Friday, May 27, 2011

Nail Woes Week #2

Hey Y'all!!!

Not much changed in a week..... DUH... I was kinda hoping to have some banging hot nails after a week but it didn't happen.

I think the Nutra Nail might have helped?  My nails are still weak but I've noticed less splitting and my polish actually lasted for a week (the polish chips worse when my nails split).

I hate chipped polish it makes me feel dirty.. I know I'm a werido.... So I decided to go purple this week.


I painted my ring finger a glittery purple color because all the other beauty bloggers are doing it so I copied!!!! I was tired of my Art Deco three way nail flick design. I need to learn how to do some new designs and pick up some more colors...

NutraNail ~ Flex Shield Nail Hardener, China Glaze ~ Grape Juice 717, Essence Color & Go ~ Go Wild

That's most of the stuff I used. I forgot to photograph my Burt's Bee's Cuticle Cream (>_<). I love that stuff!!!! I'll save it for Week #3...


Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend!!!!

Luv Y'all!!!

Mean It!!!




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