Friday, May 29, 2009

Playin' With Gold Inspired by Ms. Katrina & A Quickie Product Review

Hi Y'all... The last few days have been really craptastic (craptastic is a word) here in CT... It's been all stank, gray, drizzly & gross. This kinda weather takes such a toll on my sunny lil heart. I'm all kinds of cranky. I've been holed up in my room getting my ass fat off of Yan Yan & Dessert Pocky (desert Pocky is the sh!t, it's like Pocky for grown folks and they are THICKER)...
I've been reading & keeping up with everyone's blogs, forgive me if I'm not commenting but I'm there, I promise.
I scored the awesomest (is that a word?) wallet from Kimberly Tia's BLOG SALE!! Go take a look, the Tokidoki "inspired" wallet is MINE all mine so don't even look at it! I emailed her so fast to claim it, I've never typed so quickly in my life. It's so weird that she posted it up because I'm going through this "art" phase, and discovering artist and stlyes that I like, Fafi she's such badass! I'm so bummed that I missed the Fafi MAC Collection!! Maybe it was for a good reason....I fell in love with the Tokidoki by Italian artist Simone Legno and all of a sudden the wallet was on her blogger sale. That's why I totally ♥ Ms. KT! I can't wait until it arrives so I can fill it with my $16.70, maxed out credit cards and my new ugly ass Drivers License!
Photo Credit: "Borrowed" from KT's blog
I'm even thinking about going to Micheals and grabbing me a little sketch book and some pencils and maybe start doddling, lol...

Last night I was feeling creative and I wanted to try a new look! I loved the Gold Winged Eye Look that I saw on Katrina's blog (Katrina is A Princess). I really wanted to try it because I ususally look like a crack hoe when I try to wing my liner.... So here's the look that I was going for. I hope you don't mind me borrowing a pic from your blog...

Photo Credit:

Eyes before masc
ara ...

I only winged it out a little bit, I was afraid I'd take it too far... Finished Look with "Nude Lips"

