Monday, May 11, 2009

With So Much Love.... From Korea......

Hi Y'all!!! This entry is dedicated to my cousin Krissy! I'm an only child as most of you who know me already know. I was never really a "family" kind of person. I'll be honest I used to hate going to my family reunions ever year. I wanted to stay home with my friends, because God FORBID I missed a few days of hanging out at the mall on the block etc... This was before cell phones, Myspace etc.... I didn't really start looking forward to going to family reunions until I my early 20's. I started looking foward to going and seeing familiar smiling faces every year. I started really only talking to Krissy a few years ago. She has an amazing loving and supportive husband Dameon and a beautiful little girl Damia and a baby boy on the way! Krissy and her hubby are military people and they have been far, far away in Korea for the past few years.
Aren't they pretty!!!

Look at Damia!!! She's soo precious!!!

Because they live in Korea they weren't able attend the last family reunion in Memphis, TN but my family is technical and we streamed the banquet dinner live to Krissy in Korea and we would turn the webcam around so she could feel like she was with us. Sometimes we would forget and say "turn Krissy around so she can see". The eldery family memebers were so cute and confused because they could see her talking and watching us but they're not up on webcams....
Over the past few years Krissy has become my go-to cousin. We talk on the phone all the time. She supports me emotionally through breakups, tolerates me drunk dialing her. She encourages my behind to go study when I'm tired of school. She supports my "side hustle" of wanting to spread eyeshadow all over the world. I've bumped her from cousin status to sister status!
Krissy, I know your reading this! Don't kill pic for theifin' pics off Facebook! By the way Krissy reads all of y'all. We'll be on the phone and she'll be like "can you please cut the crease like Tina Marie", "Kimberly Tia makes cute stuff, she's so crafty", I'm like what you know about my girls, lol. She's up on us Beauty Bloggers!!
My dear sister cousin recently SPOILED my behind. I got a big heavy box in the mail one day that my dad handed to me giving me the side eye like "who's sending you heavy packages from an APO address.
I could barely display everything into one picture. The funny part is... She's not positive on everything she sent me, but she said it looked good and it post it here and hopefully some of my Asian Beauty Bloggers will chime in..... :)

3W Clinic Olive Natural Skincare Set for Woman (for all skin types)
Back of the box.. I'm not to good with reading Korean, I think it's Korean..... (help)
Yak Jak Su ~ Cleanser & Eye CreamsYea Jak Su Yoon Bo Elasticity Eye Cream, Yea Jak Su Clean Foam Cleanser, & Yea Jak Su Yoon Bo Elasticity Eye Cream (she sent 2 eye creams, which is good, I'm old now so I should be using some type of eye cream).

Face Shop Goodies

(couldn't fit them all in one picture)
No translation needed ;) I know how to use these!!!

Baked Triple Color Eyeshadow 08

Pink Nail Polish (Damia, Krissy's daughter picked this out especailly for me!)
PP402 Nail Pleasure
Y'all know how I feel about feet, I practically had a panic attack trying to photograph my own foot! The lady in the nail shop who gave me a pedi was all excited because I rolled in with my own Face Shop polish. She said "what you know bout Face Shop?!"

Brightening Rice Water Cleansing Foam
"A rice water cleanser for smoother skin helps improve the look of makeup"
Formulated with the traditional rice water once used by women of the Korean Royal Court, this whipped cream type cleansing foam clarifies and brightens the skin without drying the skin out.

Face Shop soap samples...

Face Shop- Peeling Day ~White Jewel Precious pearls peeling for bright skin
This peeling gel contains precious pearl powder that exfoliates the skin surface and remives impurities.

Faceshop Quick & Clean Oil-Free Belmish Balm (BB Cream) Samples Sang Hwang 1060 ~ Collagen Face Mask

Yay! I finally have sheet masks!! So now I wont feel left out when Pink madates us to put on our masks on BlogTv....

I know Krissy loves my crazy behind, I knew that before she sent me my love pack!!! You really didn't have to do this for me. Going out searching for stuff with your pregnant self! You should be resting! I litrally cried as I opened the box! Everything is so beatiful and nice, I don't want to use it up. What if I get hooked on this skincare? I'm gonna have to import my stuff! I hope you and Damia make it back to the US safely in a few days!! I can't wait to see you guys in Atlanta in July. A big thank you to you and your husband for serving our country so that we can live in a free country and be safe!

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Jaimie said...

aw your baby cousin is gorgeous and omg totally spoiled! jealous mama! that is some great stuff! let us know how you like it all!

wuzzyangel said...

Your cuz/sis is too generous! LOok at all that great stuff! You are loved Kendall!! Ohh the rice cleanser is good! Chiara gave me a sample of that! And yay for falsies & sheet masks!!

How sweet of your fam to stream her the reunion! :) Your lucky to have a close cousing like that! I'm technically an only child. I say technically cuz my dad has 2 sons from his first marriage, but they're like in their 40's already! And my next oldest cuz on both sides is 7yrs older and the next youngest is 10yrs younger! So I've always been by myself! LOL! BUt it's matured me I think!

Anonymous said...

ah! YOu have an awesome cousin/sissster!

Lovely lovely haul!!!

and LOL @ " what u know about face shop?!?!?!" ahhaha

Imee said...

THAT is the lovepack motherload! ENVIOUSSSSS! look at them them lashes... droooool.

PiinkCupcakez said...

i need myself a cuzin in Koreaaa! lol
soo many goodies
loving all those lashes

paperdollrevenge said...

Wow she hooked you up! Woohoo! lol that's too funny you rolled into the shop with your own The Face Shop!

Aww your family reunions sound very cute! Yay for webcams. =)

K said...

awwww she's so sweet!
so this is the polish you were mentioning on blogtv!

L said...

ohmahgawd girl, she TOTALLY gotcho ass with korean skincare! gotta love tha faceshop man! i can't wait to visit korea within the next year or so!

pls let me know how that stuff works, im all about the skincare with my old ass *sobs*

yes yes, thank your cousin and the fam for servin' the country... my hub is about to leave again. *sobs again with boogers drippin* SIGH.

ps. i saw ur tag, im just late as hell. ima do one long entry catchin up with all them tags. LOL

Mets GirLL said...

You're niece/cousin is too precious! I'm so glad you get to see the fam in July in Atl!

I don't know what half that stuff is, but OMG I want it!

DSK said...

I am drooling for those faceshop lashes!!

Whit said...

she hooked you up!!!! ima jealous alright!

my_makeup_mania said...

YAAAAAY! More amazing stuffies! Cool products!

And btw, that pic to lil' for read, sorry :(