Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's time for Fall Hair!

Hi Y'all!!!  I was ready for a little change so I got my hair did again!!!  I also decided to use a "tried and true" hair vendor. 
My last virgin hair purchase was from and the hair didn't live up to it's expectations.  I was really upset because I planned on using that hair for 2 or maybe 3 installs. So it's in my stash and I plan to try to give it some CPR and some experimentation so I can possibly re-use it again in the future.
So I finally got me some Wags aka Wagman Primus I also wanted to try Malaysian Hair my Stylist Anya aka Hairgirl203 recommended it.   Right now Malaysian hair cost a little less than Indian hair since everybody and there mama is trying to get their hands on Virgin Indian Hair.

Pretty Bundles  - (air dried after a shampoo & deep condition)
20"/24"       20"/24"      16"/20"

I'm a greedy length whore!!!

Then after I got home it was time to work it out!!!

Love the layers & cut!!!! LENGTH WHORE!!!!!

Feeling Artsty

Love the layers!!!!

 Diva Moment!!!

Farrah Flip!

 I can't even remember what I did for makeup in these pics. I was taking pics for Anya to put in her portfolio and I felt like I needed to put a little face on. I used some random sliver-ish & blue-ish color from the Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette! Slapped on some mascara & painted on some MAC MSF and blush, then squeezed some gloss out and put it on my lips :)

Hairgirl203 aka Anya is located in New Haven, CT if you in the area and interested in her fabulous services you can contact her via email Hairgirlwigs@gmail[dot]com. She also makes wigs & falls!!!

I love the hair!!! It's so pretty and flowy!!! It doesn't hold a curl perfectly they fall into loose waves, so thanks to my "Asian persuasion" blogger friends I'm going to order some Mandom Lucido-L Designing Aqua Curl Lotion Airy Style, since I'm into big curls.

My Peace Out CT party is tomorrow night!!! I'm having it at Maxwell's Sports Bar Grill!!!  (perks of doing marketing for the owner.)  I can't wait to dress up and see all my friends and some local Beauty Bloggers one more time before I leave.  If your reading this and you live in the area stop by!!!!   So I can twirl around in my little black dressed with my pretty curls!!!

You can view the acutal Evite here
 After the party tomorrow night! I have to start packing and getting down to business.  I packed like to tiny boxes.... My packing is laid out all in my head... Just need to actually do it >_<

Luv Y'all
     Mean It!

 P.S. Asian Blogger Beauties if you have any product recommendations please share.  I can take care of my natural hair, I know what Indian Hair wants, but I don't know what Malaysian hair likes.  

12 ♥Say Something♥:

wuzzyangel said...

It looks great on you Popolo!! Love the "DIVA" pic! LOL!

Have fun but be safe at your party tomorrow! :)

VexInTheCity said...

Love the hurrr. It really suits you. Erm...what happened to you Missy? I was looking fwd to causing some mischief up in NYC with you LOL I'm back in LDN now.

Have a fab time at your leaving do and a safe trip to ATL xxx

Rai said...

Your hair looks amazing!!! Work it girl! lol

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Lookin' great, missy! Have a great weekend and a safe, stress-free trip to Atlanta.

Jasmin said...

Love it! The hair looks awesome. I feel like I need a new do too.. HAHA.

Vanessa M. said...

ca-ute!! i love the 2nd to the last pic of you!

Lucy said...

Thanks for posting this! I was actually looking in to buying Wagman's Chinese Remy too, so it's nice to see actual pics. It looks great! Did you install all 3 packs? How is the hair so far--tangling/fallout? I can't decide if I should get the 16/20" or 20/24"...or maybe one of each. Did you install all 3 packs? I'm doing a partial weave so I think I'll only need 2 packs of hair...

mayaari said...

you look gorgeous! hope your party went well (despite the tweet where you said someone made you cry) :)

♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ said...

@Lucy- I used about 10oz of the 12oz that I ordered. I have a small head but I wanted a lot of volume. So far very minimal shedding (I did seal the wefts). No tangles only mild ones b/c the hair is so long but I can fix them by running my fingers through the hair it doesn’t crawl and knot up. If your not sure about what lengths to order then do 1 pack of each length or both of the longer length and then cut it. 

Nu Nu Dollie said...

OMFG... Your fall hair is so fabulous!!! I love your pic whoring! So sexy :)

Mets GirLL said...

Total retro Farrah moment! I love it! LoL..some Lucido products are going to be the first products I buy when I go off my "no-buy"

Ke said...

Kendall-kinns your hair is beautiful ii absolutely love it ii am jealous ii can't wait until ii start working again so ii can get back on my weave wearing frenzy and whol let me kno how this hair works out for you