Finished Look with "Redish Lips"
~~~~~What it Takes to Create Fabulosity~~~



MAC Paintpot ~ Groundwork

Beautiful Uglies~ Egyptian Gold (Primary shadow used)

Katie B. ~Gold Leaf

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania ~Oro

Urban Decay- 24/7 ~Liner – Zero (lined my eyes with this first per Katrina’s instructions & it helped)

MAC- Fluidline Blacktrack (used over UD Liner)

Sossi 100% Human Hair Lashes #47

Ardell LashMagic


MAC Studio Finish Concealer NW50

MAC MSF Liquid Foundation NW50

MAC Studio Fix NW 50 (to set liquid)

MAC Bronzer refined deeper bronze

MAC MSF ~Gold Deposit (attempted to use as a highlighter)

Clinique Blush ~Spiced Wine

Lips (Red)

NK Lip Crayon Plum Brown

MARK Dew Drenched (I used a sample need to order this color)

Lips (Nude/Glossy)

NK Lip Crayon Plum Brown

MAC HK Fresh Brew

MAC Lustreglass (name rubbed off)

MAC Lustreglass Beux

Did I nail it? I don't think so.... It was my first time winging (is that a word) liner, so I'm going to have to practice this technique. I was kinda afraid to really wing it and go to far. It's super easy and I'm sure that if I practice it a few times I'll get it down in no time. Refer to Katrina's Post here for the breakdown. I do like the way the gold came out on me. I'm going to try this look again for a party that I might go to on Saturday.

Ardell LashMagic- Quickie Review
I found this little treasure a few weeks ago at Harmon's (the beauty section inside of Bed, Bath & Beyond). It claims to blend your lashes with your falsies. "Ardell LashMagic is not your ordinary mascara, LashMagic Blending Mascara simply blends your natural lashes into artificial ones making them undetectable. LashMagic does not add length or thickness to your lashes so your lashes will remain clump-free. The LashMagic formula is water soluble and can be easily removed without ruining a perfect pair of lashes".
I give this product 4 ♥♥♥♥... The product does what it claims, it does work better at blending your lashes with falsies then a regular mascara, b/c a regular mascara is usually formulated to "do something" like volumize, lengthen, etc. This just makes them blend and gives a nice finished look. The lashes I used were big and fluffy and a regular mascara probably would of made them look clumpy or like too much... Do you need this stuff, not really, but it's like less than $5 so it wont really hurt your pocket.

Did I nail it? I don't think so... It was my first time winging (is that a word) liner, so I'm going to have to practice this technique. It's super easy and I'm sure that if I practice it a few times I'll get it down in no time. I do like the way the gold came out on me. I'm going to try this look again for a party that I might go to on Saturday.

............Cam Whore.........
Classlic Mona a.k.a. Make Me Blushhh Pose, my pose is a little umm off...

Mona did I get it right here?

Playing with Lighting...

"KT" Hello Kitty Bow.... (buy here)
Like my RED tongue? That's what happens when you suck on Hello Kitty hard candies all night long!!

Bye y'all!!! Have a good weekend!!!!


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Sher said...

gold is totally your colour!

Anonymous said...

ok about ur red tougue and suckin on hk candies all night long...

are u sure that was HK candy all night long? i dont know about that tougue.



Emeria said...

it looks pretty good for your first try!!!

girl the post underneath this just makes me think how you're becoming more asian as the days pass by!! lol yan yan is the Sugar Hunnie Ice Tea!!

when you make your soups add can get a package at like's like an instant yummy meal!!!

word verif: scion

and i have one..what are the odds? xP

Katrina is a Princess said...

You look sooo pretty!!!! You totally rocked that look chica! I love your pics!! That bow KT made is sooo cute, I may need to get myself one! I also loveee that lashmagic stuff. It is pretty amazing, I need to find it, I dont know where I put it, or maybe I left it at home! AHH I NEED IT!

Iyah said...

That TOKIDOKI wallet is so kawaii!! :) It will look perfect on any bag you will carry!! and that winged look is so hot!! You are so hot girl!! :D

wuzzyangel said...

Awesomest is a word.. Well I use it too anyway! HA!

Score on the wallet!! :) Whooo.. $16.70 is more then what's in my wallet right now! LOL! Seriously! My ass is broke! LOL!

Love the gold on you!! It pairs so well with your popolo skin! And the winged liner is hawt!! Mines always come out wonky!!

" KT " said...


you're fabulous in GOLD and WINGED out dahhhhhhlink!

and I'm so glad you got my TOKI knock off wallet from my sale, It's nice knowing it's going to a great home!!!

I'm actually shipping it off to you this morning, I unfortunately woke up terribly hung over, and was laid up in bed which seemed like forever. KT needs to stay away from double rum n cokes and bad boys.

my_makeup_mania said...

so pretty :)

miRaCLe said...

gorgeous look! :D

Nu Nu Doll said...

Gold looks fabulous on you! :)

Mets GirLL said...

I looooove this look on you! I'm scared for the winged liner too, but you nailed it.

KiLLaCaM said...

i LOVE that gold and red combo! that was a good wing girl! it was looking really sharp!

you and your asian crack me up :)

Jasmin said...

cute ! love the eyes !

Tina Marie said...

hey gorgeous! don't you look all glam! (: your lashes look lovely. i think you did a great job on this look.

paperdollrevenge said...

Tokidoki is love...and so is Dessert Pocky, even though it's a bit pricey! My fav so far is the Strawberry Dessert Pocky...only for the grown and sexy! haha jk But seriously, it is delicious and a treat.

Gold is pretty on you!

One Eighteen said...

Very nice blog even tho Im not into makeup lol But I followed you on Twitter!


Anonymous said...

The winged liner looks very good on your eyes! I like the gold colors on your eyes. Very pretty look! ;)

Vanessa M. said...

"meow" your so sexy e-wifey!

*~k~* said...

very pretty look!
I love your hk bow!!! so adorable!

Whit said...

ooo la la loooove golds on youuuu

adin_22 said...

Hey...New follower here...Love your new wallet so your look glam....