Friday, February 19, 2010

Tarte Flower Child Night Look- FOTN

Hi Y'all!!! I finally BROKE OUT THE BRUSHES!!! I'm still in a mini rut...Still feelin' stank with a bad case of the winter blues. I ordered a limited edition Tarte Palette way back in December from Sephora. It was on sale.. Hence why I own it...
Tarte's Flower Child Palette
I didn't use my own pic because the pans are magnetic/refillable and I opened mine upside down and all the colors are mixed up & I put them back in my own OCD order....

I am in LOVE with the brush that it came with!! It's my FAVORITE crease brush!! The lid side is aight.. Nothing to blog about I'm not a fan of double sided brushes because I store mine in brush holders and I can only see the side that's sticking up.... I'm also OCD and my crease brushes are separate from my lid brushes and this double ended business drives me LOCA!!!!

This look can be easily duped with any brand of eyeshadow! You only need a blue, green, & purple! Don't run out and spend money that y'all don't have!!!

Step #1- Prep your eyelids with with whatever you like to prime your eyes with, UDPP, concealer, Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I could care less. Paint Pots, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils...

Use "Shimmering Delphinum Blue" to the center of the lid from the lashline to a little above the crease.  I went in a little to far, but whatever.. I used the 'all over eyeshadow brush' that came with the palette but again.. Your favorite lid brush will do.

Step 2- Use "Shimmering Vibrant Forest Grass" on the inner half of your lid with the 'easy crease brush'... Use your favorite crease brush.
 *Sorry that pic came out blurry & wonky....

Step 3- Take "Shimmering African Violet" from the outer corner to the center blend upwards a little past the crease and blend it into the "Shimmering Delphinium Blue". Trace the outer corner of the eye beneath the bottom rim using a the 'easy crease brush'... I had to use different crease brush because my 'easy crease brush' was still dirty from the blue.... When I'm working with dark or really pigmented colors I like to use a clean brush for each color.

Use whatever color your heart desires as a highlight... I usually highlight first, but I didn't want to confuse y'all. I don't remember what I used... FAIL >_<

Step 4- Line top and bottom of your eyes with 'Shimmering Jade' liner... Any liner in a jade-ish color will do.. 

Step 5- Apply some mascara or pop some lashes on! The band from my lashes killed the 'shimmering jade liner" on the top. Which is fine by me because I'm addicted to my black liner!!
Fill in your brows.


Here's more pics of my "furbaby"!!! She wanted to show y'all that she's a BIG girl & is 91% outside potty trained and she know's how to "SIT" when mommy tells her even without a treat. It's kind of cute she'll just "SIT" in the middle of nowhere and give me the 'I'm being good, gimmie a treat face'...

Luv Y'all!
  Mean It!

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Vanilla said...

awww i love how u blend it so nicely!!
cute dog!!

Jasmin said...

Love the colors. Thanks, for sharing, beautiful! And awe!!! Cute puppy!

Marce said...

Gorgeous look, I love how colourful and bright it is! The palette is lovely too! And the puppy is SOOO cute! =)

Suzanna said...

Hey girl! I was just browsing on your blog and love love love it! just wanted to let you know! your puppy is to die for! sooo cute:) im a new follower and a new blogger! you can check me out at



Iyah said...

awww.. Chloe looks really cute! You make me want a dog too :) but I just can't right now :(

Love the eyeshadow colors. They look really pigmented :)

Jessica C. said...

Hi Kendal!
You're so pretty =)

I like the colors of the shadows, she remind me of the autumm LoL

And the dog is very very cute!
I wish squeeze *___*

I'm doing a giveaway in my new blog, and I want you to participate =)


Micah said...

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