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How To Foil Loose Eyeshadow ~Make Loose Pigment Eyeshadows POP

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I have tons of loose eyeshadow pigments, pigment samples and loose mineral eyeshadow in my stash.. I tend to ignore them.. I haven't been showing them love..To see a quick tutorial on how to most effectively move loose shadow samples from small baggies to easier to use sifter jars click here.

This weekend I went out and I was in the mood for a sultry purple eye. Y'all know I'm addicted to purple eyeshadow. For a while I was banned from the purple smokey eye.. I have some mean blogger friends.. I can slap on a purple smokey eye probably without looking at the mirror becacause I probably have it memorized, lol.

Foiling is the process of mixing "water" with powder or loose pigments or loose mineral eye shadow. Foiling brings out the intensity of the color or to makes it pop.  Another  benefit of foiling is that it makes eye shadow last longer than when applied dry.

Foiling is also a great way to use your eyeshadow as an eyeliner. You don't need to purchase a high priced mixing medium. Water doesn't really work well for foiling eye shadows because water doesn't adhere or grab well to the loose shadow for foiling.

If you wear contacts you already have what you need... Contact solution works perfectly!!! Contact re-wetting drops also work and they both are super cheap. This is a less expensive alternative to packaged mixing mediums. MAC  has a Mixing Medium- Water-Based Mixing Medium which costs $18.00 for a 50ml bottle. I can't wont co-sign on that price, when I can use re-wetting drops or contact solution and get the same result.

I don't wear contacts, but I have contact solution and re-wetting drops from a failed green contact experiment.

Tip: Don't buy contacts from behind the counter at the beauty supply store if you have NO EXPERIENCE with contacts.

Step 1 ~ Choose your pigment and place a small amount in the cap of the sifter jar (or something small to mix in). You don't need a lot. You want to do this because you only want to wet the shadow your using. You don't want to mix in the main jar.

Step 2 ~ Add "mixing medium" one drop at a time. You really don't want to use a lot of "solution" or the shadow will become too watery, your brush will also get to wet and will end up being hard to work with and streaky.

*I used more for the photos.

Step 3 ~ Mix with your brush and apply..

*I should of closed my eyes for this photo... I used the foiled purple pigment on my lid.

There's really no right or wrong way to do this. Some people prefer to wet the brush with the mixing solution then apply. I prefer to add my mixing solution to the other side of the sifter cap. Then when I'm done. I wipe I clean the lid with a baby wipe or a Wet Ones wipe.



Don't forget to protect your "surface"... I knocked my pigment jar over... Thankfully I put a washcloth down on my carpet... I was all kinds of mad because I don't know where I got this color from. I'm a spaz..

Y'all know that's makeup abuse so I was able to save some of the pigment. :)  The wash cloth was clean. I always keep a small stash of clean washcloths that I use when I'm applying makeup (because I apply my makeup while sitting on the floor and I don't want makeup "accidents" on my carpet.

Still mad...

Luv Y'all!!

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