Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Wefts Are Sealed... How to Seal Your Wefted Hair Extensions

Hey Y'all!!!

I wanted to do a short tutorial on how to seal your wefts. Its a very simple process that can extend the life span of your hair extensions by reinforcing the weft (making it stronger) and eliminate excessive shedding. It will still shed a little maybe a few little hairs in a brush.

Until I'm proven wrong ALL HAIR SHEDS! Milky Way Hair, Unicorn Hair, Cheap Hair, Expensive Hair, Horse Hair Llama hair, Barbie Hair, My Little Pony Hair, Bougie Girl Hair...

The better quality the hair the less it tends to sheds (and that statement can vary because there are so many vendors). I've found that quality vendors tend to make stronger wefts for the most part and there's less of an excessive shedding issue.

~What You Will Need~

Time (at least 1hr), Wefted Hair Extensions, Sealer, Application Bottle (if needed, some sealants come in a tube and the hole is too big), Rubbing Alcohol, something to protect your surface and lay the hair on (towels, mannequin head, cardboard, table or an ironing board.)

Step 1~ Purchase your desired fabric sealant.  You can find fabric sealant in any craft store, Wal-Mart or you can purchase sealant from some hair vendors.

If your looking in the craft store look for or ask for Fray Block or Fray Check etc. If you ask for Hair Weft Sealer you will probably get the side eye.

I use Dritz Fray Check, which I purchased at Micheal's or Jo-Ann's (can't remember). Some hair vendors sell their own brand of sealant which your can order from their website. Dritz costs about $2 for two small bottles that came together in one package. I have only used Dritz Fray Check. I'm not stuck on that brand & I'm open to try new things but I've had success with it. I've heard good things about Aleens Fray Check some Hair vendor branded ones as well.

Step 2~If your doing this to new hair or even used hair make sure the hair is dry. I prefer to wash and condition the hair prior to sealing. The order is up to you as long as the weft dry when you apply the sealant.

Step 3~ Find your workspace. If you select a sealant with a strong smell choose a workplace that's well ventilated. Do this someplace where your know no one will touch it or move it while it's drying. I like to lay my tracks down on a towel on the floor.

Step 4~ Place the sealant on the tracks. Run it along the length of the weft, applying it directly to the weft .

I like to lay my tracks down on a towel on the floor. To save space and not have a whole interstate highway system of hair tracks lying around, I lay down my first bundle towards to the top of the towel seal, then place another towel down then lay the next track.

*If you squeeze to hard or drip use the alcohol to clean up the excess before the product dries. Do a practice row on a paper towel, old magazine page first to get an idea of how much comes out of the tip you you know how much to apply and how hard to squeeze the bottle.  If your sealant comes in a large tipped applicator try pouring into something smaller to lessen the chances of the sealant spilling or dripping on the hair.

Step 5~ Let it dry.The drying time will depend on what brand/type of  sealant you use. Most "dry" quickly but it don't "cure" immediately. Do NOT WET OR WASH the hair for 24 hrs. or for up to five days depending on the sealant you choose to use.  Be sure to READ the instructions on the bottle or package.

Step 6~ Once it's dry to the touch or your satisfaction flip over and do the other side of the track of you want. I've done this about 4 times and have only sealed one side of the track and have been satisfied with that result. I know some ladies who prefer to do both sides. I know some ladies that double seal. So do what's best for you.

Once completely dry it should be clear. If your heavy handed with your sealant you may look a little white or you may see a clear whitish residue. If your install is good NO ONE SHOULD SEE YOUR TRACKS... EVER... <- - - Word to Britney Spears!



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