that serious to you.  I usually fill up the bathtub a bit but that's such a waste of water and cleaning time. It's also boring to sit on the edge of the tub and soak my feet. I put this in the living room and watched TV on the couch :)

Sally's also had some foot bath stuff that was $7.99. I passed on it because honestly. I have all kinds of body washes and bath stuff at home. I did get their travel size HEEL to TOE Spa Pedicure Foot Scrub @2.49 with card. I wanted to try it before I bought the full sized one. I really liked it so I will get the full sized one when I run out.

So it's at home Spa Pedicure Time.

1.~ Get all of your stuff ready. I forgot to do this and it ended up getting annoying, I had a keep getting up with wet feet. Grab a towel, pumice, file, polish, toe separators etc..

2.~ Remove any old polish with nail polish remover.

3.~ Blow up your tub (unfold it first it'll fill quicker).

4.~ Fill up the tub with warm water. Don't fill it up all the way like 50%60% full. I used the hottest water ever because I wasn't paying attention and I thought I was going to die of foot burns. >_< While your filling up the tub add your soaking stuff while the water is running so it'll bubble/foam up. I used some Olay Bodywash because seriously I'm soaking my feet and I wasn't buying special foot soak bath.

5.~ Relax & Soak

6.~ After you've soaked a bit, do your thing, trim your nails, file, break out the pumice and foot scrub and go to town.

*Feet really gross me out even my own. I hate PHOTOGRAPHING my own feet, seriously so grossed out..... >_<

7.~ Dry your feet.

8.~ Polish and be creative!

One toe. That's all I can deal with to photograph and post... I'm soo grossed out >_<

Not perfect up close but in real life you will never be this close to my foot.

I used China Glaze Rich & Famous, and I did the horrible design (it was my first time ever) with It's So Easy Stripe Rite in Black (698515) and Sliver (698590).

I want to practice more with the art polish :) Its fun. I've been making all kinds of stripes and designs on my nails. I will never pay for nail art again :)

Luv Y'all!

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