Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How To Reuse Your False Eye Lashes

Hey Y'all

I wanted to do a quick tutorial on re-using false eyelashes. In most cases false lashes are re-usable if you take care of them.

They wont last for ever but with certain brands such as NYX, MAC, Darkness & Shisem can be used up to possibly five times.

Step 1~ Remove your false lashes and set them aside. I'll be honest. After a late night out sometimes I have to force myself to wash my face. I wash remove my lashes, and deal with cleaning them the next day.

These are the Ardell Lashes that I wore last Saturday..

Step 2~ Take some makeup remover (Ponds Cold Cream works too) and a cotton round and gently remove the mascara and glue residue. I prefer cotton rounds because the cotton fibers don't end up sticking to the lashes. I also add a little baby oil or even EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) to the mix. The oil breaks down the glue.

That's the mascara and glue residue... Eww

Step 3~ Gently rinse in water to remove the makeup remover and oil. All clean.. Not 100% but reusable. I got all the of the mascara and liquid liner off as well as most of the adhesive.  Set them aside and let them dry..

Step 4~ Place them back in the case that they came in to store them. This will help them retain their shape.

That's it. Super easy!! Times are hard and lot of us don't have extra money to spend. I'm all about saving a buck when I can. I wore these lashes again for an event that I attended last night. I retired these lashes after last night. I love Ardell lashes but the spine is quite flimsy so I only expect wear them two or maybe three times.



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