Thursday, March 24, 2011

Speed Dry..

Hey Y'all!!

I've been really into keeping up with my own nails lately. I hate waiting for nail polish to dry. I lack patience.. I've tried numerous sprays and quick dry nail formulas and I've found my holy grail...

OPI Drip Dry.... I wont paint my nails without this stuff!!! It really works!! My manis and pedis and are dry after 5 minutes!!! Really dry, like I can do stuff dry..

Directions: Remove cap and replace with provided dropper. Wait 60 seconds after applying nail lacquer and top coat, then apply 1 to 2 drops of Drip Dry. Nail lacquer is dry to the touch in 60 seconds; thoroughly dry in 5 minutes or less.

They aren't lying! This stuff is addictive. I order mine online because I try to evade retail prices.. I buy mine from a 3rd party seller on Amazon BeautyLand4U. This is my second order with them and I've had no issues. They sell the 9ml bottle for $5.50 +$2 shipping. I think next time I'm going to order the bigger bottle because I've been doing my nails so much lately. You only need a drop per nail. I think I blew threw my first bottle because I was using way to much on each nail. Don't get crazy and be wasteful.

I took a crackle polish break and did something simple. I used two coats China Glaze - 708- VIII-77008 (it has no name), it's a really dark purple with 1 coat China Glaze Grape Juice on top.

For some reason I'm not a fan of "Grape Juice" alone.. I like to layer it...



I realized that 90% of my nail polish stash consists of dark "winter" colors. The only spring summer colors I have are pinks... I need to fix that...


Luv Y'all


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Janelle said...

Oooh I should try this! I've been on a nail polish kick lately! You probably noticed from my multiple tweets & FB posts haha. I might try this when I run out of Seche Vite. I really love that top coat. It dries super fast!