Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Product Review ~ Sephora Hello Kitty Brush Set

Hey Y'all

If you know me, you know that I co-sign on anything Hello Kitty. So naturally I thrilled when Sephora released a Hello Kitty Collection back in January. They made it seem so exclusive and limited. I had to have it.I was all over it. I received a email again about the collection this week (guess it's not so limited edition and special), and I don't want anything else?? Huh?? What?? *gasp* It didn't spark my interest at all after my first go round of puckery over the brush set. I was even in Sephora yesterday and I gave the collection major side eye.

I ordered the brush set & Apple Balm  in January and honestly... The brush set SUCKS its only good for "collection" purposes.  Sephora is claims that the brushes are "professional quality"? They are cute because they are pink. I knew they would be small because I read some reviews before I purchased. They are mini. I wouldn't even want to travel with them or use them as a travel set...


[caption id="attachment_1234" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Photo:"][/caption]

I'm didn't end up returning it because I'm a Hello Kitty fan and I do like the holder, not for brushes I actually keep my cotton rounds in there.

Here are some photos of the set that I took myself.


*Sorry about the blurriness on the top I found my refection when I took the pic. It's hard to photograph shiny reflective objects sometimes.


This "situation" reminded me to research harder and better in the future and not just buy something because it's Hello Kitty.


~Brushes aren't professional quality as described.

~ Brushes are tiny NOT small or mini

Pros (I'm making Lemonade out of this Lemon of a product)

~Nice Hello Kitty Holder to add to my Hello Kitty stash.

~ Brush Holder is great for storing things like Q-Tips and cotton rounds.

Overall Score



Seriously, Sephora FAILED on this one.... *tear*

Luv Yall!

Mean It!!

XoXo, Kendall


2 ♥Say Something♥:

Sakura said...

wow the set is quite beautiful! too bad the brushes suck, but then again I wouldn't even use the brushes due to the cuteness. lol

Kendall said...

As much as dislike them... They are white and pink Hello Kitty brushes!!! They shall never touch any makeup :)