Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dare To Wear Challenge ~ Makeup Inspired by Japan

Hey Y'all,

I decided to participate in FunnyFace Beauty's Dare to Wear Challenge for Japan. The 'Dare to Wear' challenge will help raise money for Japan via The Canadian Red Cross. For every person who takes the  challenge, $10 will be donated in their honor (ie. 100 people = $1000 for Japan).

The Look ~ Because we are raising money for Japan, it would be fun for you to do a look inspired by the country. There are so many options, you could do a Geisha inspired look, a look inspired by Japanese street fashion, a Tsubasa Masuwaka look, a Harajuku girls look, an anime look or any other look reminiscent of the country.

I decided to attempt to do a mix of Tsubasa Masuwaka (a Japanese Model) and random Kawaii Gyaru girl (kawaii translates to "cute", Gyaru means "girl or gal") ..The Kawaii look and style extends so much deeper than just meaning cute. I looked at YouTube tutorials and flipped through a few Japanese fashion magazines. I also have some Kawaii Blogger friends ;) Y'all know who you are *hugs*.

I want to make it clear that I'm not trying to offend or make fun of anyones culture. My goal was to replicate a style.

Some of my "inspiration".. Yeah, I have random Japanese magazines laying around. I like to look at the pictures. I'm international like that OKAY!!!

[caption id="attachment_1391" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="*Click to Enlarge "][/caption]

To get in the mood. I put on my Oliva Ong CD.. I know she's not Japanese she's from Singapore, but she sings in English and Japanese and a good friend sent me the CD from Japan because I stalked her for it so just go with it... I was trying to create a Zen Japanese environment to work in...

I used all this stuff to attempt "the look"... Wearing "3 hairs" is really not the business (my natural hair, sew-in, and wig) I don't recommend that wig. Its so cheap and synthetic that it tangled right out of the package, like rabid llama hair, but I had it laying around from my Halloween costume and I needed some "quickie" bangs.. The Hello Kitty bow was handmade by the fabulous "Happy Hooker" Ms. Kimberly Tia (I don't know if she still makes them tell her Kendall sent ya!)

[caption id="attachment_1393" align="aligncenter" width="491" caption="*Click to Enlarge "][/caption]

So my look wasn't a huge success.. I didn't really practice and I've never really tried this style of makeup before.. I really wish that I had some circle lenses to enhance my "doll/kawaii" look.. :( I also never applied bottom false lashes before.

I tried my best to give my eyes the "doll" effect. I wore two pairs of lashes on the top and one pair on the bottom. I put the criss-cross lashes on top of the bigger pointy ones. It felt weird wearing all those lashes. When I took them off I felt so lash nude... I got used to it. XD

It came out more Brown Lady Gaga/Kawaii/Tsubasa Masuwaka/Random Kawaii Girl...

So I went to Puricute.com and totally cheated..


Okay no cheating....

I get points for the peace sign right??

I can't be Kawaii without throwing one of my Hello Kitties up in there!


Sad Kawaii?

I had so much fun attempting to get the look. Off to practice my kanji.. さようなら


Mean It!


P.S. If I had some circle lenses I would of KILLED IT <-- Making excuses

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Kizzy said...

Those lashes are fierce!

Kendall said...

They felt heavy at first. I'm gonna go to the club like that.. Looking all extra with a weave, on top and 3 sets of lashes, hehehe

Javonne said...

very cute, doll :)

Kendall said...

Thank You :)